Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Recap

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The episode begins with Riley’s client spending his hour, making her sketch. Kyle arrives home to take the children to school. He tells Riley that he has made their lunches. Riley is surprised. Before Travis goes to class, Kyle runs through the wordlist with Travis. He does a good job at helping Travis remember the spellings. At the spa, Nikki hits on Derek. Riley arrives to brief the team before they start the day. At that moment, a guy arrives at the spa and hands over an envelope to Riley; she has been served. It turns out that it is for Selena and she is shocked to learn that Selena is married.

Selena tells them that she hasn’t met this guy in over four years. Riley points out that being married on papers, is what makes it legal. She tells them that her husband, Joey, pretended to be some real estate guy and married her. She then found him cheating on her with the girl next door. Joey arrives and they get into a verbal dual. He tells her that he wants Henry’s custody. Kyle meets Dale, at Harold’s, and asks him if he could help him get a job. Dale tells him to join the band. At the spa, the group learns that Henry is not Selena’s son; it is the horse that she bought when she first met Joey. Selena is all worked up and she fears that she might lose Henry. It is clear that she loves Henry a lot. Riley tells her that she might need a lawyer.

Selena tells her that she cannot afford one. Riley tries to offer help, but Selena tells her that she can take care of her own mess. Dale arrives to meet Lacey and shows her the new flyers. She gets pissed when she sees Kyle’s name on the flyer and she does not approve of Dale helping Kyle. Dale tells her that Kyle is trying to make things better. Lacey refuses to put up these flyers (with Kyle’s name) on the windows. At the academy, Evan and his group are about to graduate in the next 24 hours. Evan is really excited about it. At night, Kyle arrives at Riley’s house to collect his guitar. He tells her that he is performing with Dale on Sunday. Riley is happy for him. She tells him that Travis did really well at the test. In fact, he scored the highest on this test.

Kyle tells her that he would like to work up a schedule as to when he could take the children to school. He also says that he would like it if she could come and watch him play on Sunday. Lacey arrives to talk to Riley about Kyle. She tells Riley that she doesn’t trust Kyle and she is not happy about the fact that he is back in the band. Riley tells her that she too is not sure about Kyle, but she knows that he is trying, and feels that he deserves a chance. Lacey tries to tell her that it is not worth the risk, but Riley tells her to talk to Kyle about the problems she has with him. At the salon, Lacey alters a shirt for Evan, for his graduation party. She also learns that Evan is interested in Shelby. Evan tells her that it is too early to be sure about anything.

At the spa, Riley’s client, Victor, tells her that he has an art opening coming up in a few days. Riley figures out that there is something wrong. He tells her that he comes from a family of lawyers and his family doesn’t approve of him being an artist. He tells her that when he quit law to pursue his passion, his parents stopped talking to him. It has been two years since he has spoken to them. He also tells her that he always wanted his parents to be present at his first art opening. Riley tells him that he should call his parents and invite them to his art opening. Victor gets back to his sketch. Riley decides to break one of her rules, and tells Victor to look into Selena’s case. Victor goes through the papers and tells Selena that her husband is entitled to half her marital assets, including her salary.

The papers also say that Joey wants Henry or at least half of his value; i.e. 30k. Victor tells them that Joey claims to be a real estate guy, but he hasn’t made a dime in years. He says that Joey has asked for a forensic audit, in case Selena refused to settle. He explains that a forensic audit means opening up all her books. He tells her that Joey knows that she is in an ‘all cash business’ and it is obvious that her returns won’t add up. This means that his next move would be to open her employer’s books and see how much she gets in cash. Victor suggests that she should give Henry to Joey. After Victor leaves, Riley tells Selena that she should give away Henry. Selena doesn’t want to. Riley tells her that if she doesn’t arrange for the cash, all of them would end up going down. The next day, Selena decides to hide Henry is some secret place.

Riley tells her that it wouldn’t help. Riley comes up with an idea to raise the 30k. They sell Selena’s Gucci, Louis Vuitton and some other expensive bags online. Lacey meets Kyle and tells him that she would always keep a watch on him. She tells him that she will not let him hurt Riley again. Kyle thinks that Riley is lucky to have a friend like her. Selena tells Derek that she doesn’t want to be fun buddies any more. They break up. Riley and Lacey are at the Harold’s, watching the band perform. Kyle puts up a good show and Lacey commends him. Evan calls Shelby and tells her that he wants to take her out again. At Harold’s, Kyle hands Riley an envelope with some cash in it. He tells her that he earned it by loading trucks and playing in the band. He asks her for a dance. Dale and Lacey are happy to see Riley happy.

The next morning, Evan tells Kyle that he is going to have his cadet friends come over for the graduation party. Kyle tells him that he was leaving anyways. Evan asks him if Riley is taking him back, but Kyle doesn’t answer, and leaves. Later, Shelby arrives at Evan’s place and they make out. Next, at the spa, the girls manage to sell all the bags online, but have managed to raise only 12k. Riley tells Joey that he can take Selena’s Corvette. Joey takes the 12k cash and the car and leaves. Selena is glad that she has Henry. Victor arrives at the spa and tells Riley that his parents have agreed to come for the opening. He thanks Riley. He also gives her one of her portraits that he made. Kyle goes to meet Linette at the rehab.

At home, Dale, Riley, Evan and Lacey celebrate Evan’s graduation. Dale brings up Shelby, and Riley is surprised to learn that Evan is seeing someone. It gets slightly awkward. Dale quickly changes the topic to Evan’s graduation. Dale is happy that Evan is now officially a cop. Riley is slightly nervous. The episode ends.