Heart Attack - Recap

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Detective Sanchez has Ruben at work again. Lt. Provenza asks why he is there and Sanchez tells that he had to take him out of camp because the soccer coach was a shoplifter and that he did a search on his plates. Provenza tells Sanchez that he needs help. Lt. Flynn gets a call and body parts have been found in a bag. Detective Mendoza opens Johnson’s door and she informs that they have been finding body parts 2 other times around the Cartel territory of Phoenix, Los Angeles, and now Las Vegas. Commander Taylor walks up and yells at Mendoza for not informing him before transferring her crime to Major Crimes. Johnson intervenes and tells Taylor that it is because of the 3 different bags of body parts that were found that make it a major crime. Mendoza walks away and congratulates Johnson for putting her name in on the Chief of Police raffle. Everyone looks at Johnson in shock. Johnson tells that she put in her application for Chief of Police. Taylor wants to know who put Johnson up to it. The scene cuts to Commander Taylor and Johnson in Poe’s office and Poe tells that he told Johnson to run for it and not to mention the other thousands of people running too. He doesn’t like the fact that 3 bags of body parts are going to hit the news and further tarnish his reputation.

In the examination room, Doctor Morales gives his diagnostic and he tells that he looked over the first x-rays and it is an ankle pin and tells that one of the victims was not from Mexico. Later that night Johnson and Fritz are having dinner and they are swapping cases to give their advice and Johnson talks about Detective Sanchez’s problem of locating Ruben’s mother. Fritz wants to offer his help and Johnson tells him to contact Provenza because she is staying out of it. Fritz shows a missing persons report of a Pedro Moto who has a scar on his ankle. They have the ID of the first victim and Sanchez tells that the Cartels don’t mess with certain drugs when Johnson suggests that the killings were drug related. Sanchez tells that he has located his mother and Provenza tells that Sanchez located one mother rather quick. Pedro’s mother comes in and Johnson escorts her to her office with Sgt. Gabriel and Detective Sanchez. Flynn wants to know why Johnson didn’t tell them about her application and Provenza tells that it is all political and to just stay out of it all.

In the office, Johnson questions Mrs. Hoto about Pedro and she tells that she doesn’t care to see his stupid face and that she only keeps him around for the welfare check that she receives every month. Johnson asks if the welfare checks will come if Pedro is found dead. But she tells that Pedro was only bleeding and she took him to the clinic. Johnson gets the name of the clinic and once there, the doctor tells that he treated Pedro for his knife wound and it looked as if his mother did it. He tells that the pin was put in by an orthopedic surgeon there named Dr. Scott. He gives Johnson all the medical records for Pedro and she takes it back to Dr. Morales. He tells Johnson that he examined the bodies further and noticed that they are missing organs. Johnson asks if they were killed for their organs and Morales tells that he is not guessing but it looks that way.

Provenza and Toa meet with Sanchez and Provenza tells that Sanchez has not searched for Ruben’s mother for 2 weeks. Sanchez tells that she should be looking for Ruben and that she shouldn’t have given up and that he is a better parent than she could be anyways. Provenza and Tao are left alone and Tao asks if Sanchez is right. Provenza tells that they are following the law. Flynn got a DNA on the second victim and has found that he is an armed robber and suggests that the gangs are selling organs now. Sanchez tells that gangs don’t harvest organs because they lack the knowledge. Tao gets up set when Sanchez doesn’t call him Lt. Tao and Johnson intervenes and tells that Sanchez is right and the question is who would do it. Sanchez gets upset and walks out. Johnson looks at Provenza and tells that it is not working out. Gabriel tells that each organ that is harvest has to go through the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). Johnson wants to know who the OPO is in their district.

Life Group Alliance is the group and Johnson and Gabriel meet with Ms. Reed. She is upset with the police because they keep all the organs for homicide victims. Gabriel tells that the organs are used as evidence and that they have to hold onto them. Johnson points the blame toward the Life Group Alliance and Ms. Reed tells that they had nothing to do with it and mentions that there are private donors that give to the organization. Johnson tells that they are going to need a list of the waiting list and Ms. Reed gives access to their database. Back at the station, the team is working on getting the list broken down and they narrow it down to a 16 year old boy that matched Pedro’s who needed a Kidney. Johnson tells to bring the boy in with a guardian. Jorge and Oscar Garcia come into the office and Johnson and Gabriel ask where he got the kidney. Oscar says that his cousin Sancho gave it to him from Mexico. When they try to get the address to him and Jorge tells that he is going to wait for his attorney.

Gabriel tells that Jorge’s attorney tells that he threatened the hospital with a lawsuit if they gave any information. Ruben asks about the heads and Johnson asks Sanchez about Sancho and he tells that Sancho doesn’t exist. Ruben tells that he would give Sanchez his kidney if he needed it. Johnson thinks and says that Tao looks at Pedro’s medical records and a scan to determine the size and health of organs for transplant and it was authorized by Dr. Navarro. Johnson and Gabriel go to the hospital and see that Dr. Navarro is scheduled to operate on Mary Witten. Johnson sees Mr. and Mrs. Witten and Johnson asks Mr. Witten some questions and asks about it.

Johnson and Gabriel and Flynn open the door to the clinic and find Dr. Navarro in the operating room. He is taking a heart out of a boy and he tells that he can’t open the door because he is in the middle of the procedure. The team tries to get in but the glass won’t break. Navarro tells that he was operating on a 12 year old girl who was raped by several teenage boys and then Pedro came in with a broken foot. He told that he lied about the knife wound to get them off track. Pedro was one of the boys that raped the little girl and that he was doing a good thing to get rid of him. While treating him, Pedro gave up all the names to his friends who were involved. Navarro takes out the heart and puts it in the cooler. He tells that he has confessed and it is up to Johnson whether or not Mary Witten will get her heart, or bag it as evidence.

At the hospital, Johnson and Gabriel are waiting around to see if the heart transplant for the little girl took and Johnson gets a call from Fritz who tells that he has Ruben’s mother with him. Johnson tells him to watch out for Sanchez. The doctor comes out and by the looks of things; the heart transplant was a success. Maria Hernandez comes in the station with Agent Fritz and Ruben runs to his mother. Provenza tells that it is a good thing and Ruben thanks Sanchez for finding his mother and he tells him to be good to her. Maria, Ruben and Fritz are in the elevator and Sanchez runs up before the elevator closes and asks if Marie is married or has a boyfriend. She tells that she doesn’t and Sanchez asks if she and Ruben would like to have dinner with him tonight. She says yes and Ruben tells his mom that she is going to like Sanchez.