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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Soul Can't Rest

The 1st anniversary following the death of Eric Draven and his fiance' Shelly Webster, Eric returns to the land of the living with a spirit guide in the form of a crow to help guide him although Eric has no clue as to why he was resurrected and why Shelly didn't return with him. He is not alone though; at times, Eric can hear or feel Shelly's presence through the window of their apartment where he was thrown to the street below. Certain objects and even people bring the horrors of that night flooding back into his mind where he is unable to control them. Unsure of his path, he begins a hunt for the men responsible for his death and the death of his soul-mate Shelly.
Guest Stars: Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Tom Heaton as Greeley / Gravedigger | Marcus Hondro as Gideon | Darcy Laurie as Tin Tin / Mike Tremayne | Zak Santiago as Curtis Bilbao | John Tench as TBird
Director: Kari Skogland
Writer: Bryce Zabel

2 :01x02 - Souled Out

Draven agrees to work with Albrecht to solve his murder and Shelly's. Albrecht goes after leads as Draven approaches the record label demanding to know how they obtained his song, which was never performed nor written down and only sung once to Shelly on the night they died. Unknown to Draven, he is not the alone in the supernatural world. As he faces his nemesis, he runs the risk of losing everything including his life despite his immortality, which would leave Shelly waiting forever for her soul-mate who would never return to her.
Guest Stars: Colleen Wheeler as Melissa Rampling | Michael Tiernan as Frank Voz | Mark Rolston as MaseReyes | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: Kari Skogland
Writer: Bryce Zabel

3 :01x03 - Get a Life

Draven's new landlord discovers he is living in the loft he shared with Shelly then learns he must begin paying rent or lose the window portal that allows him to connect with Shelly. Albrecht advises him to find a job. In the meantime, Shelly is befriended in the Land of the Dead by a woman named Elise whose boyfriend was charged with her murder. Shelly and Elise work together to contact Draven in hopes he can set things right by proving the boyfriend is not guilty.
Guest Stars: Donnelly Rhodes as John T. Franklin | Chris Nelson Norris as Davies | Mecca Menard as Young Elise | Joe Maffei as Caleb Cowan | Mitchell Kosterman as Kearney | Ken Kirzinger as Koch | Ingrid Kavelaars as Elise Franklin | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Hartley | Merrett Green as Brent Carlton | Peter Flemming as Gil Hedges | Mike Dopud as Urbaniuk | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: T.W. Peacocke

4 :01x04 - Like It's 1999

Albrecht is working on a series of cases of "Smash and Grab" parties orchestrated by two adults who bring in teenagers to destroy wealthy homes as the adults steal the valuables. Sarah's friend Kyle joins the group. In her desire to help a friend, Sarah goes to Albrecht claiming she is working on a paper for Career Day in school and asks for assistance on how a person would go undercover as a police officer. An unaware Albrecht gives her the information she needs to insert herself into the gang. After Sarah's acceptance into the club, her nosing around searching for proof puts her life in danger. Draven and Albrecht work diligently to find the elusive gang, those responsible, and save Sarah from harm in the process.
Guest Stars: Gaetana Korbin as Shea Marino / Louise Moran | Joe Maffei as Caleb Cowan | David Paetkau as Kyle Barber | Pamela Perry as Marcia Hodges | Gerry South as Jace | Julie Hill (1) as Abused girlfriend | Deanne Henry as Scared housewife | Scott Heindl as Damon | Marya Delver as Keshia | Ken Camroux as Kenneth Hodges | J.R. Bourne as Shane Gant | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Bif Naked as Herself
Director: Tony Westman
Writer: Naomi Janzen

5 :01x05 - Voices

A young boy with the gift to hear voices of people who died works at a carnival under the supervision of a greedy legal guardian determined not to lose his meal-ticket. Due to his special gift and the fact Eric's seemingly lost his connection to Shelly through the window portal, Sarah drags Eric to the carnival to meet the young boy. The boy is able to pass a message along to Eric from Shelly, claiming she will continue to wait for him. In the interim, the young boy attempts to escape his guardian. The voices he hears is literally driving the child insane, so much so that he attempts to take his own life. Shelly and Eric do what they can to save him but will it be enough?
Guest Stars: Anthony Ulc as Logan | Gerard Plunkett as Doc Connell | Brendan Fletcher as Jesse Hickock | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Writer: John Turman

6 :01x06 - Solitude's Revenge

Psychopath murderer Drew Kessler went to prison where he spent only 7 years before the board of parole released in on the basis of good behavior; however, Kessler spent his time in prison plotting his revenge against the detective he believes is responsible for sending him to prison in the first place and that detective is Albrecht. Kessler and his goon squad play cat and mouse games with Albrecht before Kessler murders him; however, none suspected assistance in the form of The Crow aka Eric Draven. Eric comes to help his friend stop the murderers but stay alive in the process as well as finding a way off the uninhabited island Kessler lured Albrecht to in order to seek his revenge.
Guest Stars: Christopher Shyer as Drew Kessler | Ken Roberts (1) as Robert Thornton | Aaron Pearl as Lee | Wendy Morrow Donaldson as Fairy Patient | Dan Joffre as Marcus | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr

7 :01x07 - Double Take

Eric goes crazy with anger upon learning some strange woman is responsible for stealing Shelly's identification, literally walking into Shelly's life as it is her own. After catching up to the woman, he realizes his attempts to catch the woman tipped off the mob enforcers who already murdered her husband and now they are coming after her. Eric promises to keep her safe from the mob who wants her dead.
Guest Stars: Joy Tanner as Sonya Scavuolo | Douglas Newell as Grady | Glenn Morshower as Agent Falcon | Gaetana Korbin as Shea Marino / Louise Moran | Brian Jensen as Agent Krasowski | Mark Gibbon as Scarangello | Kelly Fiddick as Anton | Adrien Dorval as Gun Store Robber | Harrison Coe as John Boughtman | Mark Acheson as Lot Attendant | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: T.W. Peacocke
Writer: David Ransil

8 :01x08 - Give Me Death

Top Dollar escapes from the mental ward in prison to seek out Eric Draven as The Crow to force him into killing him, which will turn Top Dollar into an immortal only he will become an evil immortal like Re. If matters were not bad enough, Top Dollar has targeted Eric's friends Sarah, Darla, and India in an attempt to draw out The Crow forcing him to seek vengeance. Eric is faced with a heavy decision. If he chooses to remain, he can protect his friends from Top Dollar but he can also lose the only chance he will ever have to reunite with Shelly. If he goes Top Dollar will have the ability to murder Eric's friends and others with nobody to stop him.
Guest Stars: Jared Zabel as Casey the Ghost Boy | Zak Santiago as Curtis Bilbao | Marilyn Norry as Dr. Jocelyn Ross | Gaetana Korbin as Shea Marino / Louise Moran | Kadeem Hardison as Skull Cowboy | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Martinez | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr

9 :01x09 - Before I Wake

In a depressive state, Sarah convinces Eric to visit Dr. John Dorset, a past-life regression psychologist in hopes that he can help Eric connect with Shelly again; however, somewhere along the line of hypnosis, Eric becomes stuck in his past-life as Black Feather and awakens from hypnosis still believing he is Black Feather. Worse, he is demanding to see Rebecca although she died many years before. In an attempt to help trigger a switch to bring Eric back, Dorset sends Sarah to the university to bring back Native American Indian Historian Jane Cogo. The three of them, later joined by Albrecht work diligently to bring Eric's soul back while sending Black Feather from where he came.
Guest Stars: Michelle Thrush as Jane Cogo | Jim Thorburn as Skinner | Patrick Stevenson as McGee | Don Most as Dr. John Dorsett | Terence Kelly as Preacher Morgan | Shaun Johnston as Roy Jackson | Jimmy Herman as Unknown | Chief Dan George as Shaman | Joy Coghill as Laura Stansbury | Christina Cox as Jessica Capshaw | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: Alan Simmonds

10 :01x10 - Death Wish

Eric visits Shelly's grave and finds 6-year-old Casey Thompson. Casey cannot believe Eric can see him since nobody else has been able to since he died and became "invisible." Casey asks for Eric's help. His dad Jake is in a lot of trouble. Some thugs are attempting to kill him and he agreed to make one of the longest jumps on a motorcycle that will make motorcycle history or kill him in the process.
Guest Stars: Jason Schombing as Royal Boyd | Rob Paulsen as James | Josh Pais as Myron | Jayme Knox as Eve Thompson | John Hawkes as Jake Thompson | Bill Croft as Greg Doersch | Christina Cox as Jessica Capshaw | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: James Head

11 :01x11 - Through a Dark Circle

A distraught Eric Draven resorts to using magic to re-open the portal that allows him to see and even sense Shelly's presence; however, Eric's magic spell did not open the portal to where Shelly is. Instead, it opened allowing a beast-like creature later identified as the executed serial murderer John Lee Wilbanks. The beast-like Wilbanks begins doling out revenge against those responsible for his execution. Wilbanks kidnaps Cordelia as she was the ADA working the Wilbanks' murder trial. This ordeal causes a major rift develops between the two friends over the entire ordeal of Wilbanks' escape from whatever purgatory plane he was stuck in.
Guest Stars: Kimani Ray Smith as Trash | Ty Olsson as Funboy / George Jamieson | Suleka Mathew as D.A. Cordelia Warren | Julie Dreyfus as India Reyes | John Pyper-Ferguson as Top Dollar / Jason Danko | Johnny Cuthbert as Lt. David Vincennes | Andrew McIlroy as Dennis Dobbs | Alex Karzis as Nytmare | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: Tibor Takács
Writer: John Turman

12 :01x12 - Disclosure

Shea Morino's abusive husband comes back to town, and Draven goes undercover in an attempt to help Albrecht catch him committing a crime. Unfortunately, Internal Affairs is closing in on Albrecht, and Capshaw is being forced to testify against him.
Guest Stars: Kavan Smith as Frank Moran | Dion Luther as Councilman Doug Fairburn | Gaetana Korbin as Shea Marino / Louise Moran | Tim Kelleher as Lt. Morgan Fine | Christina Cox as Jessica Capshaw | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Phil Hayes as Eddie
Director: James Head
Writer: William Taub

13 :01x13 - The People vs. Eric Draven

Draven has spent several months in jail, following his arrest for Shelly's murder at the end of the previous episode. Now, its up to Eric and his idealistic public defender to convince a jury of his innocence.
Guest Stars: Jaimz Woolvett as James Pearl | Jerry Wasserman as Judge Paul Morrison | Bobby Stewart as Bailiff | Zak Santiago as Curtis Bilbao | Suleka Mathew as D.A. Cordelia Warren | B.J. Harrison as Jury Foreman | Maria del Mar as D.A. Shaw
Director: Tibor Takács

14 :01x14 - It's a Wonderful Death

As Draven awaits his sentencing for the murder conviction, the Skull Cowboy comes to Eric and offers him a chance to go back in time and prevent Top Dollar from ever killing him and Shelly.
Guest Stars: John Tench as T-Bird | Zak Santiago as Curtis Bilbao | Darcy Laurie as Tin-Tin / Mike Tremayne | Jarred Blancard as Jeffers | Curtis Bechdholt as Walsh | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Kadeem Hardison as Skull Cowboy

15 :01x15 - Birds Of A Feather

The judge shocks everyone by overturning Draven's guilty verdict due to a technicality. Now back on the streets, Eric meets a female Crow named Hannah Foster, brought back to life to avenge the murders of herself and her daughter. Elsewhere, Albrecht's career is ruined, and he enters a depression spiral.
Guest Stars: Jerry Wasserman as Judge Paul Morrison | Bobbie Phillips as Hannah Foster / Talon | Greg Michaels as Desk Sergeant | Reese McBeth as Flash | Gaetana Korbin as Shea Marino / Louise Moran | Christina Cox as Jessica Capshaw | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Mackenzie Gray as Slaughter
Director: Alan Simmonds
Writer: Bryce Zabel

16 :01x16 - Never Say Die

Draven must prevent a Russian national from using the portal between worlds to resurrect historical madman Grigori Rasputin.
Guest Stars: Jed Rees as Nytmare | David Palffy as Father Peter | Martin Novotny as Gregor | David Lovgren as Alexander Sokolov | Vitaly Kravchenko as Unknown | Alex Karzis as Nytmare | Alexander Kalugin as Unknown | Stephen Dimopoulos as Father Andrew | Christina Cox as Jessica Capshaw | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Writer: David Ransil

17 :01x17 - Lazarus Rising

Draven is approached by a mysterious society known as the Lazarus Group, who wish to use Eric to uncover the secrets of immortality, but may be hiding another agenda. Also, Albrecht is approached by an attorney, who wants to sue the city on his behalf.
Guest Stars: Jody Racicot as Snake Eyes | Ron Robinson as Bill Singleton | Norm Sherry as Crossbow | Jerry Wasserman as Judge Paul Morrison | Robert Wisden as Dr. Jack Saks | Terry David Mulligan as Steve Fentress | Don Most as Dr. John Dorsett | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Peter Bryant as Warren Markwell | Lovie Eli as Shironda | Lance Gibson as Batboy | Mavor Moore as Frederick Balsam

18 :01x18 - Closing Time

Draven's band Hangman's Joke is involved in a contest at the Blackout club, and Eric feels compelled to re-join them and start making music again. Unfortunately, this compulsion isn't healthy. Also, Albrecht and Capshaw return to work for the police department.
Guest Stars: Gaetana Korbin as Shea Marino / Louise Moran | Gabriel Casseus as Soleil Hazard | Zoltan Buday as Shilling | Jarred Blancard as Jeffers | Curtis Bechdholt as Jare Walsh | Ty Olsson as Funboy / George Jamieson | Suleka Mathew as D.A. Cordelia Warren | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr

19 :01x19 - The Road Not Taken

Draven must help Hannah return a stolen baby to her rightful mother, and along the way try to bring Hannah some closure to her own loss. Elsewhere, Darla starts drinking again, worrying Sarah.
Guest Stars: Ronald Selmour as Bart Conklin | Garwin Sanford as Ken Woden | Stellina Rusich as Nancy Meyers | Bobbie Phillips as Hannah Foster / Talon | Meghan Ory as Alice Romano | Rafe McDonald as Sarge | Peter Kent as Phil Romano | Stefan Arngrim as Chalkie | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: Brenton Spencer

20 :01x20 - Brother's Keeper

Draven must help his half-brother Chris overcome his various demons relating to relating abandonment, all while protecting him from the wrath of underworld thugs that he stole from.
Guest Stars: April Telek as Lily | Jan Bailey Mattia (1) as Veronica | Brad Loree as Slidell | Jude Lee as Vietnamese Woman | Adam Harrington as Brock Draven / Ghost Soldier | Simon Baker as Young Eric Draven | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Corey Feldman as Chris Draven | Colin Cunningham as Cardosa | Benz Antoine as Bovespa

21 :01x21 - Dead to Rights

The police department is terrorized by a cop killer, and Lieutenant Vincennes is the next target. Draven works with Albrecht and Capshaw to both catch the killer, and prevent Vincennes from making a fatal mistake. Also, Sarah looks after Vincennes' children, and Eric has trouble controlling his Crow side.
Guest Stars: Tina Hildebrandt as Eleanor Truax | Alexander Pollock as Jason Vincennes | Bill Rowat as Melton | Cameron K. Smith as Uniformed Officer | Lauren Zabel as Libby Vincennes | Patricia Harras as Karen Vincennes | Anthony Michael Hall as Officer Reid Truax | Marrett Green as Joe Rost | Barry Greene as Father Truax | Keith Gordey as Rios | Eva DeViveiros as Beth | Christina Cox as Jessica Capshaw | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr
Director: Alan Simmonds

22 :01x22 - A Gathering Storm

The evil leader of the Lazarus Group returns, and performs a ritual that separates the Crow entity from Draven. Now completely uninhibited, the Crow does things only for his own selfish purposes. Faced with a fight he can't possibly win, Eric turns to Shelly for help, but it comes a high cost.
Guest Stars: Michael Weatherly as James Horton | Jerry Wasserman as Judge Paul Morrison | Myron Natwick as J.T. | Mavor Moore as Frederick Balsam | Joe Maffei as Caleb Cowan | Marcus Hondro as Gideon | Lynda Boyd as Darla Mohr | Kirsten Williamson as Mako
Director: Brenton Spencer
Warning: The Crow: Stairway to Heaven guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1998
Ended: May 22, 1999
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