In Custody - Recap

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The scene opens with Johnson looking at a file and Fritz enters and says that Captain Raydor visited him and asked questions about him personally and finds out that she is up for the position of Chief of Police. She tells that she has not turned in the application and Fritz tells that a little emotional distance would be good for her. She doesn’t want to take the position from Pope and they start to argue. Sgt. Gabriel calls and Johnson and Fritz are still arguing about the paperwork that Johnson needs to turn in. Gabriel attempts to tell about a possible suicide that happened and he laughs and tells Lt. Provenza that they are fighting while he is on the phone. Provenza takes the phone and tells Johnson that everything is fine and that they will handle it. Detective Sanchez arrives and has Ruben with him. He tells for him to stay in the car.

The body is of Gina Decker and that her boyfriend is named Wayne West and Buzz videotapes the crime scene. Lt. Flynn brings an intoxicated Wayne up to the others and he has just gotten out of the shower. They tell that he needs to go with them and make a statement. He tells that he was gone all night and then found the body of his girlfriend like that. They still don’t believe him and Ruben gets out of the car and tells that he has to use the bathroom. With the Major Crimes force distracted, Wayne tries to run away, dropping a bag as well. Provenza tells that he is upset with Sanchez because he told him to give up the child to children’s services. Back at the office he tells that he got temporary custody instead. Johnson tells that it is not a proper environment for a child and that Ruben is part of an open case and that she doesn’t want him to grow attached to Ruben or have Ruben get attached and have to go into children’s services.

Johnson walks in and finds the doctor is telling about how the death was a suicide and that the gun was held away from her head because she possibly reconsidered pulling the trigger. Lt. Tao shows the bad of METH that was found after Wayne dropped it. Tao has a Band-Aid on his head and Tao tells that he “kissed the payment” a little bit. Gabriel tells that Wayne has an extended crime sheet on him. Wayne enters and Johnson and Gabriel escort him to room. He tells that he was with a friend named Paul Olsen and that he didn’t do anything. He also tells them to go check out her ex-husband because of the fact that he wanted to get full custody of their daughter Cody and that he said that he would do anything. He tells that if he did it, he would have taken the body out to the desert and pour some gravy and let the coyotes do the rest. Johnson tells that he is under arrest for possession of METH.

Outside the station, Johnson sits down and switches her shoes. Commander Taylor comes up and tells that Johnson is going to be able to be Assistant Police Chief if she wants and that he could take over Major Crimes if she wants. Lt. Flynn calls and tells that they got a name and address of Darren Tatom, Gina’s ex-husband and he could send Sgt. Gabriel with her. Johnson replays what Fritz told her about the 3 Lieutenants in her office and she needs to promote one of them. She tells that she would like Flynn to go with her. They arrive at Darren’s house and the grandmother and Cody tell that the doctor wants him to take it easy. Darren is recording a music score. He has cancer and he tells that he doesn’t get out much. They ask about Gina and they tell that she was found dead. Darren shows no reaction to the fact. She shows a picture of the gun and she asks if he owns a gun. He tells that he is trying to make the best out of the situation and paid $25,000 to her.

At the station, Gabriel tells that no money was deposited into Gina’s account but tells that Wayne deposited $25,000 recently into his account. Johnson asks a distracted Sanchez about Wayne’s alibi and Lt. Tao gets his attention. He tells that he called and Paul wasn’t there. Johnson tells that he can go visit Paul and Sanchez leaves angry. Lt. Provenza tells that everything points to Wayne that he did it and Johnson tells that he can try to get the confession out of him. In the interview room, they show the money and Wayne tells that Darren gave the money to convince Gina to give away her rights. Gabriel comes in and tells that Darren Tatom just wired another 25,000 into Wayne’s account. Sanchez is with Ruben in the break room and he tells that he had to bring Ruben there. Sanchez tells that he can’t check on the lead because Paul went to Vegas and has not had time to check into it further. Lt. Tao enters and tells that Sanchez found another person to verify the alibi of Wayne. Sanchez shows his head and Tao is shocked that he is there. Johnson tells Sanchez that he needs to make a choice with Ruben or have it made up for him. Private investigator was hired and he tells that Wayne didn’t kill anyone and that he was following him the whole night. Gabriel takes a look at the investigator’s book and Wayne’s alibi is solid and Wayne found the body. He tells that Darren could walk out and meet him and that he called Darren the night Gina was murdered and told that Wayne was getting high.

Johnson meets up with Darren’s father and the team ask if Darren is there. They go to the recording studio and Darren sees them and locks the door. His father is trying to get past the police and Johnson tells that they know that Darren killed Gina. He tells that he loves his mom and dad through the door and Gabriel tries to get the door open. There is a gunshot and the door opens. They find Darren’s body on the ground and a note on the computer that says that he killed Gina for Cody. The doctor tells that Darren only had a few days left to live and Johnson tells that they want to review everything. The tox report came back on Gina and she had positive for METH. Johnson meets with Poe and tells that Chief Pope will put Johnson in his position and she will have to find a replacement of the Major Crimes. He suggests Commander Jackson and Johnson doesn’t believe that is the best choice and leaves clutching her application for Police Chief. Johnson walks up to the men in the office and they are arguing. She sees Sanchez in the room with Ruben and says that Provenza needs to deal with it. Gabriel points out that Darren was not the one that killed Gina because the score was saved during the time of her murder.

Commander Jackson brings in the grandparents of Cody and tells that Sanchez will watch Cody while they ask questions. Mr. Tatom tells that it was their investigation that caused Darren to commit suicide. Johnson meets with Mrs. Tatom and tells that if there is one grandparent that is innocent, then Cody will be able to go home with them. She tells that she was the one that killed Gina because Gina told that her that she would never have custody of Cody and would never see her again. She tells that Darren found out that she killed Gina but the husband doesn’t know. Johnson tells that she is going to have to tell her husband. Johnson arrives home and meets FBI. He asks if she has decided to turn in her application for Chief of Police yet. She tells that the only person she trusts to run Major Crimes is Detective Gabriel and he can’t do it because of his rank. Fritz suggests that she look outside of Major Crimes like Pope did for her. She tells him that a little emotional distance would be good.