Living Proof (1) - Recap

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The scene opens with a man shopping for Christmas. Another man sees him and follows him. He speaks in Albanian and pulls out a knife. The younger man fights back and the younger man pushes the older man into the street and he is hit by a police car. At the station, Chief Johnson, Captain Rayder and Detective Gabriel talk about whose case it is. Everyone is trying to get away for the holiday season and Johnson tries to say that it is a simple case because the murderer is dead and the victim has a minor cut on his hand. Captain Rayder tells that she has a family gathering that she is going to have to get to soon so they need to hurry up and get this investigation over with.

Rayder and Johnson interview the younger man from the incident. His name is Armand Marcu and he knew the man who attacked him. The older man was Shariq Marcu, his father. Armand tells that his father told him that he was dead to him because of the fact that he married a Christian woman and not a Muslim. He tells that he has sisters and tells them to call him if they find them. Detective Gabriel tells that he has plans in Italy. Detective Sanchez tells that the police were the ones that hit the father and Johnson tells that it won’t take more then 72 hours. He tells Johnson that her mother and father are in the murder room. She goes to greet them and they are happy to see her. She introduces Captain Rayder as her friend and they are not that thrilled that her friend works with her.

Rayder and Johnson visit Assistant Chief of Police Pope, who since Chief Delk is on holiday, Pope is acting Chief of Police. He tells that it is a Police Department area and tells that Johnson will help where she can. Rayder leaves to alter her Christmas plans. Johnson thanks Pope and he tells that he is there to help until Delk gets back and fires him. Johnson tells that it is not going to happen. Johnson goes back to the murder room and tells Lt. Taou that he needs to help Captain Rayder collate the 911 calls. He tells that he too has plans and she tells that everyone will be where they need to be come Christmas. Fritz reminds Johnson of the “important” news that her parents have for her. She finds out that they are moving to Los Angeles. She is taken by surprise and gets a call from Flynn and they tells that they found Amelia Marcu and her throat has been cut. Johnson arrives and the apartment and the police tell a boy to stop from stealing the dog that was found in the apartment. Johnson has Provenza get the boy and take him into custody.

Later at the morgue, Dr. Morales tells that he is driving to Palm Springs and tells that he doesn’t have time to investigate the bodies. Johnson tells that they need to find out who killed who and Dr. Morales points out that there is a bullet lodged inside Shariq’s back. He also points out that Amelia was rapped in the past and tortured. Johnson talks to Commander Taylor and he tells that CPS wants to place the child into custody. Skander Marcu is the boy and Sanchez asks if his grandfather was mad about something and he gives vague answers. Johnson gets Skander to spit out his gum before going for the medical examination. She tells Sanchez to get it to the DNA lab. Johnson meets with Armand and Joan Marcu and they tell about Skander. Armand breaks down when he finds out that Amelia is dead and tells the story of how they came to be in America. He tells that both his sisters were taken and that Joan tells that Armand was forced to follow a code of vengeance. Joan is against Skander going with them and Armand says that Skander is going with them. It is quite possible that Skander is part Serbian as well.

Johnson gets home and her mom and dad have brought their Christmas decorations with them and her mom cooked a homemade meal. Johnson starts to talk about the case and her mother interrupts her and they say grace. They have dinner and go to bed. Johnson asks Fritz what they are going to do with the fact that her parents are moving to Los Angeles. They turn off the lights and Johnson sees that they brought the Christmas Decoration Frosty with them too and she is happy and tells that it feels like Christmas even more. The next morning, Provenza tells that Detective Gabriel reopened the case because an ATM clocks Amelia Marcu away from her father and that the murderer is still at large. Sanchez tells that there is no Rudy at Skander’s school and that he was lying.

Captain Rader walks in and tells that her father is feeling better and tells that the 911 call that the two men were yelling at each other. Joan and Armand come again with Skander and she tells that they need to ask Skander questions. Joan tells that she is Skander’s lawyer and is protective. She changes and is combative. Johnson tells Pope that Skander is a suspect and Pope tells that he will take care of it. As Joan and Armand get into the elevator, Pope tells Skander not to leave because he is under arrest. Rader comes in and asks Pope if he arrested a boy and he tells that he did. Joan is filing a Civil Rights violation and Commander Taylor tells that they are not going against the rules. Rayder tells that she has to file a report and interview the boy instead of going on vacation.

The food from the night before is there and Johnson is struggling to find out what to do. Rayder comes in and tells that Rayder can ask the boy some of their questions and she interviews him. Skander lies and creates a fabricated story. Johnson’s mom tells that they don’t need to talk to the boy; they can spy on what he is doing on the computer. Provenza tells that Skander can do what he wants but no internet. Immediately he chats with someone named Saramed. Johnson and the rest of the team can see what he is typing. Skander tells that it is time to start the blood food time. Gabriel comes in and tells that Sara Miller Marcu is in the city. They go to her place and find her with her throat slit too. The episode ends with a To Be Continued…