Relative Matters - Recap

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The scene open with two FBI Agents running surveillance on a man named Eric Shaw. They watch as Shaw goes up to a man and starts to beat him up. They continue to film the encounter and then see Shaw drive away. They follow him after calling 911 that the man who Shaw beat up is still alive, but he is going to require care. However, when Major Crimes arrive on scene, the man is dead from two bullets in his head. Commander Taylor asks where Johnson is and they tell him that her parents flew in from Atlanta. The Lieutenants are upset that the FBI didn’t tell them anything else. Sanchez says that the victim is Paul Burke. Provenza says that they are not going to give the FBI the name until they get the identity of the man who beat him up. Meanwhile, Clay, Johnson’s father, talks to Fritz about how they can’t stay with the other children because they are too busy.

Provenza calls Johnson and asks to talk to Fritz. She asks what is going on, but he says that he just needs to talk to him. Johnson hears Kendall, the coroner, talking about the body. Provenza hangs up on her and calls Fritz’s cell phone instead. He answers it and asks what he needs. Provenza tells him that they have a victim of a man who was beaten up by another man who the FBI is looking at. Fritz tells him to give him the name and then he will give him the name of the assailant. However, when Provenza gives him the name, Fritz tells him that he will get back to him with the name. Fritz tells Willie-Ray and Clay that he has to leave and Clay tells him that he is proud of him and cries. Fritz is confused and goes off. Johnson follows him to the kitchen and Fritz tells her that he is going to do this alone and that she needs to find out why Clay hugged him like that. She goes back inside and Clay tells Johnson that he has Cancer. She is devastated.

Later at the station, Johnson, Fritz and the rest of Major Crimes watch the video that Agent Morris and his partner recorded. Fritz says that the news of her father is terrible and Johnson says that she doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Fritz introduces Agent Morris and he says that there was no murder on the tape. Fritz says that Eric Shaw is the linchpin to a robbery ring that they have been trying to catch. He shows that Shaw is a caterer who hides behind the organization. Fritz says that they need to make sure that Shaw doesn’t know about the investigation. Chief Pope says that he gets to set the priorities and Fritz says that it is a win for both and they look to Johnson for her opinion. She says that she will just interview the family. Pope follows her and asks who she works for. She cries and says that she doesn’t know if she can work because she found out that her father has Thyroid Cancer. However, Clay and Willie-Ray come into the station and Pope says that it is going to be easier on her parents then Johnson would think. She goes out and tells Clay that he should be resting. They give Sanchez maracas. He tells Johnson that the Paul’s family is there.

He shows her that Eric Shaw is in the interview room as well. Laura, Shaw’s sister, was Paul’s wife. Johnson realizes that Morris and his partner lost Shaw that night and asks how they know that Shaw didn’t circle the block and kill Paul. Fritz tells Johnson that she can’t reveal the video because he will shut down the organization. She asks what they want her to do and Fritz says that he knows how they will handle this and goes in with Johnson to question the family. Johnson says that they have formal questions. Shaw goes on the defensive and Johnson asks where the family was last night. Emily, Shaw’s wife, says that she was watching a Christmas movie. Shaw says that he was with her watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Commander Taylor is in the video room and says that it was more like “Fight Club”. Flynn teases Morris that the next time they follow someone, they need to follow them. Back in the interview room, Shaw tells Laura that Paul was sleeping with Claudia. However, Laura doesn’t believe it. Johnson presses the family for more information and they see that Shaw has bruised knuckles, but Fritz tells her to stop by writing a note to her. She doesn’t and Fritz is forced to end the meeting abruptly.

Johnson goes to meet with Dr. Morales and he says that he was busy with other people and apologizes for being behind. Johnson asks how serious Thyroid Cancer is. He says that if it is the first stage, it is a simple surgery and says that generally, there will be no problems. They see that the weapon was discharged at close range. They realize that it is a 41-caliber Derringer. Gabriel tells that Claudia is in their room and had $1.5 Million in a bag trying to get on a plane to Brazil. Fritz tries to join her and she asks why he has to shadow her. He tries to tell Johnson that she looks stressed from the news of her father, but Johnson doesn’t buy it and goes in to talk to Claudia. She tells them that she wasn’t at her apartment last night. Claudia is shocked to know that Paul was the man murdered. She tells them that she was at a film set. Johnson says that they are searching her house and Claudia asks for a deal for things that were stolen in her house. Fritz comes in and tells her that Claudia would best come with them to put her in witness protection versus jail time with Johnson’s “deal”. Johnson admits that she would have put her in jail.

Flynn comes in and says that they found the murder weapon and says that it matches everything. The gun is stolen from one of the houses that was burglarized. Johnson says that they are going to inform the FBI after they know how to use it for their benefit. That evening, Johnson talks about work with Fritz and Clay gets upset and tells them that he wants to have a nice meal before they talk about murder. Willie-Ray tells him that he is tired. He explodes and says that they can ignore him because he is going to bed. Willie-Ray says that is what she is dealing with, but says that she is fine. Johnson offers to go to Atlanta and she says that Johnson could come after Christmas. Willie-Ray says that she will help Clay understand to deal with it. The next day, Johnson and Major Crimes have the family of Paul and Shaw and Emily there. Gabriel and Sanchez tell them where they “think” the gun is at and that they are going to search for it.

Later that day, Emily is found looking for the gun and is placed in a van with Johnson and Fritz. Johnson reads her the rights and asks about the gun. She tells her that the gun is hers and she shot Paul because he was going to run off with the money that they were hiding at Claudia’s place. Afterward in her office, Flynn comes in and tells her that his sister had Thyroid Cancer too and that after the surgery, she was fine. He says that he learned a lot like trying to keep her best interests. He says that he knows stuff if she needs to talk about it. Johnson gets home and Fritz says that they are ready to go. Clay apologizes for his behavior and tells them to hit him in the head until he comes out of it. Johnson says that the boys are going to come after Christmas. Clay says that they need to call him and starts to yell. Fritz hits him in the head with a pillow and Clay is shocked. He thanks him and Fritz tells him “anytime”. The episode ends.