You Have the Right to Remain Jolly - Recap

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The scene opens with Buzz at Santa’s North Pole Village with his sister, Casey. They watch as Santa is about to arrive via zip line. A woman screams in the crowd and the Santa coming down the zip line can’t stop. He crashes into a chimney and falls to his death. Another Santa comes out of a shed and looks up. He walks back in quickly. Later, Major Crimes arrives and Brenda Johnson thanks Buzz for bringing her up to speed. Sgt. Gabriel says that someone tampered with the brakes. Lt. Taou says that the breaking mechanism was tampered with after the inspection earlier. Lt. Provenza comes up and says that Randy Mann is the victim and that he had a wife named Lisa and a girlfriend named Carmen. Buzz says that Randy is not the real Santa. Casey intervenes and says that Buzz means that Randy isn’t the owner of the Village, Santa Jack. She says that she saw him run back into a shed. Provenza asks Buzz to introduce them to Casey, but she already knows everyone.

Johnson talks to Santa Jack, the proprietor of the Village, and he says that he takes his job as role model seriously as he is drinking and smoking. Santa Jack says that he runs a Halloween Village too, but after one boy gets Botulism, they shut it down for a month. He says that his red mini-van shut down and had to pay $1,000 to fix it. Johnson asks if he and Randy were close. Santa Jack says that he paid for him to go to Santa School and when Johnson mentions some problems with Randy and Lisa. Santa Jack says that there are some “reindeer games” such as pole dancing. Santa Jack touches Johnson’s chest and blames it on some ashes. She hears a fight and goes out to find Lisa and Carmen fighting. They continue and Johnson tells them that they are under arrest. They find that the bag has cash and marijuana. They get back to the station and Casey interrupts Johnson and says that people use Christmas for anything. Buzz apologizes, but Johnson says that it is alright and that she has a point.

Fritz comes in and tells Johnson that they need to go to Gavin Baker’s office for a meeting about the Federal case against them. Realizing that she can’t get out of it, she tells everyone that she has to leave and to make sure they get Santa Jack in the station. Fritz and Johnson meet with Gavin Baker, their attorney. He says that she has a lot of people who are part of the lawsuit including one who didn’t get killed or kill himself by the name of Philip Stroh. Baker says that Johnson has been sending flowers from Jessica Rowe, a girl who was killed by Stroh. He warns her that she needs to stop that and learn to not react the way she does. Baker gives them a gift from the firm and says that his retainer is gone and that he is going to need another $25,000 for the retainer. They look in the box and it is a tree ornament. Johnson gets back to the station and Taou tells her the timeline. Gabriel says that Santa Jack is really Jack McBride. Provenza says that Randy and Lisa were approved for a business loan and that they were going to open up their own Santa village. Gabriel says that Santa Jack’s Village brings in $200,000 a year. Sanchez says hello to Casey and Buzz takes her to the other room.

Johnson talks to Donna McBride, Santa Jack’s niece. She tells her and Sanchez that she didn’t have anything to do with the business and Donna says that Santa Jack felt that with Randy being Santa, he would embody the spirit of Santa Clause. Buzz looks at Casey and smiles. They hear Santa Jack come into the station and he is drunk. He comes in and says that he never really is drunk in uniform, but he was dragged out. He asks who Casey is and she tells him that she sat on his lap every year. She says that she is a Weather Girl in Seattle. He starts to flirt with her and he hears Johnson tell Donna that Randy and Lisa were trying to open their own Village. He says that he knew that and says that he knows when people have been bad. Buzz records him telling the detectives that he paid Randy to go down the chimney. He passes out and Flynn says that he didn’t read him his rights and thus the confession is not admissible.

In the break room later, Santa Jack is getting looked after by Buzz. The men of the team watch Santa Jack getting sober and Buzz tells him that he is meant to be his hero. He says that he doesn’t even recognize him. Santa Jack says that he remembers him because he wanted for a camera. Buzz says that he never asked him for a camera and then Santa Jack vomits. Gabriel says that Santa Jack has motive and says that if he shut down, he would be able to receive the last year’s income. Taylor asks why they are standing there and Casey comes up. The men watch as Casey tells Buzz that Santa Jack is a fraud. He says that he stands for Peace on Earth. He says that he even has people come to his hour of need. He waves, and they wave back, but they are waving at Casey. Santa Jack thanks Casey by touching her chest and says that she had glitter on there. Johnson asks Pope about the retainer and Pope says that he will take care of it.

Johnson and Gabriel sit down with Santa Jack and tell him of the insurance policy. In the interview, Pope sits next to Casey and says that he is the Chief of Police. He says that he was the one who doesn’t spoil the magic of Santa. She tells him that he is spoiling kids from finding out the truth and is shut down. Santa Jack says that his float went up in flames. He also says that the brownie that was his was tainted. He says that his van had the breaks go out on him. They see that Santa Jack was the victim of attempts on his life. Later that evening, Fritz is taking out the decorations and Johnson sees that Fritz has the files on Philip Stroh. He says that she is risking their future. She says that he is right and says that there is nothing she wants more then to get rid of this. He says that the future is going to be what it is and tells her not to freak out in advanced. Johnson remembers the video that Buzz made and sees in the video at the station that Donna McBride screamed before Santa screamed. Santa Jack is confused and she admits that she tried to kill her because she offered him $1 Million to sell the Village because Brown and Barrows, a real estate company, offered them $21 Million to sell the village. She says that she will try to kill him again when she gets a chance.

Pope and Johnson meet with Baker and tell him that he is crazy to ask for another retainer. He says that the compensations need to be normal. Pope tells him that he is going to have publicity and that all the cases are going to be going to him. He agrees and says that he will be in touch. Johnson thanks Pope and says that she is happy that he helped them out again and Baker tells her that Fritz paid the first retainer and not Pope. She is in shock. Buzz shows Casey her letter that she wrote to Santa Jack. She reads it and she thanks him for it. Santa Jack says that he sold the Christmas Village and says that he sold it to help his niece to get a lawyer. He says that the real estate agency is going to build a mall and they celebrate with Santa Jack touching Casey’s chest again. Casey does her weather report with a Santa hat and says that they are tracking Santa. However, when they say that they are clear, she throws the hat down. The episode ends.