What Part of No - Recap

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The episode begins with Riley trying on a bridesmaid’s dress that Georgia sent for her. Kyle arrives to take the children to school. He tells Riley that he would like to take her for a little adventure. It is a surprise. He says that they can leave the children at day care and he can take her to some place special. It is a date; a daytime date. Shelby and Evan are in bed, and she has been staying with him for three days. She tells Evan that she must leave. She admits that she is scared to let her guard down, and that the people in the force wouldn’t take her seriously. Evan assures her that she will do just fine.

Selena is mad about the fact that Nikki has bought her Louis Vuitton purse. Nikki tells her that she too is entitled to have some nice things in life, and she mentions Derek. Selena tells Nikki that she can have whatever she wants but Derek is off limits. Riley is with her client, Ben Miller. Ben tells her that he is slightly nervous because today is his first date. She tells him that she can help him with that. Later, Kyle arrives to take Riley on their date. Riley decides to put her phone away for a while. Kyle has arranged for horses and the plan is to ride up to the ranches. Riley loves riding and she is happy. At the salon, one of the clients is giving Lacey a tough time with the hair color.

Linette tells Lacey that she has stashed up some bottles at Riley’s place for personal use. She tells her to use one of them. Lacey goes to Riley’s to get the bottle. Lacey hears some noise in the house and goes to check. It is an intruder. Lacey tries to stop him, but he pushes her away and runs. Lacey chases the guy, but he gets away. She calls 911 but is unable to give details because she is badly hurt and is in pain. Dale calls Kyle and asks for Riley. He tells Riley about the attack. They rush to the hospital. At the spa, Nikki seduces Derek to have sex with her. Riley arrives to meet Lacey. She is really worried. Dale tells her that Lacey and the baby are alright. Riley is shocked. She did not know that Lacey was pregnant.

Lacey explains that since they took so long to conceive, they wanted to complete the three month mark before disclosing the news. Riley very excited and she promises not to tell anybody. Later, Evan arrives home and tells Riley that the intruder did not trash the place. This means it wasn’t a random break-in, and it looks like the intruder was looking for something specific. Riley tells Evan to drop everything and try to get this guy. Evan promises her that he will do his best. Riley meets Georgia and tells her about the break-in. She tells Georgia that probably the intruder was looking for the Client List. Georgia asks her if the list is safe.

Riley says it is. Georgia then hands her a gun and tells her that she should do whatever it takes to protect her family. Riley returns the gun and tells Georgia that she has two kids at home, so she cannot have a gun around them. Kyle tells Riley that it could be Vandermeyer. Riley tells him that the cops will find out and that he need not worry. At the spa, Selena finds out that Nikki and Derek are “fun buddies” and she ends up fighting with Nikki. Riley intervenes and tells them that they need to attend to their clients instead of fighting over a guy. Later, Riley is with her client, Ben. He tells her that he went out on a date with Penny and it was perfect. He also tells her that henceforth it would only be “legit” massages for him.

Riley is surprised. Taylor and Riley go to meet Lacey at the hospital. Lacey experiences a sharp, sudden pain. The doctors rush in to examine her. Dale is in tears. Riley tries to console him. The doctor arrives and tells them that they can meet Lacey. Lacey wakes up from sedation and asks Dale about the baby. He tells her that the doctors could not save the baby. Riley promises to make this right. She barges into the precinct and yells at Evan for not being able to trace the intruder. Evan tries to tell her that they need to follow protocol. He shows them a list of three suspects who own the kind of car Lacey described, and one of them matches the description Lacey gave the cops. The Chief calls Evan into the office.

Riley quietly takes a printout. She takes the picture to Georgia and asks her if she has seen the guy, Shawn Foster. Georgia tells her that she will dig around a little. Kyle goes to Vandermeyer and tells him to stay away from his family. Vandermeyer tells Kyle that he doesn’t know anything about the break-in. He tells him that if he had to mess with him, it would only take him a phone call. Riley manages to spot Shawn. She calls Evan and gives him the address. He warns her not to do something stupid. Riley is keeping a watch on Shawn, when she realizes that Shawn is about to leave. She walks up to him and tries to distract him. She manages to stall him for a while, but when Shawn hears the sirens, he quickly gets into his car.

Riley pours hot coffee on him and he is unable to get away. Evan arrests him. He is pissed at Riley and asks her how she located Shawn. She doesn’t tell him. She tells Evan that she will do whatever it takes to protect her family. Evan tells Shelby that he is tired of being Riley’s errand boy. He tells Shelby that he is done with Riley. At home, Kyle is glad to see that Riley is safe. He tells her that he went to see Vadenmeyer and made sure that he wouldn’t come near them anymore. Riley tells Kyle that they need him, and she doesn’t want him to do anything stupid that would send him back to prison. She kisses him goodnight and leaves. Riley meets Georgia and thanks her for her help.

She asks her how she managed to find that guy. Georgia tells her that she called one of her contacts, who works for the US Marshalls. She then tells Riley to return the bridesmaid’s dress. Riley is relieved. Georgia tells her that she is planning to rethink the look of her wedding. She tells Riley that she can wear what she wants. Riley is glad. Riley goes to meet Lacey at the hospital. Lacey tells Riley that the next time she goes “Rambo” on someone, she will whoop her ass. Later, Riley goes to check if the client list is safe. She digs out the box, and is relieved to find the black book inside the box. She is totally unaware of the fact that someone is watching her. The episode ends.