War Zone - Recap

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The scene opens with the aftermath of a drive-by shooting at a night club. The team is on scene and there are 2 victims dead with one that died on the way to the hospital. Johnson arrives and Sgt. Gabriel tells that it was a drive-by shooting and that the hotel manager heard the shooter call one of the men T-Ball before they opened fire. The Coroner arrives on scene and tells that it is only him and for them to be patient. At close examination, he sees that the men are wearing Dog Tags. They are soldiers and not gang members. Johnson tells that she needs to speak to Chief Pope and that they are going to have to contact the Army and get an official down to the office. Provenza gets a call from the hospital and the third victim is alive and they’re trying to save keep him stable. At the hospital, Johnson meets with Ty Baylor who has flat-lined 3 times in the ambulance. He is getting operated on and Johnson asks him to squeeze her hand if he knows who shot him. He answers no. She asks if she knows why they shot them. He answers yes. But the interview is over when he flat-lines again and is escorted out.

At the station, Johnson tells Gabriel that he did not make it and Gabriel tells that the three individuals are members of the Rangers, an elite special group that just got back from Iraq. They tracked down who T-Ball is and says that he runs with the 1-10 Cripps, the same neighborhood in which Ty grew up in. Major Edward Dorset arrives and asks if she has consulted with the FBI. Johnson tells that she is trying to keep it low profile as to not alert anyone. Major Dorset is not happy with this and tells that he has a job to do for the army to make sure that it is not a terrorist attack on the soldiers. Johnson tries to talk him down and he keeps telling that it is important. Suddenly, Commander Taylor comes in and tells that Terrell Baylor, Ty’s twin brother is there and that he doesn’t want to go to the rooms and pass by all the people. They walk in and they meet with T-Ball. In the conference room, Major Dorset tells that he still has to report it and tell that it is not a terrorist act and Commander Taylor tells that it is not smart to raise the threat level when it is just a gang shooting. Johnson asks if he could give her 15 minutes to find out exactly what happened.

Johnson and Gabriel meet with Terrell (T-Ball) Baylor and he tells that it was supposed to be him that was going to be shot and that he needs police protection. Gabriel asks if he is in a gang and he tells that he is of course. Terrell tells that he was almost shot two days ago and says that it was on a street corner where a black sedan pulled up. But he moved out of the way just in time. Sanchez confirms that shots were fired on the corner where Terrell was at. Johnson asks why they are after him. He tells that there was a shooting at a store and the Team alert Johnson that he is talking about the murders that involved a store owner and his eight year old boy. Terrell tells that he wants his mom and sister protected first before going further. Johnson agrees. Flynn tells Johnson that the police were looking at Reggie Moses as the shooter and for her to ask Terrell about it. Fritz enters and introduces himself to Major Dorset. Johnson asks if Reggie Moses was the shooter and he tells that he wants to guarantee that he won’t get in trouble.

Johnson walks out of the room and she is met with Major Dorset, Agent Fritz and the rest. Major Dorset tells that he needs to alert the right channels and Johnson tells that she needs more time and that it is possible that Terrell was involved in the shooting that people are now trying to kill him about. Major Dorset tells that he needs to at least tell the right channels some sort of truth. Johnson tells that she is going need until Noon. Fritz tells that he will go with Major Dorset to alert the families and give the LAPD time. Johnson tells Flynn to get Reggie Moses and Johnson tells Commander Taylor to get Chief Pope. He tells Johnson that ever since the short list came out, he has been not been himself. Johnson tells that she needs him on the case. Charlie Niles and Chris, who were the victims of the shootings, were outstanding citizens in the neighborhood and Fritz and Major Dorset come back in and tell that the families have agreed that they will keep quiet for now. Commander Taylor walks in and tells Johnson that Pope will be there momentarily. Lt. Tao comes in and tells that they found the bullet shells where Terrell was almost killed and he tells that it came from the same gun of the three soldier murder. Provenza tells that they have Reggie’s prints all over the counter and they have enough to try him. Sanchez tells that Reggie owns a black cutlass like Terrell mentioned. The Major tells to give Terrell immunity to make him confess.

Flynn comes in and tells that Reggie will be in the interview room. Major Dorset asks Fritz if he has worked with Johnson before and tells that she has to get laid. Fritz tells that it is not a problem at all. Meanwhile, Johnson meets with Reggie and he tells that he has seen the victims of the shooting but tells that he never killed anyone. He tells that he won’t speak until he gets a lawyer. Pope meets with Major Dorset in his office and Johnson comes in. Pope agrees with Major Dorset on immunity to get Terrell to talk. Johnson tells that they can’t offer him immunity but Major Dorset tells that he wants to have Reggie arrested for the death of his men. Pope tells that if she is going to be the next Chief of Police, she can’t start a war with the army. Johnson gets the immunity from the District Attorney and she tells that it is the only chance they have. In the interview room, Terrell signs the immunity and starts to tell that it was Reggie who robbed the store and that he killed Charlie and Chris in the store too. He tells that he found the boy in the back room and Johnson asks why earlier Terrell didn’t want to be in trouble. Johnson tells that there was no boy in the store before and asks why he went to go look for him. He tells that there was a blood trail to where he was but Johnson shows him that there was no blood. After Johnson tells that the immunity goes away the minute Terrell starts to lie about what happened, Terrell tells the truth and says that he killed the man and little boy. The people in the video did not see that coming and neither did Johnson and Gabriel, who are disgusted. Johnson asks if Major Dorset is happy. After they get Terrell to tell what happen, the District Attorney tells that Terrell is to walk on killing the man and child while Reggie will face the death penalty if he confesses. Johnson tells that she will get him to confess.

Gabriel takes Terrell into a room to write out exactly what happened at the convenience store and Reggie is escorted in after hearing that they have a witness that says that he tried to kill him and the man and child at the store. Reggie enters and sees Terrell and is upset. Johnson tells that if Reggie recants his lawyer request, then she could hear his side of the story. Reggie tells that it was Terrell that killed the store owner and the little boy. Johnson tells that Reggie is however arrested for the murder of three people and will be receiving the death penalty while Terrell will go free. Johnson tells that he can make as many calls as he wants before they escort him out. She cuts the feed to the video room and tells that he killed the wrong man and that he needs to do something about it. Chief Pope comes in to Johnson’s office and tells that they are going to get Terrell eventually and she tells that she has a plan already. Pope tells that he is sorry and that he didn’t mean to act like he was upset with Johnson. She forgives him and he tells that he is just a little upset and wants to keep their friendship. In the car Johnson tells that Terrell’s family will be released from their protection tomorrow. Terrell asks why they are dropping him off at his house. Johnson tells that when Terrell signed the immunity, he signed away protection. There are men who are giving dirty looks at Terrell and he tells that he can’t be alone. Johnson doesn’t care and tells Gabriel to drive off. As they drive off, all the neighborhood are seen walking up to Terrell’s home.