Fresh Pursuit - Recap

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The scene opens with Brenda Johnson and Gavin Baker in court. Goldman, Terrel Baylor’s mother’s lawyer is trying to make the judge see that Johnson put Terrell in gang territory. Baker tells the judge that there is no evidence. Suddenly, Johnson gets a text saying that a Deputy Sheriff was shot. Baker moves for a recess to accommodate with the news. The judge agrees. Johnson and her team arrive on the scene and Johnson is told that they have a suspect in custody named Kyle Hayes. Johnson meets Deputy Mike Burton, the partner of the killed Deputy. He says that they saw a Maserati that was part of a car theft ring and it happened so quickly that they forgot to call for backup. Chief Pope comes up with Commander Taylor and tells Johnson that it is their case now. She tells Taylor to keep Burton close so that he can help identifying the killer.

Later, Johnson sits down with Kyle and says that she needs to know who was with him at the crime scene. At the same moment, Lt. Tuao looks up the prints that were found on the Maserati. He matches them up to 3 separate people. He tells Johnson about it and she tells Kyle that she hopes that they are going to still need his help. In the interview room, Kyle reaches in his pants and pulls out a gun. Buzz sees this and stops Johnson just in time from entering the room. She tells the others and tells Kyle that they can see him. Kyle looks into the camera and tells her that the bullet was meant for her. He puts the gun to his throat and pulls the trigger. Afterward, Lt. Tuao tells Johnson that is wasn’t her fault and says that the police didn’t search Kyle well enough to prevent a gun coming into the station. Johnson gets a call from Lt. Provenza and he says that they found the Honda that the killer stole. She tells him to wait for Tuao. Johnson tells him to go and thanks Buzz for saving her life.

Johnson goes out of the office and tells Buzz to turn off the screens. Captain Raydor watches the video and asks if she is alright. Johnson says that she thinks so. Raydor asks who else was here. She says that she was alone besides Buzz. Raydor tells Johnson that she shouldn’t have left a suspect alone. Johnson asks for the day to find the killer. Raydor says that she will give her that and asks where Deputy Burton is. Johnson says that Taylor has track of him. Meanwhile, Provenza, Sanchez, Flynn, Gabriel and Tuao look at the Honda and find that the prints on the car match David Cobb. Sanchez and Provenza go to David Cobb’s home and Gabriel talks to a restaurant owner. He says that he doesn’t know who David Cobb is and says that he told the other cop that too. He says that he was a Deputy. At the same moment, Johnson finds out that they lost track of Burton. Sanchez and Provenza get to David Cobb’s house with a team and find Burton standing over the dead body of David Cobb. Burton says that it isn’t what it looks like. At the station, Baker comes in and tells her that she shouldn’t have kept it from him because Goldman knows about the in custody suicide. Baker says that Goldman knows this because there is a leak that Johnson keeps denying is there. She apologizes.

Fritz comes in and tells her that she is using up all of her 9 lives. He takes Johnson into her office and gives her the file on the ring of car thefts and says that it is a professional job. Fritz says that Burton and Ross, the two Deputies that were involved in the “Special Problems” unit, were not even members of the task force. Johnson and Gabriel talks to Burton and he says that the FBI and the task force weren’t getting anywhere. He says that they had a plan that the task force didn’t think of and that was why they followed the Maserati. However, they must have been made and that was when it went wrong. He says that there is bigger fish out there. Johnson realizes that Burton knew that David Cobb was going to come back for his car and that is when he followed him. Burton confesses to not searching Kyle fully. Raydor, who is watching, tells Buzz to record that part and give it to Baker. Johnson says that when Burton broke the rules, someone died. Raydor tells Fritz that he might want to play that one back for Johnson later at home. Burton says that the middle men are going to be moving the car later and says that they made mistakes, but they didn’t burn the lot. Johnson asks that if the parking lot is good, what are they are going to do with it.

Later, Fritz tells Johnson that if this takes too long, she is going to have to go to her hearing for the judge’s ruling. Sanchez and Tuao are watching out for the men when suddenly two men get into an Aston Martin. Gabriel looks it up and they realize that it was stolen. Fritz, Flynn, Sanchez Tuao and Provenza follow the car and don’t draw attention to themselves at all. They arrive at the port and follow the car in. When the men get out, they get out of their cars and tell the men to keep their hands up. They make the arrests and Fritz calls up Johnson. She is relieved everything went well and he says that they were sending the cars to Argentina. Johnson looks outside of a restaurant and realizes the connection. To be sure, they look it up and it and find that the name of the restaurant has a connection to Argentina. She tells Fritz that she needs him to give the suspects their phone calls and says that she is looking forward to allowing them to contact the “big fish”.

Gabriel gets into the restaurant and tells the owner, Mateo Rios, that they are still looking for the man in charge. Suddenly the phones ring and Gabriel asks him to answer some questions. He says that he just needs to put something away and Gabriel tells him that he will wait there. Rios grabs a bag full of money and a gun and makes his way around back. However, Johnson is there and puts a gun to his head. She tells him to drop the gun and he listens. He asks why they are arresting him and she tells him that shooting him would get them in trouble. Afterward, the judge comes to a verdict to Johnson’s case and says that he can’t find any evidence that will make her responsible for Terrel Baylor’s murder and dismisses the case. They celebrate later at the Station and Johnson thanks Raydor for standing by her through this. She says that she is no more difficult to work with then she is. Pope comes up and tells her that she needs to talk to someone without losing her temper. She sees that it is Goldman. He tells her that he is going to be filing on a Federal level now and bringing up Johnson’s past arrests and about how all the criminals were murdered or killed themselves. He says that he is going to make sure that she is not going to be there. The episode ends.