The Big Bang - Recap

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The scene opens with a helicopter finding a man on some wires outside a house and police enter the scene with guns drawn. They alarm a woman who is in bed naked. They move to the roof and are instructed to simply secure the area and wait for further instructions. Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson arrives on scene and tells Detective David Gabriel that the firemen need to quickly remove the victim, Steven Beebe as quickly as possible. Detective Julio Sanchez tells how the bullet wounds entered and how the scene took place. He tells where Steven landed and how. In the bedroom, Johnson interviews Cherie Walker and she finds out that she and Steven were having an affair. Meanwhile the body of Steven is being lowered to the ground and Johnson is trying to distract Cherie. She tells that Steven wanted to show her something on the roof and says that she can see her house from the building and that Steven wanted to show that he could have her look at her house upside down.

Johnson goes back to the top of the building and looks into the camera and sees Cherie’s house upside down, but also sees that Mr. Walker is at home and back from Palm Springs. She tells that she wants to question him and they go to the new headquarters. At the new headquarters, everyone is not happy with their new accommodations. But Assistant Police Chief Will Pope says that it cost a lot of money to move the headquarters into something better. Johnson tells that she is very unhappy that they have not been able to figure out things in the new building and Pope tells her to give it time. She enters to interview room and attempts to ask questions. Kalab Walker knows about the 2-way mirrors and tells that he was in Palm Springs. Johnson tells that Cherie was having an affair with Steven and Kalab doesn’t care and asks for a lawyer and tells that everyone behind the glass can know that as well.

Johnson meets with a Commander Taylor and tells that she doesn’t like the new accommodations and that Pope is making it seem like the best place in the world. Taylor asks for a place in the new place and Johnson agrees. Pope and Johnson walk around the new headquarters and Johnson is caught changing rooms around. Pope chastises her and tells that she needs to adapt to the building. But in his own office, Pope has made changes and he agrees that she can make some modifications.

Melanie and Paul Rider, Steven’s employees, arrive and are taken into Johnson’s office. She empties a box of candy into her filing cabinet in her desk and asks about Steven’s financial records. Melanie tells that Steven had no problem paying but never gave her authorization to sign checks. Paul admits that Steven was his best friend and that there was theft on the construction sites and that is normal for the construction business. He tells that every time Steven got infatuated with a woman, he made it his life. Gabriel tells that Cherie was having an affair with a client’s wife and Paul tells that Steven was always like that. Melanie is upset that Paul is so relaxed talking about it and says that he was upset of Steven’s behavior. Sanchez enters and tells that they got a search warrant for Kalab and Cherie’s house and that the weapon could have been fired there.

They arrive at the house and they find a rifle stand and a pathway that was swept away on the balcony. Cherie asks for protection. Johnson talks to FBI agent Fritz Howard about the case and he tells that there are different steps that a killer is going to take before they actually kill someone. A first offense is not going to be good enough for murder. Back at the station, Lt. Tao has unlocked the laptop of Steven and the password was Cherie. Johnson finds out that Steven was looking at the Milky Way Galaxy and that someone knew that Steven was going to be looking at the stars that night.

Johnson talks to Kalab’s attorney Mr. Murdock and he tells Johnson that she doesn’t have anything on his client and that she is going to have a hard time getting to him. She tells that she will get him one way or the other. In the next scene, they wire Cherie up and tell her to make up with her husband. She enters and her husband is there. She tells that she had the affair with Steven and that it will never happen again. He grabs her and puts a belt around her throat. The detectives run in and arrest Kalab for attempted murder.

Johnson walks in with a giant painting and enters the multi-media center and they will be set up in 5 minutes. Pope enters and wonders about what is going on. Johnson snaps and says that not everyone is in love with the place. But Pope just wanted to know why she wired Cherie without permission and thus violating Kalab’s Miranda Rights. She tells that she was aware of the dangerous situation and the wire was for her protection. However, they don’t feel that Kalab killed Steven. They feel that Paul Rider did. Turns out that Steven’s old fling was Melanie. They meet with Paul and Gabriel tells that they have records of the emails between Melanie and Steven. They tell that he killed his best friend for sleeping with his wife. He confesses.

Johnson and the rest of the detectives are in the conference room and are watching the “big announcement” that Pope is attending. The old Police Chief is retiring which means that they are going to be getting a new Police Chief. Taylor and Johnson realize that the reason why Pope likes the headquarters so much is because he thinks that it is going to be his by becoming the new Police Chief.