My Main Trial Is Yet To Come - Recap

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The episode begins with Riley attending to one of her clients, a football player. He wants something thrilling and Riley tells him that she can give him “more than thrilling”. She is wearing a kinky outfit and she ties up his hands. Next, at home, Riley tries to bake, but they turn out to be really hard. Lynette is not wearing her sling and Riley is worried about her. Evan arrives and notices that Riley is too busy and probably is not herself. Riley tells him that Kyle is coming home today and he knows about her relationship with Evan. Riley has no clue how she is going to handle it. Evan takes the kids to school.

Lacey arrives to pick Lynette up for work. Linette’s arm has still not healed and she drops a glass pitcher, but she still insists on going back to work. Next, Riley goes to meet Kyle in prison. She tells him that the children miss him a lot. Kyle wants her to bring the children along because he wants to see them when he gets released. Riley is reluctant. She thinks prison or the courtroom isn’t the best place to bring children. Kyle says that he would love it if she would be there and she agrees. Later, Riley arrives at work and she tells her team that they are making a lot of profit. Nikki is late and she tells Riley that she had left a message with Selena. Selena pretends that she forgot.

Later, Selena tells Riley that someone has been snooping around her stuff and she thinks that it is Nikki. Riley pays no heed to Selena’s complaint. Riley is with the football player and she figures out that something is bothering him. He tells her that he is stressed about his upcoming game and he wants to de-stress. He asks her if he has heard about sploshing (wet and messy fetishism). Next, Riley is waiting for Kyle’s release and Evan arrives. She is surprised to see Evan. Evan tells her that he wants to be there for her. Riley tells him that she doesn’t want him to be there. She says that she wants to get through the hearing and sort some things out with Kyle. Evan understands and he leaves.

Riley goes into the courtroom. The Judge is about to order the release when the prosecution objects the release. They have proof that when Kyle was in Mexico, he was affiliated with a drug cartel and is on the Mexican Government’s watch list. The Judge revokes the bail. Kyle says that none of this is true. The cops take him away. At home, the children are waiting for Kyle.

Riley arrives and tells them that their daddy would take a bit longer because the Judge wanted to ask him a few more questions. Travis is upset and he feels that he will never see his daddy again. Somehow Riley manages to put them to sleep and then joins Lacey and Linette at the table. She tells them that the prosecution called Kyle a drug dealer. Lacey is worried about Travis and Katie and asks Riley if she would take the children to meet Kyle in prison. Linette is against it and Riley is confused and in tears. Next, at work, Selena is acting crazy with the whole “Nikki is snooping around thing”. She hands over some baking recipes to Riley and also tells her to keep a close watch on Nikki.

Derek attends to a female client who is very lonely and she wants him to make her happy. At the salon, Linette is ironing a client’s hair. She loses the grip and ends up burning the client. Lacey tells Linette that she should take a few days rest and she should also move in with Riley. She points out that Riley too needs her support with all that she is going through. She tells her that asking for help wouldn’t make her weak. Linette tells her that she doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone.

At the spa, Nikki walks into Selena’s room and goes through her stuff. Selena walks in and Nikki tells her that she had come to get some lavender oil. Obviously, Selena is not buying it. They get into an argument and Riley arrives. She questions Nikki as to why she was in Selena’s room. Nikki is upset that Riley too doubts her and she quits. At Harold’s, Riley tells Georgia about Nikki. Georgia tells Riley to stop worrying about every little thing and let Nikki go. At home, Linette moves in with Riley and she has brought a lot of stuff with her. Riley is trying to bake, but finds it difficult while she is trying to help Travis with his science project. Linette senses that her daughter is thinking about taking the children to meet their father. Linette advises her against it and tells them that she should let the children have only good memories of their father.

At the spa, Riley is still trying to get in touch with Nikki when Selena tells Riley that she was wrong about Nikki. She shows her the oils that Nikki sent her. Riley is distracted by a female client yelling at the counter. She is pissed that her appointment has been delayed by 20 minutes. She storms out. Selena tells Riley that Derek has extended his appointment with Lisa, the lonely client, and this is the second time this week.

Riley calls Derek into her office and tells him that he cannot run his own happy ending side business under her roof. Derek tells her that initially he did not know what to do and he thought that it was his job to keep his clients happy. Riley tells him that he could do what he is doing if he follows a specific set of rules. She explains the rules and Derek is happy that he landed the best job ever. Riley asks him if he heard from Nikki. He tells her that he is supposed to meet her in the evening to help her move because she is getting evicted. Riley tells him that she is going along with him. In the evening, Derek and Riley wait outside Nikki’s apartment and Derek tells Riley that maybe Nikki got stuck at work. Riley is surprised that Nikki got a job so quickly. He tells Riley that Nikki went back to the club where she used to dance.

At that moment, a car arrives and they see Nikki struggling to get out of the car. The man driving the car gets out and tries to grab Nikki. Riley intervenes and the man leaves. Nikki tells them that the man is her former boss, Greg Carlyle. She says that she was two months behind on her rent and she had no options but go back to her old boss. Riley tells her that she can help, but Nikki tells them that they have done enough harm and asks them to leave. At the academy, Evan makes a new friend, Shelby.

Riley goes to meet Kyle in prison and she wants to know the truth. He tells her that he only bought pills from them but he assures her that now he is clean. He tells her that he wants to prove himself to her and his kids and for that, he needs to see his children. At the spa, Riley tells Selena that she has managed to get some “sploshing” pies. She also tells her that Nikki is working at ‘Wild Nights’ and Selena is surprised because even she thinks that no one deserves Carlyle. Riley has a plan to help Nikki.

Riley, Selena and Derek show up at the cub and Riley hands over the 1500 to Carlyle. She tells him to set Nikki free. Carlyle tells her that he forgot to add the interest which is another $2000. Riley was expecting something like this and so she has come with backup, Detective Monroe. Carlyle lets Nikki go, but he tells Riley that she will be seeing him around. Nikki thanks Riley and Riley tells her to join back the next day.

At home, Linette has baked pies. Riley tells her that she is going to let the kids meet their father. At the spa, Riley fulfills the football player’s request for “sploshing”. Later, the kids get home after seeing their dad and Riley sees that Kyle is calling. She hangs up and reads her kids a story. The episode ends at this point.