I Miss Back When - Recap

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The episode begins with Riley making sure that the Client List is safe. She hears some noise and looks around, but she sees nothing. It is seen that someone is keeping a watch on her. She quickly puts back the book in the box and buries it in the ground. After Riley drives away, the person who was keeping a watch on Riley digs out the box and takes the book. It is Nikki. At the spa, Riley is with her client, who is a tech guy and he tells her that he is nervous about his new job. At Harolds, Riley compels Lacey to attend the high school reunion.

Lacey doesn’t want to. She tells Riley that after she lost the bay, she doesn’t feel like doing anything. Riley tells her that this is exactly the reason she wants her to go to the reunion. Lacey is also pissed about the fact that Taylor had rigged the ballot and that is how she became Class President. At home, Kyle is taking care of the kids and he stumbles upon Riley’s “fancy” shoes. At the precinct, Shelby is doing a report on Foster’s case. She tells Evan that he is putting both their jobs on line for protecting Riley. Tremble tells Evan about the reunion but Evan tells him that he has got work that night. Riley and Kyle meet Linette at the rehab. On their way back, Riley tells Kyle that she is worried about Linette. Kyle tells Riley that he could go with Linette to the AA meetings. Riley is glad. She then asks him if he would like to go with her to the reunion. He agrees.

At the spa, Lisa wants a last minute appointment with Derek, but Selena tells her that Derek is busy. Derek arrives and tells Lisa that he can give her an appointment for Saturday. Lisa asks for a “double session”. Nikki leaves the spa and gets into a car with Carlyle. He tells her that he wants her to give him the list or else he will put her back on the pole. Lacey gives Riley a new hairstyle for the prom. Riley loves it. Taylor tells them that she thinks that Beau might be at the reunion. She says that one of her friends told her that Beau bought a red Mustang for her. She feels that Beau might be trying to win her back because he hasn’t signed the divorce papers. Riley looks at Lacey’s year book and learns that Lacey loved Evan. Lacey tells her that it was a long time ago and besides, when she saw Dale, she totally forgot about Evan.

Evan arrives to talk to Riley. He tells Riley that he has to protect her because she stole information. He says that she might have to testify against Foster. He wants to make sure that both their stories match. Riley agrees. She thanks Evan for all his help. At the spa, Riley’s client, the tech guy, tells her that he got a job at Digital Securities. He has a gift for her; a tiara made of real diamonds. Riley loves the gift. She tries it on. Nikki enters the room and Riley quickly puts it away in the box. Nikki manages to get a glimpse of the tiara. Later, Georgia arrives and Riley hides the tiara in the safe. Riley tells Georgia that she will have to testify against Foster. Georgia is not too happy about it because she feels that the cops will dig into her life and find out a lot of things.

Riley tells her that she needs to for this for Lacey. She tells her that the Client List is safe and she wants Georgia to support her in this. Georgia agrees. At home, Riley asks Kyle about the AA meeting. He tells her that he cannot discuss it because it is supposed to be anonymous. Riley is upset Later, Kyle is about to leave for the reunion when Linette calls. He goes to meet her. At the reunion, Riley tries to get in touch with Kyle but she is unable to. One of their classmates is pregnant, and Lacey breaks down. Riley tries to cheer her up but she tells Riley to leave her alone for a while. At the rehab, Linette tells Kyle that she is not able to deal with the rehab. Kyle knows what she is going through and assures her that she will do just fine.

At the spa, Selena tells Derek that Lisa is trying to step up their relationship. He tells her that Lisa is planning for a trip. Dale arrives at the reunion. Taylor sees that Beau has brought a “friend” along with him; Heather, and it is clear that they are dating. Taylor is upset. Riley manages to get Lacey out of the washroom. Kyle arrives and Riley is pissed at him. She tells him that she is tired of being disappointed with him. Kyle tells her that he had gone to meet Linette. He says that he did not want to tell Riley because he would end up violating Linette’s trust. Kyle tells Riley that Linette is having a tough time dealing with the program. Riley is surprised that Linette did not call her. She apologizes to Kyle. They dance.

Later, Taylor and Beau are crowned as the reunion Queen and King. Taylor tells Beau that she knows about the red Mustang. She then learns that it is actually for Heather. Beau is surprised that Taylor knows about the Mustang. Taylor is really upset and she walks out of the party. Riley follows her. Taylor tells Riley that she always knew that Beau fooled around with a lot of women. She is about to break the Mustang’s headlights with a golf stick, when Riley stops her. She takes the stick from Taylor and breaks the widow. Tremble arrives and tells them that he will have to arrest both of them. At the spa, Lisa tells Derek that she has fallen in love with someone else and that they are planning to sail around the world. Derek is shocked. Lisa gives him a “big” tip and she tells him she appreciates all that he has “done” for her.

At the precinct, Evan releases Taylor and Riley. He tells them that he spoke to Beau and Beau has agreed not to press charges. Riley thanks him. Kyle, Dale and Lacey arrive to pick up Riley. Dale is carrying a life size poster of Evan and Riley when they were crowned prom King and Queen. They talk about the high school days. Kyle and Evan get into an argument. Riley tells them that they have gone through a lot of stuff together and she wants the brothers to work things out between them.

She tells them that they are family and need to look past their differences. Kyle and Evan agree. Shelby is still pissed at Evan about Riley. At home, Kyle apologizes for missing the prom. He gives Riley one of his old soccer jackets. He tells her that he wants a do-over. He tells her that he wants to come back home. The episode ends.