Whatever It Takes - Recap

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This episode begins with Kyle moving hangers back into Rileys closet. She goes to kiss him and is bombarded with images of the day she realized he was gone. When she pauses mid-kiss, Kyle pulls back and asks her if it is too soon. She says that it is and reassures her that it is okay, they don’t have to rush things. Travis busts in about a missing jersey and his father reminds him to knock next time.

At the stables, Derek surprises Selena by dropping by. He goes to kiss her and she pulls away. She makes a comment about the two of them belonging to the night and he reminds her they aren’t vampires. Selena says she doesn’t do breakfast and mornings like a normal couple. He strikes a compromise with a movie.

Back at Rileys, she is in Travis’ room looking for his missing jersey. Travis asks her about a sleepover for his whole team and she says no. Riley explains, again, the day he wants is Saturday and she has to work. She says she will think about it which sends him stalking off angry with her. He huffs and puffs that she really means no. Lacey shows up and Riley yells that she is in the back. Lacey comes in and chides Riley for not answering her cell phone. She explains that she and Dale have been called on a possible baby to adopt. Riley asks why she didn’t mention this sooner and Lacey explains they had only recently filled out the paperwork. She tells Riley that the first step is passing the home inspection in two days and she knows nothing about baby-proofing a house. Excitedly, Riley tells her she has all that stuff in the garage and that Lacey is welcome to use it. Lacey asks her to pinch her and Riley does eliciting a squeal from her friend.

At The Rub, Riley holds a staff meeting. Derek and Selena discuss their upcoming movie before Riley gets down to business. She informs the staff that tomorrow they are closing up shop and heading to a golf tournament. Selena balks at the idea but Riley says it is for a good cause, soldiers coming home from war. At the end of the meeting, Selena runs after her in the hall and complains about losing money. Riley tells her to deal with it. At the Station, Evan and his partner get appointed to the Texas Rangers. They are also informed that they will be assigned to the golf tournament tomorrow. Back at The Rub, Rileys client requests to have more than just her for a session. Riley says she will look into the schedule and see what they can do.

Travis and Kyle are at home. Travis convinces Kyle to allow his team to have a sleepover by saying Mom said to ask him. Riley meets The Judge for a session. Fully dressed still, he advises her to not take any new clients for a while but refuses to tell her why. She explains she has a family and needs to know. He produces a new pair of shoes. Riley accepts them and explains he has 49 minutes left, they should make them count.

Having caught wind of Rileys plan to give massages at the tournament, Georgia shows up at The Rub. She states that the idea was to keep this business as far away from Harold as possible. Riley tries to assure her that everything is Kosher and that there is nothing to worry about. Georgia, being Georgia and used to what goes with The Rub, explains that Riley needs to stay off the Radar with business. Georgia goes on to question if Riley is looking to get out now that Kyle is back. Riley admits she wants all her bases covered, in case. Selena is in her room when Derek enters. She asks if they are really going to do the couple stuff. He says no but they tumble onto the table to enjoy an afternoon round of sex.

Riley arrives at home to a stranger and a trampoline. When she asks about it, Kyle tells her it is for tomorrow and the sleep over. Angry, Riley explains that she said no to the sleepover. Travis is in hot water, having lied to his Father. Kyle says they will cancel and she says no. She will not be the one to look like the bad guy. A nerve has been hit and she adds that she has been on her own as a parent for a while now and doing fine at it. Lacey and Dale arrive and they get dragged into the argument. Lacey tells them to kiss and make-up. Dale tries to offer an opinion and Lacey stops him. Instead, Lacey volunteers them to help with the sleepover. The boys, distracted with the trampoline, leave Lacey and Dale to discuss the fact that Kyle and she have not been intimate. Lacey tells her it is time to let go.

At the station, Evan, Tremble, and Shelby are discussing their parts in the raid. Evan notes that Shelby should have gotten on to the Rangers as well. She tells him to drop it and that she can stand up for herself.

Kyle is talking to Dale. He asks how long Riley is going to punish him and keep him from making decisions. Kyle is thankful he will at least have Dale and Lacey but Dale silences that quickly. He reminds Kyle that Riley said he could lie in his sleeping bag and Dale intends to let him. Dale boasts he is king of his keep until Lacey comes in and snaps the proverbial whip calling Dale to her side.

Across town, at Wild Nights, Nikki arrives at Carlisle’s office. He’s chewing out two of his girls. They exit and he greets her. She says after the twentieth call she realized he wouldn’t quit. They kiss and she watches him walk to the safe and input a code. He withdraws a box and gives her a necklace. He asks her if she is still looking for the client list, and she says she is.

The next day at the tournament Riley steps out from the clubhouse and greets Georgia. Riley assures her everything is fine when her client from earlier, drunk as a skunk, strolls up and swings Riley around. When Selena arrives late and passes the trio, he makes a comment that she should be the extra pair of hands he wants. Georgia sends Riley to check on business and proceeds to chew him out privately. She threatens his membership to The Client List and he sobers quickly. Riley arrives at the tent and tells Harold they are happy to be there. She asks Evan if he’s working and he says they, meaning the force, are doing security. Judge Overturn comes in and Evan introduces them. Both she and the Judge act as if they have never met, hiding the fact she routinely walks her shoes all over him. Evan states he has been assigned to a task force regarding drugs and prostitution, but he misses the looks the Judge and she pass between them.

Back at home, Kyle, Dale and Lacey discuss food and timing. The doorbell rings and the children start to arrive. Dale sees the throng of boys and panics. At the tournament, Riley informs Evan that this task force seems dangerous. Evan downplays it and Riley turns her sites to Judge Overton, offering him a massage. When he tries to avoid it, as he sees Rileys look, and Evan goads him into it. Alone finally, she tells him she is upset he didn’t tell her and that she will kill him if he sets her up. He says he has her back and questions if she has his. She answers through clenched teeth that she always does.

At the bar later that evening, Derek is deep in conversation with an associate. He hugs him emotionally and they part ways. Selena tries to goad him but he tells her she doesn’t know when enough is enough. She quits immediately. Riley says to her that he likes her very much and she needs to realize that. Just then, they are interrupted by a call from the alarm company. The alarm at The Rub has been tripped. Riley tells them not to call the police and she sets off with Derek to investigate. When they arrive they find that the office has been overturned and no cash is missing. Derek says it is odd that they didn’t take anything. She tells him to go back to the bar and let them know everything is all right. He mentions he knows she isn’t saying something.

At the house, Kyle comments on how out of control things are. Lacey says the boys are slippery just as two of the them round the corner. One of them is crying and they point out Dale as the reason. He apparently got to Candyland first and Lacey chastises him.

Back at the bar, Derek informs The Rub staff that everything is fine, and that something is bothering Riley but he isn’t sure just what. Riley calls Georgia, who in turn asks if there is anything to be worried about Riley cuts her off and says she has it in hand. Nikki runs out of the bar with an excuse about a test, leaving Derek and Selena to discuss the day. Selena shows him some public affection and apologizes for acting like an idiot. She asks him about the friend he saw earlier. Derek says one of the guys in his squad died the previous week. Selena, seeing the look on his face, assures him it is not his fault.

At home, Kyle and Dale discuss children. Dale says he isn’t fit for parenthood, after all he just trounced on an 8 year old. Kyle tells him he’s going to be a wonderful parent. When Dale starts to whine, Kyle snaps him out of with harsh words. Dale says he likes the tough love and the child he made cry earlier, challenges him to a rematch of Candyland. A call comes in then, It’s Kyle’s attorney.

Riley, upset, drives out to where she had buried the list only to find it missing. She ignores an incoming call from Kyle as panic sets in. Reburying the box the Client List is supposed to be in, she heads home. Across town, Nikki is yelling at Carlisle. He says he knows she lied to him about her going to work. He pushes her against the wall telling her she isn’t worth his time. He kicks her out and slaps her when she talks back.

At the bar, Evan pulls Shelby aside and says he’s got her the next slot in detective. She tells him she isn’t a damsel in distress. They agree to celebrate by making out right there in the back room. Riley arrives home. One of the boys is still up and she ushers him to bed. Travis and Lacey are out in the living room and Lacey can tell something is wrong. Quickly, Riley moves him to bed and snaps the conversation over why she’s upset, closed. Kyle tells her he’s off the hook, and the charges are dropped. Riley realizes they just got free of one situation and are buried in another. In an effort to quell the panic she caves, letting Kyle make love to her.