High Crimes - Recap

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The scene opens with Major Crimes investigating a Cold Case from years ago. Chief Delk comes in and tells that he wants Major Crimes to be in charge of a medicinal marijuana case that has break-ins all over the place involving 3 men. She tells that Chief Pope put them on the case and Chief Delk tells that he doesn’t like the fact that Chief Pope is in the position he is in and offers the job to Chief Johnson. Outside Johnson’s office, Commander Taylor wants to know why Delk is there and tells that every new Chief does this and then quits. Johnson comes out and tells the news and they are not too happy. Lt. Provenza especially does not like it. Johnson tells Pope that the case was dismissed and Delk’s case got pushed up. Pope is upset that Delk took over and Johnson asks if Pope has anything lined up for work and Pope asks if Delk offered her his job. Johnson lies and says that he didn’t. Gabriel comes in and tells that there was another robbery, but this time, there is a murder.

They arrive at the scene of the crime and see that the medicinal marijuana store is destroyed. The owner of the store, Sam Dodson is distressed and John Park is the one who signed in today. Lt. Provenza shows Shea Collins, a victim of the robbery. Chief Delk comes in and tells that it is a major crime now. Lt. Taou tells that Dodson and Collins ran the operation and Delk apologizes to Johnson for not putting her on it sooner. He tells that people came for “Shea’s Lounge”, a combination that Collins made. He shows a flier that tells that tells that people need to look out for someone who looks around and doesn’t buy anything because they are casing out the place. Johnson asks for a Botanist and close down the crime scene. Delk tells that it is granted and tells Dodson that his shop is closed. Lt. Provenza loses it and calls Dodson a hippie and a drug dealer. Delk yells at him. He tells that Provenza is the liaison for the medical marijuana community. They look at the surveillance tapes and see that John Park let the robbers in without even knowing of it. John Park is brought in and is high off marijuana. Johnson tries to get him to tell everything and he remembers a orange car that the men got back into. Provenza tells that one of the owners of a marriajana store said that there was a man casing her place. They are breaking their pattern.

At home, Fritz pops open the champagne and tells that a source told him that Delk offered Johnson the Assistant Chief of Police job. She tries to lie and say that he didn’t. Fritz tells that his source is Delk himself. Johnson tells that if it hadn’t been for Chief Pope, then Fritz and her would have never been married. She is blocking the topic and Fritz comes clean and tells that he doesn’t want her to be chasing murderers around. She tells that she is going to be in the van anyways. The next day, they set up for the operation and the three men in the motorcycle helmets drive up. A customer comes in and asks for some medical marijuana. He gets the package and the men enter after he comes out. The one man runs out to start the car and the other two men pack up the marijuana and cash. However, when the man gets in the car, Johnson sets off a smoke bomb in the car. The man comes out and the team arrests him. The other two men come out and they are arrested too. At the office, Delk congratulates them on a job well done. Taou comes and tells that they have a problem. He pulls out the gun and aims it at the window. Nothing happens besides the gun fire. The guns are fake and therefore, the men didn’t kill Collins. Delk meets Pope in the hall and Pope tells that he is always there for him and Delk tells that he will keep that in mind, but Pope tells that there are some complications and that Johnson won’t stop until finding the truth.

They have the identity of the three robbers and Commander Taylor tries to say that they have enough. However, when Johnson tries to talk to them, they all lawyer up besides one. Johnson tells that all of his friends are talking and so, he starts telling everything that was planned. Sanchez and Flynn bring out the other two robbers and show the video of their third man ratting them out. They tell that there was no murder and that when they left, Collins was alive. They take them away without hearing more. Later that evening, Johnson and Fritz are looking over the paperwork and Fritz tells that he doesn’t like Johnson working with Pope because it is easy to see that Pope still has feelings for her. She tells that it is ridiculous and that she will deal with that later. However, she tells that she likes her job the way it is. She tells that she doesn’t like the fact that Fritz is trying to control her and telling her what job she wants. He tells her that Pope is going out the door and if she doesn’t want to work with someone she can’t stand. She gets an idea and tells that she needs to go. She calls Gabriel that he needs to call Dodson and tell him that they are going to release the crime scene to him.

Someone walks into Dodson and Collin’s medicinal marijuana store and it is Dodson. He climbs to the attic and starts to get the marijuana from up top. Johnson is up there and points a gun on him. The ladder breaks and Dodson runs off, but he is stopped by the rest of the team. Johnson is stuck up in the attic and tells that Dodson shot Collins because Collins was undercharging people for the marijuana. They tell her that she is going to have to jump. The screen goes black and all you hear is a crash. The next day, Delk comes in and tells that he is happy that he turned it over with a bow on it. Lt. Provenza rubs it in Delk’s face that the killer was an owner of the medicinal marijuana and Delk leaves. He approaches Johnson’s office, but she is not there. Johnson walks into Pope’s office and tells that she lied to him and finally tells the truth that Delk offered her the job as Assistant Police Chief. She tells that she is not going to take it and tells that he needs to fight it because she needs him. He tells that he will ride it out until the end.