Last Rites - Recap

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The episode begins with an old woman handing a piece of paper to a man she addresses as Brother Adam, and who is probably a priest. He is told by her that, he has to go to the address written on the piece of paper she has handed to him. Later he pays the address a visit. He enters the apartment and calls out for someone named Dr. Hanlan. He then sees a note left by the doctor on a table in the apartment that reads “I’m on call, had to run. Arnold Basky is in bedroom down the hall”. The priest then enters the bedroom, and sees Mr. Basky lying on the bed covered from head to toe. He asks Mr. Basky if he would like to be anointed or if he would like his confession heard, but gets no reply.

The priest then proceeds to anoint Mr. Basky and in the process removes the sheet from his face. It is then shown that the priest is stabbed in the neck by someone wearing gloves who, then wraps up the dead body of the priest in a rug. Later Provenza and gang find the wrapped body of the priest in a school parking lot. Later Pope tells the gang that, the priest’s room where he lived can be searched only after his room has been cleared of his journals and other records. Brenda, who is home taking care of her father, is informed about this, and doesn’t agree with Pope’s orders. She then decides to deal with it personally. Later, Brenda while trying to enter the dead priest’s room before it’s cleared of the journals and the papers runs into the rectory supervisor, who asks Brenda to stay away.

Brenda though pays no heed and enters anyway. Inside she runs into the archivist, who is collecting the papers and journals from the priest’s room. The archivist is adamant that, he won’t hand over the documents. Brenda meanwhile, is handed over the address of the apartment that the priest was visiting before he was found dead. Provenza and team later pay the apartment that; the priest was killed in, a visit. They find out that the apartment is leased in the name of Adam Grey, the very priest who is murdered. They also find pictures of young school girls, stuck to the walls of a closet, in the bedroom, along with finding girl’s school uniforms in the dresser drawer. Brenda later tells her mother that the priest’s DNA was not found on any of the girls clothing, hence it’s too early to jump to conclusions.

Brenda is later informed that there doesn’t seem to be any sexual abuse going on as far as the girls are concerned, and also the pictures don’t seem to be taken by a child molester. Provenza later tells Brenda that there is no physician named Dr. Hanlan, anywhere in the state. Therefore it might have been the killer who assumed that name and called for the priest, to perform the last rites. Brenda and her team later find out that the photographs of the girls weren’t taken by the priest. Brenda is also informed by the building manager that the lease for the apartment in question wasn’t signed by Father Adam. The manager in fact tells her that, he has never seen Father Adam; when his photograph is shown to him.

Brenda is later given access to the journal of Father Adam, but just for one day, and that too under the strict monitoring of a senior priest. They discover from the handwriting in the journal that, it doesn’t match the handwriting on the lease agreement for the apartment, which is in Father Adam’s name. Later, Brenda tells her team that the apartment manager Morris, could also be a possible suspect, as he had access 24 hrs a day, to the that apartment. Hence he could have set up the things in the apartment, to look like they did. She tells her team to find out if he has a criminal record. She is later informed that Morris’s wife had disappeared 8 years ago, and he had filed a missing person’s complaint.

He was also a few years back involved in a car accident. She then tells her team to put a watch on Morris, and also find out if there is any mention of him in Father Adam’s journal. Later Brenda is informed that Morris’s named wasn’t found anywhere in the journal, but the names of his two sons David and Michael Morris were found in it. She is also informed that the date of the entry is on the same day; Morris was taken to the hospital after his big car wreck. Turns out, Father Adam was at the hospital on call all day, on the day of the accident. Flynn then informs Brenda that, Morris’s car was found 30 miles away from where he stays, and that he had checked it out of the impound in the morning. She then asks that Morris be brought in, so she can talk to him.

She is also informed that the priest’s car ran out of gas, before Morris could dump the priest along with his car, and drive back in his own car. Hence he had to dump the priest’s body at a school, and couldn’t manage to get to his own car. Morris had meanwhile left his car near a storage facility, which he was probably planning to use to hide the priest’s car and his body. Brenda tells her team that, Morris surely wouldn’t have used his own name at the facility, but hands the lease agreement of Father Adam’s apartment, so it can be confirmed through the handwriting if, it matches the writing on the paperwork, filled up for the facility, from around 8 years ago, which is around the time his wife went missing.

Later Brenda questions Morris, about the confession he had made to Father Adam in the hospital right after the car accident he had six months ago, when he thought he wouldn’t survive. She tells him how he made a confession to Father Adam, thinking he was going to die, but he didn’t, and later this confession made him anxious. Brenda then comes straight to the point and tells him “you could tell us what you did to the mother of your sons”. Meanwhile Provenza and team scour the storage facility. Brenda is then informed that Morris’s wife’s body has been found. Morris meanwhile asks for a lawyer, oblivious to the fact that, his wife’s body has already been discovered. Brenda in the end informs him that, his wife has been found. This in turn means that, Father Adam and the church’s name, has been cleared.

Pope later makes amends with Brenda, and asks her to tone down, as he is moving upstairs and wouldn’t be there to look out for her anymore. Back at home, Brenda is pleasantly surprised to see her father rapidly recovering. Brenda then carries her mother’s coffee to her bedroom, and finds her possibly sleeping. So she keeps the coffee on the table and is about to leave, but decides otherwise and tries waking her up instead. Then to her horror she discovers that, her mother has passed away. The episode ends at this point.