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Executive Order - Recap

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The scene opens up with a couple of paramedics they approach a man in the middle of the road. The Man says he doesn’t know where he is. In the ambulance man is freaking out and starts to fight the paramedic. The man grabs a gun and kills both paramedics. He then drives off in a van that is conveniently placed. Johnson and Sergeant Gabriel arrive on scene and they evaluate the scene. She is told that the paramedics used in a GS lift and then demonstrates it on Johnson. She runs up to the ambulance and opens the back doors the bodies of the two paramedics are gone. Commander Taylor tells that the fire department took them away before they arrived on scene. She tells them to get the bodies to their morgue right away. At the station, Johnson looks at the body with Dr. Morales and tells that he recognizes the body. Johnson tells and he doesn’t have to do the autopsy now at wants fingerprints.

They get a fingerprint off of the ambulance and it is registered to Kevin Mason. Sanchez comes in and tells Johnson about the pre-paid phone and have was used in another case. Pope tell that Tommy Delk turned it over to the FBI because of the fact that is a bombing attempt. Johnson and her team evaluate the 911 call of a man saying that another person is having a fit in the middle of the road. Johnson believes that the caller is the killer. Pope tells that she needs to turn over the murders and says that she has to deal with Tommy Delk. She tells that she wants to wait until she has something concrete. Johnson speaks to lieutenant Tao and asks how Kevin faked all the symptoms and he showed. Meanwhile at a nursing home, given puts on a uniform with a name tag of Bob and has a drawer full of pills and a gun. He walks into another room and offers to help an old man. Johnson tells that they’re going to have to find him before he disappears again.

Commander Taylor tells Johnson that the paramedic’s memorial has been moved to Monday and the decision of the next Chief of Police is postponed until Tuesday. Commander Taylor tells that Tommy Delk is in Chief Pope’s office and for her to play nice. Johnson meets with Tommy Delk and he tells of the bomb’s experience and that no evidence was found to link anyone to the case. Tommy tells that the FBI is working with the case now and Johnson gets upset that the FBI was made aware of the case. Tommy gloats that he is in constant contact with the FBI and Johnson gloats as well. Pope tells them that they are going to be working together and that they need to play nice. Johnson and Tommy exit to building. Meanwhile at the nursing home, Kevin helps the old man into a chair so that he can watch TV. Kevin watches as the news report talks about the murder and he smiles. Back at the station Johnson and Tommy are evaluating the case and Johnson says that the bombing was actually aimed towards the firemen. The FBI come in and takes over the files. Johnson finds out that Tommy is actually on her side and tells they don’t want to leave the FBI on a wild goose chase and agrees to follow her lead.

In the nursing home, the old man is complaining about is wheelchair and Kevin tells that he will have it back. The old man gets angry and threatens to call the police. Kevin kills the old man. In the interview room at the station, Johnson and Tommy are questioning Dr. Wexler. Johnson asks about what type person Kevin is. Wexler tells that he is the person that thinks he doesn’t make mistakes and is controlling. He tells that whatever they think Kevin is planning, to think bigger. During the interview, Kevin is recording himself speaking of the corruption of the system. Johnson and Tommy exit the interview room and a team tells her a hit on the casings in that the gun is registered to a Mr. Owens. Tommy tries to call the FBI and Johnson tells him not to bother. The team arrives and Mr. Owens apartment and they find him dead. They find out the attendant that watched Owens was Kevin Mason. In the bathroom they find the gun and the medication that Lt. Provenza can’t pronounce. Lieutenant Tao tells that he found bladder control medication was missing and that Kevin clocked out two hours ago. Sanchez tells that the managers are wondering when they can have the funeral. This triggers something in Johnson’s head and realizes that the big event that Kevin is planning is the memorial service for the paramedic’s.

At the memorial, Johnson tells that they need to cancel the memorial so that they can prevent Kevin from bombing it. Commander Taylor asks how Kevin is going to get in. Meanwhile, Kevin arrives at the memorial in his van and he comes out dressed in a LAFD uniform and is in a wheelchair. He rides towards the memorial with oxygen tanks. Pope tells that she doesn’t want to make the call because if there is no bomb, she will be the laughing stock of the LAPD and everywhere else. Pope takes the fall and tells that the memorial is canceled. They start to vacate the memorial and Kevin asks one of the officers what is going on. He tells that the memorial is canceled. Sergeant Gabriel and the rest of the team find nothing in the van that belongs to Kevin and tell Johnson the news. She is wondering where the bomb is. Kevin is devastated that the memorial was canceled and rides in an elevator back down and a lady tells him that she is grateful for his service thinking that he is a Fireman. He gets out of the elevator and Johnson is down by the van when she gets a call from Tao. He tells that the bomb is actually a nerve gas and one sniff of it can kill anyone. But Johnson doesn’t hear him clearly. Suddenly she turns around and Kevin is sitting in his wheelchair right in from of them.

Sergeant Gabriel runs for Kevin who is trying to get out of the wheelchair and tackles him on the ground. Kevin gets up and tells that he has a dead man’s switch on the bomb. Johnson tries to talk Kevin down by telling that she watched the “Manifesto” DVD that he made and he asks what part she liked. She gives him the things that Dr. Wexler told her and he tells that he agrees that the system is corrupt and that he got turned down for the fire department based on the fact that he is white. Sanchez starts running and Kevin tells that another coward Hispanic flees. Johnson tells Gabriel to ignore him and Sanchez really went to hire ground. He aims his gun on him again. Gabriel see his chance and lunges at Kevin and grabs the switch. They fight and suddenly a shot is fired and Kevin goes down. It came from Johnson’s gun and Lt. Flynn is upset that she shot because of the decision of Chief of Police is tomorrow and she just blew it.

Pope, Tommy Delk, Fritz, and Johnson are sitting in the office and they say that they couldn’t find Kevin’s “Manifesto” and Johnson tells that it has gone missing. Commander Taylor tells that the mayor wants to see the chief. Johnson stands up but Taylor tells it is Tommy Delk. Johnson tells Fritz that she is disappointed and relieved at the same time. She tells that she wants to be alone for a moment. She goes into her office and takes out Kevin’s “Manifesto” and breaks it in half. She then grabs a bunch of “Ding-Dongs” and gives them to everyone on her team as they watch the Mayor handing over the position of Chief of Police to Tommy Delk. Pope tells that he is going to work on his resume and everyone wonders if Tommy is going to keep Major Crimes and Fritz tells that he believes he will after the help they gave him.