The Last Word - Recap

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The episode begins with Brenda being driven into a crime scene. Turns out, her team received an anonymous call regarding the dead body of a woman being found near Hollywood. The cell phone used to make the call was also dumped nearby, and it’s registered in the name of Douglas Grant an estate agent. Grant as it turns out had reported the cell phone stolen, the last night. The victim, Brenda is informed was raped and then strangled. She is also informed that, bodies of other women with a similar fate, have been discovered nearby. The only difference is unlike the rest, the victim who has just been found, hasn’t decomposed yet.

She is then informed that the present victim’s name is Karen, and she is a senior at UCLA and is 22 years old. She in addition is informed that although the victim was killed just last night, the grave in which she was found had been dug at least 2 days ago. She is then shown the tracks of the killers footsteps nearby and it turns out the killer heard something and ran in that direction. The scene then flashes back to the previous night, where a middle aged man is shown waiting for a young man to strip his clothes, so they can have sex. Just then from a distance, the two are mortified to see a man carrying the body of a naked woman on his shoulder and dumping the body on the ground. The middle aged man on seeing this makes a run for it, leaving the young man behind.

Then suddenly a cell phone in the pocket of the middle-aged man’s jacket which he has left behind begins ringing. This attracts the killer’s attention, who then gives the young man a chase. Back in the present, Brenda and her team make a note of the tracks left behind, by not only the killer but also the two other men who were present. Back to the previous night, and the masked killer with a shovel in hand, is shown giving chase to the young man, who is in his underwear. The killer in the end catches up with the young man, and they get into a scuffle near a canyon. The young man then manages to unmask the killer and at that very moment is hit by the killer in the face with the shovel, and consequently falls down the canyon.

The young man as it turns out wasn’t hurt and hence he manages to slide down the canyon and then calls 911, and recounts all that just happened. He then decides against sticking around till the cops arrive, and instead takes off, after throwing the phone in a dumpster. Back in the present, Brenda is shown questioning the middle aged man from the previous night, about his phone. She then manages to persuade him to come out with the truth. He then recounts the whole incident and also reveals that the young man’s name is Rusty and that he hangs out at Sunset Boulevard. Brenda is then shown some security footage from a store where Karen the latest victim had last been. In the footage is seen a man wearing black and with his back to the camera, handing Karen some sort of a business card.

The man then keeps his back to the camera and walks away, ensuring that his face isn’t seen. Then judging from the man’s walk, Brenda concludes that the man is possibly Philip Stroh. Later, Brenda manages to persuade Pope and the others that, Stroh’s movements be monitored and that he, be put under surveillance. Rusty in the meanwhile is brought in for questioning. Brenda on the other hand tells her team to find out if Stroh has any connection to all, or any of the victims. She later questions Rusty, who gives her the details of his profession. She then confronts him about the fact that he is just 16 and not 18, as he claims to be. He then tells her how he was abandoned by his mother and her boyfriend and also that he doesn’t have a father.

He then recounts the whole incident, and just then Brenda is surprised to see that he was wearing the killers mask on his head as a cap, just as he removes it and keep it on the table in front of him. Rusty though says he doesn’t remember the killer’s face. Then, Brenda decides to put Rusty’s photo in the papers and on the news with him holding the phone, wearing the mask as a cap on his head, and without a shirt. Later Benda sees on the news the photo of Rusty as was taken by her team, with the reporter elaborating how every cop in town is looking for him, and how he might be in danger. The reporter also adds that Rusty’s photos were taken from a security camera, near the scene of the crime. In addition, Rusty’s call to 911 is also played on the news.

Brenda basically feels, all of this will prompt the killer to crawl out of the woodworks. Rusty meanwhile is back on Sunset Boulevard, with Brenda’s team keeping him under surveillance. They then see a rental car stop near Rusty, and are surprised to see Stroh step out and then talk to Rusty. They then apprehend him, while he is at it. Later, Stroh dismisses every charge leveled against him by Brenda, telling her that she doesn’t have s shred of evidence against him. He then walks out, as she has nothing against him to keep him in detention. Stroh while leaving, in a taunting tone tells Brenda, how sorry he was to hear about her mother. On hearing this something seems to snap inside her, and she assaults Stroh, inside the elevator, while the door of the elevator closes behind them.

By the time the door is opened once again, and she is dragged from off Stroh, on Pope’s instructions, she has already managed to give Stroh a bloody face. Brenda then calms down and tells everyone that she knows she is suspended until further investigation and storms out. She later asks the doctor to plant Stroh’s DNA from under her fingernails into the mask, so Stroh can once again, be brought for questioning. Brenda is basically doing this to get Stroh to confess, and assures the doctor that it wouldn’t be used in court as evidence. The doctor after a bit of contemplation agrees. After the DNA is planted, Stroh is called in by the DDA, right after she informs him about the DNA being found in the woolen mask.

At home, Brenda is overcome with emotions while having a chat with Rusty, and rushes to the restroom, inside she is shocked to see the restroom window ajar, and immediately gauges the fact that, someone has entered the house. She then walks out of the restroom cautiously, and then finds Stroh standing in the kitchen with a knife to Rusty’s throat. She then calms Rusty down, and signals him with her eye, Rusty then immediately throws Stroh to the ground, using a self defense technique he knows. Brenda and Stroh then get into a brawl, and during the brawl Brenda somehow manages to gain access to her gun kept in her purse, and shoots Stroh multiple times with it.

Stroh then collapses to the ground, still alive. Brenda then calls for two ambulances, one for Stroh and the other for Rusty, who is also injured. Later, Pope informs Sharon how Brenda is taking up a job at the DA’s office and also taking Gabrielle along with her. He then hands her a letter from Brenda thanking everyone in Major Crimes, and informing them of her new job, as the Chief of DA’s Bureau of Investigation. Brenda later bids her team a tearful goodbye. The episode ends at this point.