Hell on Heels - Recap

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The episode begins with Selena and Nikki spying on Derek taking a shower, when Riley walks in. She begins reprimanding them for what they are doing, but soon realizes why they are so interested, when she herself catches a glimpse of Derek’s naked butt. At home in the night, Riley and Linette have an argument. Linette wants Katie to take part in a beauty pageant, whereas Riley doesn’t because she feels Katie is cut out for something better. Lacey arrives at Riley’s for some girl talk and tells her that she and Dale have decided to see a fertility specialist, who will run some tests.

Lacey is really nervous about what the test results will be and Riley puts her mind at ease, saying all will be ok and she will make a great mother. While she is bed reading a book, Riley gets a call from Evan, who says he called because he has been missing her. She tells him, how busy she has been off late and he says that he understands. Before hanging up, he tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her and she assures him that he won’t. The next day, while Evan is busy working out at home, Dale gives him some relationship advice, saying he needs to give Riley some space because she has lot going on in her life right now.

At the spa, Riley enters the massage room expecting to see her client J.D. Whitman on her table, but instead she sees his son lying there. He says his dad sent him to the spa as a gift and this is his first time. Riley isn’t too pleased with this and confronts Whitman Sr., who is waiting outside. He says it’s a family tradition for all his sons to come to the spa before they leave for college, but Riley says the spa is under a new management now and she won’t entertain such things. She talks to Georgia about it, saying she just doesn’t feel right giving such a young boy a “happy ending”. Georgia reminds her that she owns the place now and can make her own decisions, but also reminds her that its traditions that keep a family together.

Dale arrives at the salon with hot dogs, so Lacey and he can have lunch together, but she refuses to have them and also stops him from having any. Instead, she hands him some health juice, saying it will help increase his sperm count. He reluctantly agrees to have it and while sipping on it, they discuss how their kids will turn out. Riley visits Kyle in prison to discuss about the pageant. She tells him that she doesn’t want Katie to take part in it because it’s too much pressure. Kyle suggests Riley tell Katie that he doesn’t want her taking part and that way he will be the bad guy and not her.

At the spa, Selena and Nikki just can’t seem to get enough of Derek. Riley also notices some chemistry between Derek and Selena, but Selena pretends otherwise. Riley changes her mind about letting Katie participate in the pageant and arrives at the salon, where they are handing out the forms for it, to sign her up. Riley sees one of her clients there and while she is telling Lacey this, Linette informs the two that Hutch Willard, the guy they seem to be whispering about, is going to be the judge at the beauty pageant. At the spa, Nikki enters the massage room and is shocked to see Horan, one of her professors from college, on the table.

The professor too is stunned to see her and after an awkward conversation, Nikki rushes out of the room. Willard is also at the spa for a massage and thanks Riley for not spilling the beans at the salon earlier. In the night at home, while Riley is talking on the phone with Travis’ teacher, Evan arrives with some supplies. After hanging up, Riley tells Even that Travis was caught stealing a paint set in school today. Although Evan says that Travis is a kid and it’s no big deal, Riley feels there is no excuse for stealing. Evan wants to give Riley some space, so he tells her that he is leaving.

Before leaving he kisses her, which is when Katie enters and is shocked to see them kissing. After Evan leaves, Riley has a talk with Katie and manages to reason with her, but she realizes how much Katie misses her father. At the spa, Derek is surprised to learn that Selena is as much into bikes as he is and also knows a lot about them. At the fertility clinic, Dale is having trouble filling a cup by just watching videos and looking at magazines, so Lacey decides to take matters into her own hands.

At the spa, Riley is about to massage J.D Jr., when he pours his heart out to her, saying he doesn’t want to go to college, where his father or his uncle’s went. He doesn’t have the courage to tell his father this, so Riley assures him she will handle the issue. Derek had seen Selena naked, so to make things even, he pulls down his pants and shows her his goods. Evan gives Travis a ride in a police car and while at it, also makes him realize that it’s wrong to steal. Riley arrives at the pageant with Katie and sees, how well Taylor and her daughter have prepared for it. While Riley is busy with the pageant, Evan takes Travis to see his father in prison. At the pageant, Riley and Katie perform together onstage and everyone seems to love their performance.

After Riley and gang return home the winners, Linette tells Riley that she is interested in Hutch Willard and wonders if he is single. Riley doesn’t say much, but only comments that she feels Hutch isn’t Linette’s kind of guy. After saying how great she was at the pageant, Linette tells Riley, what a great mother she is and how proud she is of her. Riley finds Lacey sitting by herself in Katie’s room and asks her what the matter is. Lacey with tears in her eyes says that she got a call from the fertility clinic informing her that she only has a 10% chance of conception. Riley does her best to make Lacey feel better, saying angels are looking out for her and that 10% will be enough to get her pregnant. She later takes Katie to meet her father in prison and Katie is overjoyed to see him.

Father and daughter play around with each other, while Riley looks on fondly at how happy her daughter is. At home in the night, Riley tells Evan that her kids would never accept their father being replaced by him because they only see him as their uncle. Evan assures her he knows that and has never tried to be their father, but she feels her kids seeing her kissing him is confusing for them. She says her kids are more important than anything else for her, so she has no other choice, but to end their relationship. Evan says nothing and quietly walks out and after he leaves, Riley breaks down. The episode ends at this point.