Drug Fiend - Recap

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The episode begins with David’s girlfriend making it clear to him that, she wouldn’t brunch with his family without him. He then asks his girlfriend Anne to accompany him to a crime scene, after which they can proceed to the family brunch. Anne then sits near the crime scene and looks on, while David gets to work. David later tells Brenda that the victim’s name is Dr. Christopher Brady, who is a 41 year old gastroenterologist. He further informs her that Dr. Brady shares his office with another Doctor named Steven Parr, who is an oncologist and specializes with dealing in the cancers of the head and neck. The victim’s body was found in his office by a janitor, while cleaning.

Brenda is later informed that the victim has suffered a blunt force trauma to the head, but that didn’t kill him, instead his death was caused by strangling. IV tubing was used for the strangling. The murder, it turns out happened around 10pm. Brenda is then informed that the chemotherapy medications are missing from the doctor’s cabinet. Later Dr. Parr tells Brenda that he had warned the victim that, this would happen if he continues treating the homeless and the addicts. Steven also informs Brenda that, around the time of his murder Christopher had an appointment with a man named Wally Sanders, who is a wholesale drug supplier. Brenda then asks Steven to write down the names of the people who were there on the day of the crime, and also the names of the people who were upset with Christopher.

Steven though tells Provenza that he won’t write down anything, till he gets his office back. Later Brenda is informed that the victim fired one of his nurses last week, a woman named Laurie Shaw. Laurie later informs Brenda that, the victim wasn’t himself the last few weeks. Laurie also tells her that she stumbled upon some creative accounting in his books a few weeks ago. Lastly she tells Brenda about some odd prescription orders that turned up a few weeks ago. She then tells Brenda that Dr. Brady hated the idea of people dying because they couldn’t afford the medication. Laurie though told him that he was taking the creative billing a bit too far, after which the doctor asked her to quit, if she had a problem with it.

She tells Brenda that Dr. Brady was scamming Medicare by ordering lots of expensive medication for patients that didn’t exist. Brenda later talks to Wally Sanders, the medical wholesaler who was the last person to see the victim alive. He hands over a list of medications he dropped off at the victim’s office when he last saw him. Wally then tells her that the victim was a good man, and would see patients regardless of whether they could pay, unlike Dr. Parr. Wally also tells her that he sells discounted medications, which are near the expiration date. Hence whoever stole the cancer medications from the victim’s office would have to distribute them within a week. He tells Brenda that the victim would pass on the discounts to the patients, but Dr. Parr wouldn’t.

Brenda later arm twists Steven into giving the names of the people, who visited the clinic on the day the crime took place. He requests Brenda to be discreet with the names he is giving her. Steven asks Brenda what makes her so sure the murderer was one of the visitors. She tells her that the person who committed the murder wasn’t carrying a murder weapon, but instead improvised by using an IV to strangle the victim. This means the killer knew where things were kept in the doctor’s office, and also the doctor possibly knew the killer. Meanwhile the first visitor mentioned on Dr. Parr’s list a patient named Rita, is called in and made to sign a waiver, so her medical records can be accessed.

Dr. Parr meanwhile tells Brenda that, she was infused with the cancer medication just yesterday, by the victim, but strangely isn’t showing any side effects which would be normal. Hence he asks to see her medical records, as he is an expert on the side effects caused by cancer medication. Later Brenda is shocked to know that, Rita wasn’t being administered the cancer medication at all, and was hence not showing any side effects. Brenda is even more shocked when she is informed that, the victim had been withholding chemotherapy from all his patients. Brenda is also informed much to her shock that, Dr. Brady might have been buying medication for non-existent patients, but he was paying for them from out of his own pocket.

Brenda is baffled as to why the victim deliberately withheld the medication from his patients, even though he paid for them from out of his own pocket. Later Dr. Parr admits to Brenda that he suspected that, the drugs the victim got from Wally Sanders were possibly fake. Steven tells Brenda the victim too probably discovered this. He reveals to her that he first suspected this last year, when patients died despite being administered the medication. He did not say anything though, as he was afraid of being sued. Brenda is shocked to hear this, and asks Steven how Wally could get away with such a thing. Steven tells her that, Wally controls all the paperwork and has access to the original packaging; hence counterfeiting it would be really easy for him.

He tells Brenda that, as a doctor he trusted the words “use as directed” which is mentioned on the package containing the medication. Steven tells her Wally could be making millions with this counterfeiting, as he supplies medication to doctors all over the United States. Steven then tells her that he should have reported Wally long ago, but was afraid of the repercussions, if his allegations turned out to be false. Wally is later arrested by Brenda and her team at a doctor’s office, while delivering his medication. The medication in Wally’s carry case is then tested, and turns out it’s not cancer medication but salt water, which was labeled as a medication for leukemia.

Later Wally is shown the drug labels that were found at his apartment, when tries to justify the whole thing by saying there might have been a mistake somewhere. He is also informed that it has been discovered; he billed a lot of doctors for the money his company never received. Turns out, Wally was serving about 40 oncologists, and possibly selling fake medication to all of them. It’s also discovered that, Wally used his carry case to bash in Dr. Brady’s head, and then dumped it and bought himself a new carry case. Wally then breaks his silence and tells Brenda that these doctors weren’t giving their patients medicine, they were giving them poison, as the side effects of the medication were horrible.

Brenda in anger retorts “you took away their only opportunity to live”. He in turn justifies his actions by telling her that, he helped the cancer patients enjoy what little time they had left, as much as possible. Brenda then reminds him that he has $6 million in his bank account, thanks to all his wrongdoings. She then asks him, how many more people he was going to let die, to fill his bank account. Later, Brenda makes an appointment with Dr. Parr for her father who is suffering from thyroid cancer. The episode ends at this point.