Road Block - Recap

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The scene opens with Flynn chatting with Provenza on the radio while driving. Just then he sees a young girl ride past him on a motorbike and meet with a terrible accident. While it’s being shown that the girl is being thrown off the bike; images of her from childhood to adulthood are shown intermittently. Trying to avoid an impact, a startled Flynn swerves his car to one side. It’s a hit and run!! Flynn tells Provenza to send help and goes to check on the victim and finds her conscious. Reassuring her that help is on the way, he asks her if she is fine. She replies, “my dad’s gonna be so mad”. She tells him her name is Gracie. And on being asked about whether she saw the car that hit her; she replies that she only saw the headlights. Just when she begins telling Flynn that she is fine, a thick stream of blood is shown flowing from the back of her head onto the road.

Although visibly worried, Flynn tries to reassure her. Flashed on screen once again are the images of her childhood and adolescence. Right there in front of a helpless Flynn, Gracie passes away. Next shown is the black car and in it the perpetrator; a middle-aged woman in a state of shock, frantically trying to wipe away the blood on her windscreen. Guilt-ridden she abandons her car, dumps her phone and walks back into the same restaurant she had visited some time back, pretending that her car has been stolen. Her friends still sitting at the restaurant not only believe her but sympathize with her. Later at home, she nonchalantly lies to her worried daughter that, she would have called, but somebody stole her purse, and her car. It turns out the woman is the police commissioner’s wife. Later Provenza and Flynn are shown paying her a visit the next morning. They want her to accompany them and identify the people who were at the restaurant the previous night. She comes in for the identification as confident as ever, and is briefed as to the course of investigation that is being followed to catch hold of the person who might have stolen her car.

Later, Brenda comes in and is all warm and friendly with her. Although, she directs a few searching questions at the commissioner’s wife, leaving her completely stumped. The wife does an excellent job of looking shocked, when informed by Brenda about the accident. But as soon as the commissioner’s wife leaves, Brenda tells Pope that she is lying. But Pope is more worried of the media backlash, if Brenda pursues this any further, with especially no evidence against Gail (the commissioner’s wife). He even tells her "I should’ve known giving you a stolen car; you would turn it into a homicide.”. Later, Brenda continues to gather evidence, she is convinced about Gail having committed the crime. She is informed about the purse, and the cell phone being found. She then interrogates one of Gail’s friends who was at the restaurant.

The friend divulges the fact that Gail loves her alcohol a bit too much, and on the night the incident happened, she had one drink one too many. Just then, the team receives a call that Gail’s car has been found. Brenda looking at the abandoned car is convinced that the car theft was staged. Pope though, is still not convinced about Gail’s complicity. Brenda persists in her mission to prove to Pope that Gail is guilty. From the adjustment of the driver’s seat, to the preset radio station, everything indicates to a woman having last driven the car. Pope in the end agrees to support Brenda, if she can prove Gail’s guilty. Later, Flynn informs Brenda that Gail had once earlier, been apprehended for a DUI (driving under influence), but her record was wiped clean thanks to her connections. Later, Pope is shown having a chat with the commissioner and his wife.

The commissioner shows Pope the pictures that his daughter has posted of the dinner, on her facebook page. The husband and wife point out to Pope that several of the pictures show a Latino man, standing right behind Gail. The duo informs Pope that, the Latino man was a busboy, who did not turn up for work the day after the incident took place. Pope asks for the pictures to be emailed to him. While leaving, the commissioner doesn’t fail to mention the fact that he isn’t as much a fan of Brenda’s capabilities as Pope is. Pope in turn asks Gail a question which leaves her stumped; why did she go looking for her purse in her car, when as the pictures clearly indicate, she had it with her all along. Later, Brenda is outraged on hearing about Gail trying to pin her crime on a busboy. Brenda shows Pope a video of Gail being apprehended by a cop for DUI, it’s the very incident that Flynn had informed Brenda about earlier. The victim’s parents are brought in.

Brenda expresses her deepest sympathies to them. They request to see the place where their daughter breathed her last. At the site, Flynn recounts the whole incident to the heartbroken couple. Just then, Brenda receives information, that Gail’s daughter had sent her a text on the fateful night, warning her about DUI checkpoints. Hearing this Brenda figures out as to why, Gail was driving in a different direction to where her house is, on the night of the incident. The team also find photographic evidence, of her being in the car 30 seconds after the crime was committed, thanks to cameras on the street. Pope tells Brenda, that all Gail can still be convicted of is, involuntary manslaughter. This is because there is no concurrent blood or urine test, to prove that Gail was drunk on the night of the incident.

Flynn and Brenda want Gail convicted for murder, as she has a serious drinking problem, and from the looks of it hasn’t done anything to rectify it. Later, Brenda calls in Gail and her daughter, lying to them that the team has managed to catch hold of the Latino guy, Gail was talking about. The mother and daughter are separated, to be questioned by Provenza and Flynn respectively. The daughter is taken to meet the distraught parents of the victim. Flynn in the meanwhile, is chatting with Gail. Flynn tells Gail about his drinking problems, and how he has been a member of AA for nearly fifteen years. Flynn’s subliminal messages seemed to get Gail thinking. In the meanwhile Kelly and the victim’s parents strike up a conversation, the parents reminisce about the victim, and show Kelly many of the victim’s photographs, of her growing up years.

Kelly is moved by the parents breaking down in front of her. Later Kelly is shown some photos from the accident. She is told that it was her mom who mowed down the victim, much to Kelly’s shock and horror, Kelly is then shown evidence by Brenda to that effect. Kelly confesses to Brenda that when she sent the text, she wasn’t trying to protect her mother, but instead trying to protect her father’s reputation. Kelly breaks down and confesses to her mother having had too much alcohol, on the night of the incident. Next, the commissioner and Gail are shown the video of their daughter giving Brenda an account of her mom’s drinking problems, and a detailed account of how much Gail had to drink the night of the incident.

Seeing everything the commissioner is outraged, but Gail is still absolutely remorseless. The commissioner denies Gail any help and walks out of the room, deeply worried about the effect everything has had on his daughter. The show concludes with Gail being arrested.