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 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
194 3x01 08/Jan/2007 Ethan Nadelmann 10
195 3x02 09/Jan/2007 Jim Cramer N/A
196 3x03 10/Jan/2007 David Kamp N/A
197 3x04 11/Jan/2007 Judy Woodruff N/A
198 3x05 15/Jan/2007 Alex Kuczynski N/A
199 3x06 16/Jan/2007 Dinesh D'Souza N/A
200 3x07 17/Jan/2007 Richard Clarke N/A
201 3x08 18/Jan/2007 Bill O'Reilly N/A
202 3x09 22/Jan/2007 Tom Schaller N/A
203 3x10 23/Jan/2007 Michael Steele N/A
204 3x11 24/Jan/2007 Lou Dobbs N/A
205 3x12 25/Jan/2007 Mike Wallace N/A
206 3x13 29/Jan/2007 Barry M. Lando N/A
207 3x14 30/Jan/2007 Donna Shalala N/A
208 3x15 31/Jan/2007 Jed Babbin N/A
209 3x16 01/Feb/2007 Sen. Chuck Schumer N/A
210 3x17 05/Feb/2007 Wendy Kopp N/A
211 3x18 06/Feb/2007 Charlie LeDuff N/A
212 3x19 07/Feb/2007 Steven Pinker N/A
213 3x20 08/Feb/2007 Chris Hedges N/A
214 3x21 12/Feb/2007 Michael Oppenheimer N/A
215 3x22 13/Feb/2007 Sheryl WuDunn N/A
216 3x23 14/Feb/2007 Lance Armstrong N/A
217 3x24 15/Feb/2007 Shashi Tharoor N/A
218 3x25 26/Feb/2007 Zev Chafets N/A
219 3x26 27/Feb/2007 Dr. Craig Venter N/A
220 3x27 28/Feb/2007 Nina Jablonski N/A
221 3x28 01/Mar/2007 Larry King N/A
222 3x29 05/Mar/2007 Mara Vanderslice, Ben and Jerry N/A
223 3x30 06/Mar/2007 Mark Frauenfelder N/A
224 3x31 07/Mar/2007 Michael Specter N/A
225 3x32 08/Mar/2007 Ted Koppel N/A
226 3x33 12/Mar/2007 Nicholas D. Kristof N/A
227 3x34 13/Mar/2007 Michael Eric Dyson N/A
228 3x35 14/Mar/2007 Ed Viesturs N/A
229 3x36 15/Mar/2007 Ayaan Hirsi Ali N/A
230 3x37 19/Mar/2007 Jerome Groopman N/A
231 3x38 20/Mar/2007 Willie Nelson N/A
232 3x39 21/Mar/2007 Benjamin Barber N/A
233 3x40 22/Mar/2007 Katie Couric N/A
234 3x41 26/Mar/2007 John Perry Barlow N/A
235 3x42 27/Mar/2007 Madeleine Albright, James Fallows N/A
236 3x43 28/Mar/2007 Jabari Asim N/A
237 3x44 29/Mar/2007 Clive James N/A
238 3x45 09/Apr/2007 Colin Beavan, Katrina vanden Heuvel N/A
239 3x46 10/Apr/2007 Jeannette Walls N/A
240 3x47 11/Apr/2007 Vali Nasr N/A
241 3x48 12/Apr/2007 Dr. Richard Land N/A
242 3x49 16/Apr/2007 Sen. John Kerry N/A
243 3x50 17/Apr/2007 Elaine Pagels N/A
244 3x51 18/Apr/2007 William Cohen N/A
245 3x52 19/Apr/2007 Gov. Mike Huckabee N/A
246 3x53 23/Apr/2007 Russell Simmons N/A
247 3x54 24/Apr/2007 Dr. Andrew Weil N/A
248 3x55 25/Apr/2007 David Walker N/A
249 3x56 26/Apr/2007 Tom Wolfe N/A
250 3x57 30/Apr/2007 Bill Bradley N/A
251 3x58 01/May/2007 Malcolm Gladwell N/A
252 3x59 02/May/2007 Gina Kolata N/A
253 3x60 03/May/2007 Conn Iggulden N/A
254 3x61 07/May/2007 Richard Preston N/A
255 3x62 08/May/2007 Nassim Nicholas Taleb N/A
256 3x63 09/May/2007 Salman Rushdie, Jane Fonda N/A
257 3x64 10/May/2007 Jann Wenner N/A
258 3x65 14/May/2007 William Langewiesche N/A
259 3x66 15/May/2007 Walter Isaacson N/A
260 3x67 16/May/2007 Howard Dean N/A
261 3x68 17/May/2007 Randy Kearse, Rep. Tom DeLay N/A
262 3x69 21/May/2007 Jared Diamond N/A
263 3x70 22/May/2007 John Amaechi N/A
264 3x71 23/May/2007 Bay Buchanan, Bob Deans N/A
265 3x72 24/May/2007 Jimmy Wales N/A
266 3x73 04/Jun/2007 Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Leon Botstein N/A
267 3x74 05/Jun/2007 Jessica Valenti N/A
268 3x75 06/Jun/2007 Carl Bernstein N/A
269 3x76 07/Jun/2007 Cullen Murphy N/A
270 3x77 11/Jun/2007 Dr. Michael D. Gershon N/A
271 3x78 12/Jun/2007 Josh Wolf N/A
272 3x79 13/Jun/2007 Rep. Ron Paul N/A
273 3x80 14/Jun/2007 Daniel B. Smith N/A
274 3x81 18/Jun/2007 Toby Keith N/A
275 3x82 19/Jun/2007 Harriet the Eagle with handler, Anne-Marie Slaughter N/A
276 3x83 20/Jun/2007 Will Schwalbe N/A
277 3x84 21/Jun/2007 Vincent Bugliosi N/A
278 3x85 25/Jun/2007 Tom Hayden N/A
279 3x86 26/Jun/2007 David France N/A
280 3x87 27/Jun/2007 Tom Blanton, Daniel Gilbert N/A
281 3x88 28/Jun/2007 Doug Bailey N/A
282 3x89 16/Jul/2007 Richard Florida, Sen. Ben Nelson N/A
283 3x90 17/Jul/2007 Mark Moffett N/A
284 3x91 18/Jul/2007 John Mellencamp N/A
285 3x92 19/Jul/2007 Frank Sulloway N/A
286 3x93 23/Jul/2007 Simon Schama N/A
287 3x94 24/Jul/2007 Anthony D. Romero N/A
288 3x95 25/Jul/2007 Charles Kaiser N/A
289 3x96 26/Jul/2007 Robert Shrum N/A
290 3x97 30/Jul/2007 Evan Osnos N/A
291 3x98 31/Jul/2007 Kathleen Kennedy Townsend N/A
292 3x99 01/Aug/2007 Michael Beschloss N/A
293 3x100 02/Aug/2007 Michael J. Behe N/A
294 3x101 07/Aug/2007 Ian Bogost N/A
295 3x102 08/Aug/2007 Jim Cramer, Tina Brown N/A
296 3x103 09/Aug/2007 Judd Apatow N/A
297 3x104 13/Aug/2007 Michael Jacobson N/A
298 3x105 14/Aug/2007 Jerry Miller, Spencer Wells N/A
299 3x106 15/Aug/2007 Michael Wallis N/A
300 3x107 16/Aug/2007 Andrew Keen N/A
301 3x108 20/Aug/2007 Nathan Sawaya N/A
302 3x109 21/Aug/2007 Michael Shermer N/A
303 3x110 22/Aug/2007 Richard Branson N/A
304 3x111 23/Aug/2007 Thomas Ricks N/A
305 3x112 10/Sep/2007 Bjorn Lomborg N/A
306 3x113 11/Sep/2007 Garrison Keillor N/A
307 3x114 12/Sep/2007 Joel Klein N/A
308 3x115 13/Sep/2007 Ed Begley Jr. N/A
309 3x116 18/Sep/2007 Susan Sarandon N/A
310 3x117 19/Sep/2007 Naomi Wolf N/A
311 3x118 20/Sep/2007 Jeffrey Toobin N/A
312 3x119 24/Sep/2007 Thomas Friedman N/A
313 3x120 25/Sep/2007 John Grisham N/A
314 3x121 26/Sep/2007 Tony Bennett N/A
315 3x122 27/Sep/2007 David Schwartz N/A
316 3x123 01/Oct/2007 Charlie Savage N/A
317 3x124 02/Oct/2007 John Mearsheimer N/A
318 3x125 03/Oct/2007 Jim Lovell N/A
319 3x126 04/Oct/2007 John Kao N/A
320 3x127 08/Oct/2007 George Saunders N/A
321 3x128 09/Oct/2007 Stephen Colbert N/A
322 3x129 10/Oct/2007 Gen. Wesley Clark N/A
323 3x130 11/Oct/2007 Chris Jordan N/A
324 3x131 15/Oct/2007 Dennis Kucinich, Paul Glastris N/A
325 3x132 16/Oct/2007 Bob Drogin, Jeff Greenfield N/A
326 3x133 17/Oct/2007 Garry Kasparov N/A
327 3x134 18/Oct/2007 Craig Newmark, Anderson Cooper N/A
328 3x135 29/Oct/2007 Richard Berman N/A
329 3x136 30/Oct/2007 Massie Ritsch, Craig Venter N/A
330 3x137 31/Oct/2007 Col. Lawrence Wilkerson N/A
331 3x138 01/Nov/2007 Walter Kirn N/A

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Classification: Talk Shows
Genre: Comedy
Status: Final Season
Network: Comedy Central ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 11:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 17, 2005
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