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The Cosby Show: Theo's Future

After Theo gets accepted to graduate school, Cliff and Clair are ecstatic and agree to continue to pay his tuition. Later, Theo and a friend go to a corporation's recruiting dinner just so they can fill up on free food, but a surprise comes when Theo is offered a job interview by an executive who likes his off-hand comments about the company's philosophy. Theo is excited to tell Cliff and Clair that if he takes the job, it would pay $30,000.00 a year, and he wouldn't have to sponge off of them anymore. Things get a little bit complicated when a kid at the community center, Eugene, hears about this and thinks that Theo is leaving them. But Theo convinces him that he is just trying to keep his options open. Meanwhile, Clair gets tired of Cliff's habit of stealing the remote while she is watching a program, so she decides to put a stop to it.