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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
998 10x01 04/Jan/2005 Paul Giamatti N/A
999 10x02 05/Jan/2005 Don Cheadle N/A
1000 10x03 06/Jan/2005 Howard Zinn N/A
1001 10x04 10/Jan/2005 John Grisham N/A
1002 10x05 11/Jan/2005 Samuel Jackson N/A
1003 10x06 12/Jan/2005 Dennis Quaid N/A
1004 10x07 13/Jan/2005 Annette Benning N/A
1005 10x08 17/Jan/2005 Brian Ross N/A
1006 10x09 18/Jan/2005 Jim Wallis N/A
1007 10x10 19/Jan/2005 Michael Beschloss N/A
1008 10x11 23/Jan/2005 Joe Lieberman N/A
1009 10x12 24/Jan/2005 Richard Viguerie N/A
1010 10x13 25/Jan/2005 Seymour Hersh N/A
1011 10x14 26/Jan/2005 John Leguizamo N/A
1012 10x15 27/Jan/2005 Christine Todd Whitman N/A
1013 10x16 31/Jan/2005 Fareed Zakaria N/A
1014 10x17 01/Feb/2005 Paula Abdul N/A
1015 10x18 02/Feb/2005 Anderson Cooper N/A
1016 10x19 03/Feb/2005 Joe Klein N/A
1017 10x20 14/Feb/2005 Redmond O'Hanlon N/A
1018 10x21 15/Feb/2005 Eric Idle N/A
1019 10x22 16/Feb/2005 Alan Cumming N/A
1020 10x23 17/Feb/2005 Mark Mills N/A
1021 10x24 22/Feb/2005 Rachel Weisz N/A
1022 10x25 23/Feb/2005 Peter Jennings N/A
1023 10x26 24/Feb/2005 Christina Ricci N/A
1024 10x27 28/Feb/2005 Ben Nelson N/A
1025 10x28 01/Mar/2005 Nancy Soderberg N/A
1026 10x29 02/Mar/2005 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson N/A
1027 10x30 03/Mar/2005 Ari Fleischer N/A
1028 10x31 07/Mar/2005 Melissa Boyle Mahle N/A
1029 10x32 08/Mar/2005 Brian Williams N/A
1030 10x33 09/Mar/2005 Bruce Willis N/A
1031 10x34 10/Mar/2005 Paul Krugman N/A
1032 10x35 14/Mar/2005 Harry Frankfurt N/A
1033 10x36 15/Mar/2005 Tom Fenton N/A
1034 10x37 16/Mar/2005 Rev. Al Green N/A
1035 10x38 17/Mar/2005 Craig Ferguson N/A
1036 10x39 21/Mar/2005 Sandra Bullock N/A
1037 10x40 22/Mar/2005 Catherine Keener N/A
1038 10x41 23/Mar/2005 Ozzy Osbourne N/A
1039 10x42 24/Mar/2005 The RZA N/A
1040 10x43 04/Apr/2005 Reggie Miller N/A
1041 10x44 05/Apr/2005 Thomas Friedman N/A
1042 10x45 06/Apr/2005 Matthew McConaughey N/A
1043 10x46 07/Apr/2005 Drew Barrymore N/A
1044 10x47 11/Apr/2005 Byron York N/A
1045 10x48 12/Apr/2005 Senator Bob Dole N/A
1046 10x49 13/Apr/2005 John P. Avlon N/A
1047 10x50 14/Apr/2005 David Duchovny N/A
1048 10x51 18/Apr/2005 Robert Reich N/A
1049 10x52 19/Apr/2005 Sarah Vowell N/A
1050 10x53 20/Apr/2005 Dennis Miller N/A
1051 10x54 21/Apr/2005 Reza Aslan N/A
1052 10x55 25/Apr/2005 Floyd Abrams N/A
1053 10x56 26/Apr/2005 Ice Cube N/A
1054 10x57 27/Apr/2005 Christina Hoff Sommers N/A
1055 10x58 28/Apr/2005 Steve Levitt N/A
1056 10x59 02/May/2005 Zell Miller N/A
1057 10x60 03/May/2005 Christiane Amanpour N/A
1058 10x61 04/May/2005 Martin Short N/A
1059 10x62 05/May/2005 Tom Ridge N/A
1060 10x63 09/May/2005 Kathleen Turner N/A
1061 10x64 10/May/2005 Wanda Sykes N/A
1062 10x65 11/May/2005 Al Roker N/A
1063 10x66 12/May/2005 Tracey Ullman N/A
1064 10x67 31/May/2005 Gerald Posner N/A
1065 10x68 01/Jun/2005 Bo Bice N/A
1066 10x69 02/Jun/2005 Russell Crowe N/A
1067 10x70 06/Jun/2005 Newt Gingrich N/A
1068 10x71 07/Jun/2005 Steven Johnson N/A
1069 10x72 08/Jun/2005 Colin Powell N/A
1070 10x73 09/Jun/2005 Matt Lauer N/A
1071 10x74 13/Jun/2005 Larry Diamond N/A
1072 10x75 14/Jun/2005 Will Ferrell N/A
1073 10x76 15/Jun/2005 Flynt Leverett N/A
1074 10x77 16/Jun/2005 Kenneth Timmerman N/A
1075 10x78 20/Jun/2005 Ringo Starr N/A
1076 10x79 21/Jun/2005 Dwight Yoakam N/A
1077 10x80 22/Jun/2005 Bill Moyers N/A
1078 10x81 23/Jun/2005 Howard Dean N/A
1079 10x82 27/Jun/2005 Hanna Rosin N/A
1080 10x83 28/Jun/2005 Morgan Spurlock N/A
1081 10x84 11/Jul/2005 Marci Hamilton N/A
1082 10x85 12/Jul/2005 Matt Taibbi N/A
1083 10x86 13/Jul/2005 Bernard Goldberg N/A
1084 10x87 14/Jul/2005 Michael Isikoff N/A
1085 10x88 18/Jul/2005 Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein N/A
1086 10x89 19/Jul/2005 Billy Bob Thornton N/A
1087 10x90 20/Jul/2005 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. N/A
1088 10x91 21/Jul/2005 Fareed Zakaria N/A
1089 10x92 25/Jul/2005 Senator Rick Santorum N/A
1090 10x93 26/Jul/2005 Diane Lane N/A
1091 10x94 27/Jul/2005 Bob Costas N/A
1092 10x95 28/Jul/2005 Maggie Gyllenhaal N/A
1093 10x96 02/Aug/2005 Senator Joe Biden N/A
1094 10x97 03/Aug/2005 John Crawford N/A
1095 10x98 04/Aug/2005 Miles O'Brien N/A
1096 10x99 08/Aug/2005 Paul Rudd N/A
1097 10x100 09/Aug/2005 Kate Hudson N/A
1098 10x101 10/Aug/2005 John Hockenberry N/A
1099 10x102 11/Aug/2005 Andre Benjamin N/A
1100 10x103 15/Aug/2005 Steve Carell N/A
1101 10x104 16/Aug/2005 Seymour Hersh N/A
1102 10x105 17/Aug/2005 John Irving N/A
1103 10x106 18/Aug/2005 John Richardson N/A
1104 10x107 22/Aug/2005 Chris Wallace N/A
1105 10x108 23/Aug/2005 Rachel Weisz N/A
1106 10x109 24/Aug/2005 Sen. Trent Lott N/A
1107 10x110 25/Aug/2005 Christopher Hitchens N/A
1108 10x111 06/Sep/2005 Dr. Marc Siegel N/A
1109 10x112 07/Sep/2005 Samuel L. Jackson N/A
1110 10x113 08/Sep/2005 Brian Williams N/A
1111 10x114 12/Sep/2005 Chris Mooney N/A
1112 10x115 13/Sep/2005 Kurt Vonnegut N/A
1113 10x116 14/Sep/2005 Panel Discussion on Evolution N/A
1114 10x117 15/Sep/2005 Gwyneth Paltrow N/A
1115 10x118 20/Sep/2005 Alan Alda N/A
1116 10x119 21/Sep/2005 Ricky Gervais N/A
1117 10x120 22/Sep/2005 George Clooney N/A
1118 10x121 26/Sep/2005 Dr. Irwin Redlener N/A
1119 10x122 27/Sep/2005 Viggo Mortensen N/A
1120 10x123 28/Sep/2005 Jeff Garlin N/A
1121 10x124 29/Sep/2005 Sen. Chuck Schumer N/A
1122 10x125 03/Oct/2005 David Rakoff N/A
1123 10x126 04/Oct/2005 Cameron Diaz N/A
1124 10x127 05/Oct/2005 Senator John Edwards N/A
1125 10x128 06/Oct/2005 Philip Seymour Hoffman N/A
1126 10x129 17/Oct/2005 Dolly Parton N/A
1127 10x130 18/Oct/2005 Bill O'Reilly N/A
1128 10x131 19/Oct/2005 Louis Freeh N/A
1129 10x132 20/Oct/2005 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson N/A
1130 10x133 24/Oct/2005 Bill Kristol N/A
1131 10x134 25/Oct/2005 Al Franken N/A
1132 10x135 26/Oct/2005 Doris Kearns Goodwin N/A
1133 10x136 27/Oct/2005 Janis Karpinski N/A
1134 10x137 31/Oct/2005 D.L. Hughley N/A
1135 10x138 01/Nov/2005 Sen. Barbara Boxer N/A
1136 10x139 02/Nov/2005 Mike Wallace N/A
1137 10x140 03/Nov/2005 Robert Ray N/A
1138 10x141 07/Nov/2005 Sen. Barack Obama N/A
1139 10x142 08/Nov/2005 Sen. John McCain N/A
1140 10x143 09/Nov/2005 Keira Knightley N/A
1141 10x144 10/Nov/2005 Chris Elliott N/A
1142 10x145 14/Nov/2005 Martha Stewart N/A
1143 10x146 15/Nov/2005 Rosario Dawson N/A
1144 10x147 16/Nov/2005 John Hodgman N/A
1145 10x148 17/Nov/2005 Richard Clarke N/A
1146 10x149 28/Nov/2005 Adrien Brody N/A
1147 10x150 29/Nov/2005 Peggy Noonan N/A
1148 10x151 30/Nov/2005 Rep. Nancy Pelosi N/A
1149 10x152 01/Dec/2005 The White Stripes N/A
1150 10x153 05/Dec/2005 Former President Jimmy Carter N/A
1151 10x154 06/Dec/2005 Michelle Yeoh N/A
1152 10x155 07/Dec/2005 David McCullough N/A
1153 10x156 08/Dec/2005 Ken Auletta N/A
1154 10x157 13/Dec/2005 Howard Stern N/A
1155 10x158 14/Dec/2005 Tom Brokaw N/A
1156 10x159 15/Dec/2005 Sarah Jessica Parker N/A

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