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Unknown Trouble - Recap

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The scene opens a Detectives looking at a crime scene of a multiple homicide. They take pictures of the murdered men and women and Chief Johnson picks up a phone. She finds that one of the victims tried to call 911. Two girls are murdered and Five men. Sanchez says that they are gang members for the Cripps. The main victim is rapper Christopher Brooks. Flynn says that his nickname is C-Game based on the CD they found. Johnson asks if C-Game is famous. Gabriel realizes that he knows two of the victims as brothers and sons to a Deacon at his church. Gabriel defends them and says that they weren’t gang members. The other Detectives don’t believe it and Johnson mediates and tells them to check out the rest of the house to see what they find. Johnson says that they can’t assume. They tell that the title of the house belongs to Shanked Inc. Inside a bedroom, they find a suitcase full of money. Gabriel tells that it still doesn’t prove that they were gang members. Johnson tells Gabriel to make the notifications to the parents of Chris and Nathan, the Deacon’s sons.

At the station, Johnson asks how much money they found. Flynn says that it was $750,000. Gabriel comes in and tells that Chris and Kevin Brooks were not gangsters. Sanchez puts up Antwone Decker, the owner of Shanked Inc. and known Cripp. Johnson sees Commander Taylor is spying on Johnson and her team and Lt. Taou tells that the party that C-Game had was filled with pictures and Candy, one of the girls, had pictures taken with her phone and pizza was ordered before the 911 call. Chief Pope comes in and shows an organizational chart. She notices that Delk is keeping Major Crimes, but sees that Chief Pope is Captain of Valley Traffic. Pope points out that Commander Taylor is now Assistant Chief to Special Operations. He says that it might get worse too. Chief Delk and Captain Rayder come in and tell that they need to speak to her. She tells that she is in the middle of an investigation, but Delk says that he needs to talk to her now. Johnson passes by the timeline that they wrote and asks the other Lieutenants where the pizza was if pizza was ordered.

Johnson goes into the room and Delk asks if she was part of the “Shootin Nutton Murders” involving a Terrell Baylor. She says that she was. Delk says that Terrell was killed and that his mother is filing a civil lawsuit against the Department and individuals in the Department for the wrongful death of Terrell. Johnson says that she didn’t know that Terrell was going to get killed. Delk says that an audit on Major Crimes is going to happen. She asks what if she just quits and Delk tells that he will wrap the lawsuit around her neck and tell that it was because of her. Raydor tells that she didn’t instigate the investigation and Johnson says that they are not friends. Provenza asks her what the meeting was about and Johnson says that it is just reorganization things. Lt. Taou says that the pizza delivery guy is Marcus Jackson and he has a record for burglary and is also a gang member of the 5-O Bloods. He is missing too. Johnson asks about Antwone Decker and they are still waiting. He shows pictures of Keisha Murphy on C-Game’s phone. She is also missing. Sanchez comes in and shows that the Pizza heating bags have the same insulation found at the crime scene.

Later, Fritz asks Johnson why they want to talk to Antwone Decker. He says that Antwone is part of an investigation that the FBI has. She tells that they want to question about the murder of seven people. Commander Taylor tells that he is going to talk to the press and tells everyone to carry on. Provenza asks Johnson what that was about and Johnson tells that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Fritz tells Johnson that Kevin, C-Game’s brother was distributing cocaine for Antwone. Lt. Taou says that would explain the money. However, Johnson cuts him off and Fritz asks about the money. Johnson takes Fritz in her office and Fritz tells that Decker won’t talk to them. Johnson says that Kevin was murdered along with 6 other people. Fritz tells that they were targeting Kevin to bring down Decker and Johnson is appalled that Kevin was a target. Sanchez comes in and tells that Decker’s lawyer is there and says that Decker is not going to talk to them. Provenza asks why Rayder wants the murder book from the “Shootin’ Nouton Murders”. She tells him to give what she needs.

Johnson goes into the room where Decker’s lawyer is there. He asks why she wants to speak to his client. She tells that it is involving 7 victims of a shooting and she doesn’t give him the names. She shows the briefcase and tells that she will show him what is inside of it when he has his client with him. She gets a call from Flynn who says that they found Marcus Jackson, but he is shirtless and dead in a trunk of a car. Later that night, Johnson wants to know why she is getting investigated for supposedly setting up Terrell Baylor up for death when the FBI did the same thing with Kevin Brooks. Fritz tells that everything will blow over. She tells that she wants to show that she doesn’t have Decker’s $750,000. Fritz tells her to make sure that she is not in the same room as Decker when she tells him. Fritz shows that he has a list for Johnson and is naked. They get “busy”. The next day, Johnson goes into work and Provenza says that Decker is in the interview room now and he gives her the briefcase. Gabriel is upset and tells that he told Mr. Brooks that he would make sure that his sons were remembered for not being gang members. Johnson says that they have a plan. Fritz shows the list of everyone who would have known about Kevin trying to get C-Game to switch labels. Keisha Murphy is on the list.

As Johnson is about to go interview Decker, Provenza says that Commander Taylor wants to observe the meeting. Buzz tells that he also wants to hear the conversation and be able to talk to her during the interview. However, Johnson tells that she can’t wait for Commander Taylor. She goes in the interview room and asks to talk to Decker alone. Decker agrees and his lawyer leaves. Johnson talks about Kevin and Decker says that it is a tragedy. Johnson opens the briefcase and says that the money seems to be all gone. Decker storms out and Commander Taylor asks why she didn’t wear the earpiece and wait for him. She tells that she can’t wait. They have the tracker on Decker’s car and see that he is going to Deandre’s house, a guy that Keisha has been seeing. They get to the house and hear gun shots. They enter and take down the men trying to kill Deandre and Keisha. They arrest Decker in the act of attempted murdering Keisha. At the station, Delk tells that he is not happy that Johnson went after Decker for this and says that the case against her and the LAPD is going to look even worse now. Chief Pope comes in and tells that Johnson has done nothing but make Delk and the LAPD look good by getting convictions that stick. She asks if she can do her job and Delk agrees.

Johnson goes in and talks to Keisha. She says that she didn’t take Decker’s money and Johnson asks about her relationship with Chris. She tells that she ran to Deandre because she knew that Kevin was going behind Antwone’s back. Johnson starts to remember the video and how Keisha was in it. She goes to talk to Deandre and tells that she knows about how Keisha was the new girl in C-Game’s life and that he sang about it in the lyrics. Deandre admits that he was the one who killed Chris, Kevin and the others because everyone was making fun of Deandre about the song that made Chris popular. He tells that they are the one moving up now and he is proud of it. Chief Pope looks at his name plate when Commander Taylor comes in and says that he is sorry that he is trying to move his stuff in now. Pope tells that it is alright and says that he wants to take one more look around. Johnson shows Fritz the $750,000 that they recovered and says that it is now the FBI’s problem. Captain Rayder comes in and tells that they should get Deandre into protective custody. She tells her to arrange it. Chief Delk tells Johnson to come out and says that he is proud of Chief Johnson and the others for their hard work. He stumbles and then falls to the crowd. The team gathers around and the episode ends.