Armed Response - Recap

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The episode begins with cops patrolling in a chopper, being informed about a distress call. Other cops then drive to the scene and find a person lying on the road. Turns out, it’s a man and he is dead. His head seems severely battered from the looks of it, and he is wearing some sort of a uniform which looks exactly like that of a cop’s. Provenza concludes that the man was employed by some security agency. Andy later check the victim’s ID and finds out that his name is Danny Chaidez. It is also discovered that Danny was shot in the face at close range, by a shotgun. Provenza is also informed that Danny had earlier called in a suspicious activity earlier; a possible break-in into an empty house.

He is also shown the house. Inside the house, they find two abandoned sleeping bags, an IPOD with a dock, and half eaten pizzas. Also found are empty packs of condoms, both used and unused. Later, a used condom is collected from the trash, as DNA evidence. The IPOD in the meanwhile only reveals that it was owned by someone named Luke. Later Provenza and team also discover that Danny was a war hero and had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and had been decorated for it. Brenda meanwhile walks in and thanks everyone for paying their last respects to her mother. Provenza later fills in Brenda on the case. Later Brenda is informed that, the IPOD was bought by a woman named Carolyn Lowitz. They then get the address for Carolyn Lowitz from her credit card company. Later, Brenda and David pay Carolyn a visit.

Turns out, Carolyn is an old woman, who immediately recognizes the IPOD as being that of her grandson Luke’s. She also tells them “I bought this for him a few weeks ago”. It was gift for his 23rd birthday. They then find out that Luke works at a sporting goods store, and plan to apprehend him there. At the store Brenda’s teams wrestles Luke to the ground, the moment he suspects something is amiss and tries to make a run for it. Later Luke is questioned at the precinct, about him breaking into his mother’s house to steal a shotgun and a few knives. He tells them those were things owned by his father and therefore he had a right over them, and also that they were antiques. He is then questioned about Danny’s murder. He is visibly shocked at the accusation and tells them he did not kill Danny.

He is then asked who he was with that night. He reluctantly admits that, he was with his girlfriend Jenna. Luke also reveals that Jenna is barely 17, which then leads David to remind him that, having sex with a girl under the age of 18 constitutes statutory rape, as per the law. Luke on hearing this tells them that, it was all Jenna’s idea to go into the empty house, and also reveals that it was Jenna who had a key. He then tells them that Danny turned up at the house and told them to leave. Luke claims that, he on being warned took off, but doesn’t know what Jenna did after that. Later David is called in by Pope, and informed much to his shock that, his girlfriend is the leak they were searching for all these months.

It was she who leaked all the information about Major Crimes to Goldman, the attorney who then sued Major Crimes. In exchange for information she acquired from David, Goldman paid off $60,000 of her student loan. Turns out, the doubts about various cases that David shared with his girlfriend Anne, was then used by Goldman to file the lawsuit. Anne then justifies herself by saying Goldman had told her, he was a crooked cop, but later she found that that he wasn’t, and she then had real feelings for him. David though is flabbergasted and in no mood to forgive her. David then storms out and before he does he tells her “you need to get out of my life”. Jenna meanwhile is brought in for questioning.

She tells Brenda that “my friend Ellen used to live in that house, till her dad couldn’t pay for the mortgage, and they had to leave”. She also reveals that Jenna had a key to Ellen’s place and vice versa. They would hang out at each other’s place and chill. She is then asked by Brenda, why a key of the house was found in the victim’s pocket. She then recounts how Danny threw the both of them out of the house that night, and before leaving, made her give him the key to the house. She then tells them that she was walked to her driveway by Danny, who then warned her that if she was ever caught again near the house, that he would call the cops. Later, Brenda asks that Jenna’s house be searched for the missing shotgun. She is meanwhile called by David for a private chat.

When made aware of everything, Brenda reprimands David for sharing his misgivings with his girlfriend, which he shouldn’t have. David then justifies himself by saying he had voiced his misgivings even to her, but she did not pay any heed. David later tells the whole team about the issue. He then says “I am truly sorry to everyone, for everything”. The whole team then one by one accepts his apology and forgives him. Later, the shotgun is discovered in Jenna’s house, and turns out its registered in her father’s name. Later Jenna’s father is brought in for questioning, and told about everything. Brenda then tells him “our victim was either murdered by you or your daughter”. She then asks him to share with her any mitigating circumstances, before he has to eventually share it with the DA.

The father then comes out and reveals to Brenda “this guy tried to rape my daughter”. Brenda then asks him how he came to know about this. He says “Jenna told me”. He also adds how Jenna came into the house without her bra and her underpants stuffed in her pocket. He then recounts how he went out with a shotgun to hold Danny down till the cops arrive. He then asked Danny why he had messed with his daughter, and Danny in reply said “she was asking for trouble”, assuming that he was asking why Jenna had been sent home. The father then admits that he shot the “pervert” in anger. Brenda then proceeds to question Jenna once again, so she can get her to admit to the truth, and so that she can consequently be prosecuted. She admits to Brenda that, she lied to her father to protect her boyfriend.

She then recounts how her father killed Danny. The DA on watching the whole thing decides to file a case against both the father and the daughter. David later tenders his resignation, although Brenda tries convincing him to not quit. Brenda in fact, apologizes to David for not listening to him, and tells him that she is the one responsible for everything. She then hands him back his badge and gun and tells him “I need you here”. David is moved by her heartfelt confession, and decides to stay. Later at home Brenda breaks down, overcome by the grief of losing her mother. The episode ends at this point.