Wild Nights are Calling - Recap

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Caught like a deer in headlights, Riley screams that she can’t take it as Evan and Kyle try to figure out what’s going on. She runs into the house and they corner her. She snaps at them both and tells them she is fine. They take turns yelling at her about how worried they are. She cuts them off by saying she needs to go get dry and for them not to follow her. Evan tells Kyle that it is his wife implying that it is in Kyle’s hands now to deal with.

The next morning while cooking, Riley has a daytime nightmare about Evan arresting her at The Rub. Her kids snap her out of it by telling her the pancakes she is cooking are burning. Kyle, who had gotten up early, takes over for her at the griddle. The phone rings and Riley explains it’s work and she needs to grab it.

Selena is calling from The Rub. She wants to know if Riley is coming in to the meeting. Riley tells her to go ahead and be in charge. Selena asks about the List and Riley explains she is working on it. Later that morning, Riley goes to Nikki’s and explains she’s about to start making up the betrayal. Kyle heads out himself, only to the precinct to talk to Evan. He tries to pull him aside to ask him if he knows what’s going on with Riley. Evan tells him that she is tough. He goes on to say that he will keep his eye on her. He advises Kyle to tell her he’s going to be there for her and to trust her.

At Harold’s, Judge Overton, Georgia, and Riley talk about the task force and the remaining 24 hours. Georgia cuts the Judge off from having any more liquor. Before he leaves Riley asks him to delay the task force as long as he can. He says he will do his best. Once he’s gone, Riley hands Georgia the insurance policy to The Rub and tells her she has a plan to fix this.

Evan arrives back at the precinct to a packing Shelby. She tells him she is going to IA. She informs him that from that point forward she can’t protect him. She adds that he needs to keep himself on the up and up. Just then, Nikki arrives to talk to Detective Monroe. Back at The Rub, Selena plays boss as Derek calls her over to talk to him. He tells her he wants to have her sleep over more. She thinks he’s asking her to give up her life and he says no. In walk a French couple in need of relaxation. Selena tries to give the girl to one of the other therapists and Derek balks at it, citing Selena as being jealous. That does it and she caves, giving Derek the woman and taking the man for herself.

In interrogation, Nikki hands over information about where Carlisle is trafficking girls into the country. She explains to Detective Monroe that they come through the port of Galveston and go straight to the Violet Orchid. Judge Overton, who is listening in behind glass, approves a warrant for the Violet Orchid but not for Wild Nights. Evan and Tremble are told to keep an eye on Wild Nights tonight anyway. Back at The Rub, Derek’s client asks for more than a little massage. Selena converses with hers, being told that he and his girlfriend aren’t exclusive and that she is probably seducing Derek.

Riley and Lacey get a call from Linette saying she wants to talk to them. Linette coo’s over the new baby and informs them that she is moving to Austin and opening up a salon. As they discuss Linette’s plans, Lacey questions further because she heard Riley say that she will need her mother now more than ever. Riley adds that she can’t be Cole’s, the new baby’s, Godmother. Taken a-back, Lacey asks why. Riley says she needs to keep her distance. Lacey is supportive until Riley explains that the person who knocked her down was looking for the Client List. Lacey can’t look at her and tells her to go on and go. Riley obliges and heads to Harold’s. She, Georgia, and Nikki go over plans. Nikki says she is going to get Carlisle out of Wild Nights tonight and she gives Riley the combination to the safe. Georgia tells her that if she is playing them she will regret the day she ever stepped foot into the rub. Riley tells Nikki that if anyone asks, Carlisle went to The Rub after she saw him. Riley heads out to her audition as a new girl.

At The Rub, Selena and Kyle say goodbye to the French couple. The female is upset and cannot wait to head out. The male kisses Selena on the cheek. Derek and Selena confirm to each other that the massages were completely professional. Just then, Riley busts in and tells everyone to leave because of termites. She adds that an exterminator is on their way.

Exasperated, Selena heads to change with Derek hot on her heels. She hands him her envelope of tips and fesses up to having given extras to the French male. Derek says he wasn’t on the approved list. Selena counters that she was in charge for the day and made an executive decision. She rounds on him, accusing him of doing the same with the woman and he denies it. She tells him she doesn’t understand why he had to go and change things and she gives him back his key from last night. He tells her he wants to be with her but this is one decision she can’t take back.

Nikki calls Carlisle and manages to convince him to come over. Kyle is at home going through Riley’s things when she calls from her office. On the table before her are assorted wigs and outfits. She calls him and he tells her to come home. Kyle says that he loves her and asks how he can help her. She says he can’t but just to kiss the kids and remember how much she loves him. She pulls up at Wild Nights and watches as Carlisle leaves. Once clear she heads in and signs up to audition. As her excuse to have him over, Nikki produces financial documents from The Rub. Carlisle says if they are real, he’s proud of her.

Outside the club, Evan and Tremble wait in a surveillance van. The raid on Galveston was a bust and they have been told to keep their eyes open. The general manager of Wild Nights calls out for Holly Brislow, and Riley heads back to the main office. Evan and Tremble realize that the girl headed into the office is Riley. Evan gets upset and starts to go after her when Tremble makes a comment about how she got the money for her house. Tremble stops him and explains she hasn’t done anything illegal. Just then Georgia calls pretending to be a mole at the precinct. The general manager who was interviewing her and trying her out on the pole, leaves her alone in the office. Taking her chance, Riley cracks the safe and grabs the Client List and Carlisle’s gun. She hastily exits the office and heads back into the club. Evan says something is wrong and heads to get her. He doesn’t make it in time though and she manages to get into her truck and go. Tremble asks what she’s gotten into and Evan says he doesn’t know but he needs to find out. He heads after her but calls out that the footage of her in the club remains quiet until he can. The general manager walks back into the office and realizes Holly is gone. He calls Carlisle.

Carlisle picks up the phone and tells the manager to check the safe. When they realize the list and the gun are gone. He snaps the phone shut and starts to strangle Nikki, asking her where Mrs. Parks took that list. Back at home, Kyle feeds the kids dinner. Evan calls him and says Riley is in trouble. Kyle, hangs up and calls Lacey and Dale. He asks them to come over and watch the kids while he goes after Riley. When Dale waves her off, Lacey snaps at him. They agree to come over and Dale questions her and Riley’s friendship. Lacey says she may be mad at Riley but that is still her best friend.

Riley calls Georgia and says that she has the list. She adds that Carlisle is going to be history and their futures insured. Riley arrives at her office in The Rub. She lights candles, takes a drink of alcohol and knocks everything over. She goes to shoot the gun and Carlisle busts in. He smacks her and she grabs a candle. She has poured alcohol all over the list and her desk. Her face bleeding, she drops the candle onto the alcohol and the desk goes up in flames. She manages to run out as the The Rub becomes a fireball with Carlisle inside. Stunned and scared she ends up in Evans arms. She pulls back as Kyle arrives and looks between them saying she can explain.