What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am - Recap

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Riley lays in bed with Kyle. Unable to sleep, she gets up and checks on the kids. Satisfied they are all right, she roams the house. Settling onto the couch she watches her wedding video as tears stream down her face. Once it’s over she records a video for the kids, telling them she loves them and that she has to go away for a while. She climbs back into bed and drifts off until the alarm buzzes at 6 a.m.

The next morning, Riley meets with her banker. She takes stock of all of her accounts as well as puts the house in Kyle’s name only. Her banker questions her judgment, but says she will do as requested anyway. Stressed, Riley sneaks out back to smoke cigarettes. Kyle calls out and she quickly tosses it, spraying air freshener around. He realizes she was smoking and calls her on it. She explains it’s not his fault but business is causing issues. Kyle informs her he is going to relieve some of the load by getting a job coaching.

Lacey interrupts and calls Riley on the smoking as well. Riley verbally bites her head off until Lacey explains she has news. She tells Riley that a pregnant woman is considering them for adopt parents. She asks Riley to go with to meet the woman, but Riley says she can’t. Instead, she hands Lacey an envelope full of money and tells her that in case something happens she wants her to help Kyle look after the kids. They part ways.

Riley goes to the high school to be alone. She’s running the steps of the bleachers going over current events in her head. Digging up the empty box the client list should have been in is weighing on her mind. Her family, the business with Carlisle and her worries plague her. She heads to leave and runs into Evan, literally. He catches her in his arms and she asks him if the Task Force is going all right. He tells her he made Ranger because of her and he thanks her for it.

At the precinct, the rangers go over Carlisle’s business and assign Evan and Tremble to watch Wild Nights. A detective shows Evan a picture of Nikki getting cozy with Carlisle and informs him that she works for Carlisle. Across town at Harold’s, Riley informs Georgia that the client list is missing. Georgia tells Riley she is not losing Harold and her new life. Riley tells her she thinks it was Carlisle that took the list. Georgia tells her that you only get one chance to cut off a snake’s head.

Lacey is meeting the baby’s mother, Kim, and Dale is late. She calls to tell him to hurry. He arrives and the show off just how eccentric they can be. Kim says she wants to know things that weren’t in the application and they argue over what she might want to know or would think was too boring. Kim informs them that she can tell they are in love and they have the right amount of weird. She tells them they can have the baby and invites them to her next doctor’s appointment. As Kim walks away, Dale and Lacey hug.

Riley gets into a limo with Judge Overton. He says that she has a lot of nerve threatening him. He explains the letter was addressed to Mr. L ouBouton. She explains that it wasn’t her and she intends to fix it. He refutes it, says she is running out of time until the Task Force closes in. At The Rub, Derek tries to give Selena his house key. She say no and they bicker. Selena walks into the lounge and sees Riley ripping apart the employee mailboxes. Frantic to find the list, Riley explains what is missing and that she thinks Nikki took it. Selena points out that she is in room 7, down the hall, and they should go get her. Riley and she walk out into the lobby and come face to face with Evan and Monroe looking for Nikki. They ask when Riley hired her and if she checked her employment history. Nikki walks out and Selena eagerly pushes her over. Once the police and Nikki are gone, Selena grabs a trash can as Riley hurls her cookies into it. Selena and Derek continue bickering. Selena says they have to trust Riley.

At the precinct, Nikki is questioned and they catch her in a lie. They present her with the picture they have from last week where she is snuggled up against Carlisle. Evan and Shelby discuss tracing Carlisle’s companies. Shelby has uncovered that the man who broke into Riley’s house worked for one of Carlisle’s companies. When Evan says that Riley was just trying to help Nikki make a better life, she insinuates that he’s covering for her.

Kim is getting an ultrasound with Lacey and Dale in the room. She reveals to the couple that it’s going to be a boy and they yell with excitement. It is short lived because Kim’s ex-boyfriend Billy, and father of the baby, shows up and requests that they not give it up for adoption. Kim asks Lacey and Dale to leave so the two can talk. At the precinct, Riley publicly tells Evan he needs to help. Evan tells her about the employment of the burglar. He also shows her the picture of Nikki and Carlisle and tells her when it was taken. Evan says that it cannot be like last time. Riley thanks him for his help.

At the high school, the football coach tells Kyle that he got him job. He explains it had to be maintenance because of all the bad publicity Kyle had. He says he understands, and he thanks the coach for the opportunity. The coach tells him he starts Monday. Kyle picks up a spare football next to him and throws it to a player.

Riley chases down Nikki at The Rub. Angry and irate, she throws Nikki to the ground. Nikki tries to explain that she still has the list and Riley demands that she hands it over. They walk outside as the wind picks up from the incoming storm system and Nikki throws open her trunk. She looks for the list but she finds a note from Carlisle instead saying that he has it. Riley screams that she is dead to her. Riley heads to Harold’s and informs Georgia that not only was she right that Carlisle has the list, but that she has a plan. Georgia informs her that Carlisle will kill her. She adds that Riley is on her own.

Riley tells her that the deed is in Georgia’s name so she is most definitely not on her own.
At the precinct, Shelby gets promoted temporarily as a detective in Internal Affairs. She’s being assigned to watch Evan because of her relationship with him. Later that evening at the Curl, Lacey and Dale are discussing baby names. Dale tells her that there is no way Kim is going to let them have the baby now that Billy has shown back up. Kim arrives to confirm that when her water breaks. Devastated but still good hearted people, Lacey and Dale call 911 and have her rushed to the emergency room. Once the baby is born, Dale and Lacey go in to check on her when Billy arrives. They step outside the curtain but still within ear shot. They overhear Kim tell him she is still giving Dale and Lacey their baby boy.

In Riley’s office, Judge Overton and Riley talk about the time table until the task force goes searching. She says she has 48 hours to fix it. At the hospital, Lacey and Dale discuss all the things they are going to need for the baby that they don’t have. Selena and Derek are in a therapy room discussing Derek’s house key. He kisses her and she tells him that she will accept the key, if only to use it like a hotel. She will drop the key at the end of her stay. Back at the hospital, Kyle drops off a car seat. Lacey asks where Riley is and Kyle says she’s been busy. Lacey says this is not like her to miss something this big.

Now, outside of Wild Nights, Riley sits in the car watching the doors to the club with a flyer for amateur night in her hand. Kyle calls her and gets her voicemail. Evan arrives at the hospital with a teddy bear and shows the picture of Carlisle to Kyle. He asks if he knows him and Kyle says no. Evan explains that Riley might be trying to help someone mixed up with the wrong crowd. Kyle leaves to go find her first. Evan hands off the teddy bear to Dale and follows as well. Riley just misses them, as she shows up to tell Lacey how happy she is for her. Worried, Lacey asks what is going on and Riley explains the list is missing. She also adds that she intends to get it back. Lacey hands her the baby and introduces her. As she rocks the new baby, Cole, she flashes back to her own kids.

Exiting into the parking structure she comes face to face with Carlisle. He asks how Lacey is. Riley informs him she has no control over the task force and he mentions her kids. He also mentions he knows where all she has been today. He runs a finger down her shirt and asks if she has ever worked a pole before he climbs back in his car and leaves.

Back home, Kyle waits by the window worriedly for Riley. He sees her pull up and goes out to meet her. With the rain pouring down, she stands there. He corners her against the truck. She says this mess is because he already left once. She adds that for the first time she understands wanting to just pack up all the stuff and leave life behind. When he presses her on the matter she goes running into the street and almost gets hit by Evan’s cruiser.