When I Say I Do - Recap

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This episode opens with Riley giving massages to various clients. One of them, a fireman, confesses that he just lost his wife. They discuss forgiveness and he says that he should end his visits to The Rub after this last one. The blue light flashes in the room indicating that authorities have entered the building. She gets dressed and heads out into the hallway. She comes face to face with Evan. He states that he is there on personal business, not work. She gives him, as a client, to Selena. In the massage room, Selena and Evan discuss the cons of dating someone you work with. She chides him for turning the session into questions about her playfully and pushes him back down on the table.

Kyle and Dale are eating and discussing Kyle’s marriage. Dale tells him to let Riley do the all the moves. Back at The Rub, Riley, Selena, and Nikki discuss the upcoming wedding. Selena says she didn’t get a plus one, and Riley calls her on it as a lie. Riley gets an emergency call and heads out. The emergency call was Harold. Georgia is upset and organizing the liquor for the second time. Georgia shows her the wedding cake. It’s one that is for a six year old. One by one, Georgia lists her issues with the wedding and she is clearly freaking out. She says she is finally getting her fresh start and she’s afraid she’ll lose it.

At Riley’s that evening, she and Lacey are cooking dinner. The conversation shifts from seating arrangements to Kyle. Riley tells Lacey that he wants to move back in. Riley and Lacey go over the differences between omission of what she does for a living and flat out lying. Dale and Kyle arrive with liquor and fruit for drinks. Dale puts on an mp3 player and begins to dance around the living room. The happy couple dances around the room. Kyle catches sight of Linette’s medical bills.

At the police station, Evan gets assigned to track down prostitution at local massage parlors. Back at dinner, Kyle gives a toast and apologizes. He states how thankful he is for the second chance as well as how much he wants to come back home. Riley tells him the toast was nice. While they cleanup, Kyle tells her about a possible job. Kyle goes to leave and Riley pauses mid step. She watches him exit finally, with a frown on her face.

The next day at The Rub, Riley and Selena try to track down a new cake for Georgia. Riley, in a show of true fake tears, convinces a store to save one for her. Derek passes by and Riley manages to push him into taking Selena to the wedding. Meanwhile, at the station, Evan bets on who will be the man to take down the prostitution rings. Lacey stops by to see Linette in rehab. Linette hands her a sober coin and Lacey tells her how proud she is. Dale, having met Evan for a soda, gives advice on Evan’s relationship. Dale says he has something especially romantic for Lacey. He takes her to a batting cage and tries to teach her how to hit. She asks if they are doing this to cheer up him or her. She becomes ecstatic with happiness as she manages to hit one.

At The Rub, Riley’s fireman client, Adam, informs her that he had left the other day prepped to forgive his wife. He comes home only to find out she’s packed up and gone. Riley tells him how sorry she is. He exits and as she turns around, she comes face to face with Kyle and his hands full of flowers. He tells her his interview went really well and they want him to start Monday. He tells her with a full time job he can cut out some of her bills. Michelle pops through and calls her boss, thus interrupting their conversation. Riley, who had just been asked to cut back her hours by Kyle, informs him she is just about to own The Rub. He says he is proud of her.

At Harold’s, Lacey has stopped by to do Georgia’s makeup. Georgia informs her that she is meeting his family for the first time. She also says that while she doesn’t want to pry into Lacey’s business she is going to. She asks about the possibility of baby news. Lacey informs her nothing yet and Dale’s attempts at lightening are interesting, to say the least. At The Rub, Adam is back on the table with Riley. Meanwhile at a massage parlor across town, Evan’s partner tries to get a bust and the masseur punches him. She tells him she is a lady and he comment on her outfit. She tells him you get better tips that way. Evan’s turn is next and he successfully arrests a blond when she goes to grab underneath his towel.

Lacey and Riley are dressed for the wedding. Lacey works on floral arrangements while Riley comes across proof her Mother’s medical bill was paid. She doesn’t remember taking care of it and assumes it is a mistake that will haunt her later on. She tells Lacey about Kyle showing up at The Rub. Lacey says she needs to get rid of one of them. Just then, Kyle shows up and Riley enlists his help in picking up the cake and carrying it out. With their hands full, he asks why she didn’t tell him about taking over the Rub. They put the cake on the edge of the counter as his phone rings. He gets the news that he did not get the job and the cake goes flying onto the floor.

Back at the station, Evan and Shelby have a heated moment. She tells him congrats but that after his stunt at the parlor it’s not going to change. Riley and Kyle make a new cake. Kyle admits he knows how to bake. Riley gets a text saying that Georgia has locked herself in the bathroom and will not come out. Dressed, pressed and moving at a fast clip, Riley heads to the back of Harold’s to talk to Georgia. Georgia informs Riley about what happened with her first husband. Riley tells her to sit down. She stresses that she’s out of the business now and tries to get her to relax. She makes Georgia tell her about meeting Harold. Georgia starts to ramble and Riley tells her to focus. Riley succeeds in calming her down. Harold comes in and tells her that he would marry her without all the fluff. Riley starts to cry and runs out to grab the pastor. They get married right there in the backroom. Out on stage, Riley introduces the couple and Kyle brings out the cake.

At the station, the masseuse Evan busted is in interrogation. She is asked about her boss and she stresses she can’t talk. She finally coughs up Greg Carlisle and the Lucky Lotus as her employer. She says she wants to make a deal. Outside, listening in, Shelby tells him his mistake was the conversation before he busted the prostitute and not the actual bust. She tells Evan that she doesn’t want to be his second choice. Evan states that he made his choice and Shelby is it. In an effort to make sure she doesn’t forget him, he kisses her.

At Harold’s Riley realizes that Kyle sold his guitar to pay her Mother’s medical bill. He climbs up on stage and pulls her with him. Riley congratulates the couple and pulls Lacey up. She sings “When you say nothing at all.” Lacey sings backup while Kyle plays a stand in guitar. At the bar, Selena admits she believes in love. She says she wants a partner and friend to grow old with. Derek says she may have found someone who accepts her completely. They get interrupted by a guy wanting her to dance. She turns him down and leads Derek out onto the floor instead. He’s flabbergasted that she would choose him over some other guy.

At Evan’s, he is flipping thru channels when there is a knock on the door. It’s Shelby. She says she wants another last kiss and rips his clothes off. She tells him to stop talking and they fall together onto the bed. The next day, Riley and Lacey discuss Dale acting like a ten year old and Kyle’s baking. They head out to a baseball field at Dale’s request. Out in the middle of the pitcher’s mound, Dale motions to the dugout. The light’s flip on and the scoreboard comes up with a marriage proposal.

Kyle brings a small box up to him and Dale gets down on one knee. He proposes to her all over again with the ring he couldn’t afford the first time around. She kisses him passionately with a yes. Dale texts a picture of him and Lacey to Evan. Back at the mound, the foursome plays some baseball. When Lacey hits the ball, Riley tells Kyle she wants him to come home. Alone in the car afterward, Kyle hands Riley back her rings. She slips them on as the episode ends.