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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1157 11x01 04/Jan/2006 George Packer N/A
1158 11x02 05/Jan/2006 Pierce Brosnan N/A
1159 11x03 09/Jan/2006 James Risen N/A
1160 11x04 10/Jan/2006 Albert Brooks N/A
1161 11x05 11/Jan/2006 Peter Bergen N/A
1162 11x06 12/Jan/2006 Edward Lazarus N/A
1163 11x07 16/Jan/2006 Eugene Jarecki N/A
1164 11x08 17/Jan/2006 L. Paul Bremer N/A
1165 11x09 18/Jan/2006 R. James Woolsey N/A
1166 11x10 19/Jan/2006 Josh Lucas N/A
1167 11x11 23/Jan/2006 Fred Barnes N/A
1168 11x12 24/Jan/2006 Reza Aslan N/A
1169 11x13 25/Jan/2006 Anthony Hopkins N/A
1170 11x14 26/Jan/2006 Bernard-Henri Levy N/A
1171 11x15 30/Jan/2006 Randy Jackson N/A
1172 11x16 31/Jan/2006 Charles Barkley N/A
1009 11x17 01/Feb/2006 Michael Beschloss N/A
1010 11x18 02/Feb/2006 Robert O'Harrow Jr. N/A
1011 11x19 07/Feb/2006 Torie Clark N/A
1012 11x20 08/Feb/2006 Harrison Ford N/A
1013 11x21 09/Feb/2006 Will Arnett N/A
1014 11x22 13/Feb/2006 Mike Mullane N/A
1015 11x23 14/Feb/2006 Peter Tertzakian N/A
1016 11x24 15/Feb/2006 Julianne Moore N/A
1017 11x25 16/Feb/2006 Ed Harris N/A
1018 11x26 21/Feb/2006 Sarah Vowell N/A
1019 11x27 22/Feb/2006 Matthew Fox N/A
1020 11x28 23/Feb/2006 Roger Ebert N/A
1021 11x29 07/Mar/2006 Eugene Linden N/A
1022 11x30 08/Mar/2006 Neil Young N/A
1023 11x31 09/Mar/2006 Bruce Bartlett N/A
1024 11x32 13/Mar/2006 Eric Burns N/A
1025 11x33 14/Mar/2006 Bart Ehrman N/A
1026 11x34 15/Mar/2006 Natalie Portman N/A
1027 11x35 16/Mar/2006 Vin Diesel N/A
1028 11x36 20/Mar/2006 Clive Owen N/A
1029 11x37 21/Mar/2006 Georges Sada N/A
1030 11x38 22/Mar/2006 Russ Feingold N/A
1031 11x39 23/Mar/2006 Michael Mandelbaum N/A
1032 11x40 27/Mar/2006 Michael Gordon N/A
1033 11x41 28/Mar/2006 Fareed Zakaria N/A
1034 11x42 29/Mar/2006 Queen Latifah N/A
1035 11x43 30/Mar/2006 Sharon Stone N/A
1036 11x44 03/Apr/2006 Ricky Gervais N/A
1037 11x45 04/Apr/2006 Studs Terkel N/A
1038 11x46 05/Apr/2006 General Tony Zinni N/A
1039 11x47 06/Apr/2006 Josh Hartnett N/A
1040 11x48 17/Apr/2006 Jon Meacham N/A
1041 11x49 18/Apr/2006 Ryan Nerz N/A
1042 11x50 19/Apr/2006 Dennis Quaid N/A
1043 11x51 20/Apr/2006 Ted Kennedy N/A
1044 11x52 24/Apr/2006 Efraim Halevy N/A
1045 11x53 25/Apr/2006 Tom Selleck N/A
1046 11x54 26/Apr/2006 Kim Strassel N/A
1047 11x55 27/Apr/2006 Robin Williams N/A
1048 11x56 01/May/2006 Matthew Continetti N/A
1049 11x57 02/May/2006 Madeleine Albright N/A
1050 11x58 03/May/2006 Clark Kent Ervin N/A
1051 11x59 04/May/2006 John Malkovich N/A
1052 11x60 08/May/2006 David Remnick N/A
1053 11x61 09/May/2006 Eric Shawn N/A
1054 11x62 10/May/2006 Billy Connolly N/A
1055 11x63 11/May/2006 Francis Fukuyama N/A
1056 11x64 15/May/2006 Howard Dean N/A
1057 11x65 16/May/2006 Denis Leary N/A
1058 11x66 17/May/2006 Ramesh Ponnuru N/A
1059 11x67 18/May/2006 Willie Nelson N/A
1060 11x68 05/Jun/2006 Caroline Kennedy N/A
1061 11x69 06/Jun/2006 Bill Bennett N/A
1062 11x70 07/Jun/2006 Bonnie Hunt N/A
1063 11x71 08/Jun/2006 Lily Tomlin N/A
1064 11x72 12/Jun/2006 Thomas Friedman N/A
1065 11x73 13/Jun/2006 Ken Mehlman N/A
1066 11x74 14/Jun/2006 Tim Russert N/A
1067 11x75 15/Jun/2006 Louis C.K. N/A
1068 11x76 19/Jun/2006 Calvin Trillin N/A
1069 11x77 20/Jun/2006 Juliet Eilperin N/A
1070 11x78 21/Jun/2006 Anderson Cooper N/A
1071 11x79 22/Jun/2006 Adam Sandler N/A
1072 11x80 26/Jun/2006 Lance Armstrong N/A
1073 11x81 27/Jun/2006 Helen Thomas N/A
1074 11x82 28/Jun/2006 Al Gore N/A
1075 11x83 29/Jun/2006 Kevin Spacey N/A
1076 11x84 10/Jul/2006 Illario Pantano N/A
1077 11x85 11/Jul/2006 John Dean N/A
1078 11x86 12/Jul/2006 Shawn Wayans N/A
1079 11x87 13/Jul/2006 Owen Wilson N/A
1080 11x88 17/Jul/2006 Gordon Chang N/A
1081 11x89 18/Jul/2006 M. Night Shyamalan N/A
1082 11x90 19/Jul/2006 James Maguire N/A
1083 11x91 20/Jul/2006 Paul Giamatti N/A
1084 11x92 24/Jul/2006 Senator John McCain N/A
1085 11x93 25/Jul/2006 Ed Burns N/A
1086 11x94 26/Jul/2006 Sharon Weinberger N/A
1087 11x95 27/Jul/2006 Dr. Alon Ben-Meir N/A
1088 11x96 31/Jul/2006 Will Ferrell N/A
1089 11x97 01/Aug/2006 Floyd Landis N/A
1090 11x98 02/Aug/2006 Chris Paine N/A
1091 11x99 03/Aug/2006 Danny DeVito N/A
1092 11x100 08/Aug/2006 Brian Williams N/A
1093 11x101 09/Aug/2006 Craig Glenday N/A
1094 11x102 10/Aug/2006 Dale Earnhardt N/A
1095 11x103 14/Aug/2006 Thomas Ricks N/A
1096 11x104 15/Aug/2006 Samuel L. Jackson N/A
1097 11x105 16/Aug/2006 Thomas Kean N/A
1098 11x106 17/Aug/2006 Matt Dillon N/A
1099 11x107 21/Aug/2006 Reza Aslan N/A
1100 11x108 22/Aug/2006 William Cohen N/A
1101 11x109 23/Aug/2006 Frederick Lane N/A
1102 11x110 24/Aug/2006 Martin Short N/A
1103 11x111 11/Sep/2006 Maggie Gyllenhaal N/A
1104 11x112 12/Sep/2006 Gary Hart N/A
1105 11x113 13/Sep/2006 Ed Gillespie N/A
1106 11x114 14/Sep/2006 Norm MacDonald N/A
1107 11x115 18/Sep/2006 Bill Clinton N/A
1108 11x116 19/Sep/2006 Ben Affleck N/A
1109 11x117 20/Sep/2006 Johnny Knoxville N/A
1110 11x118 21/Sep/2006 CC Goldwater N/A
1111 11x119 25/Sep/2006 Pat Buchanan N/A
1112 11x120 26/Sep/2006 Pervez Musharraf N/A
1113 11x121 27/Sep/2006 Al Franken N/A
1114 11x122 28/Sep/2006 Jim McGreevey N/A
1115 11x123 02/Oct/2006 Sen. Trent Lott N/A
1116 11x124 03/Oct/2006 Dennis Miller N/A
1117 11x125 04/Oct/2006 Ian Bremmer N/A
1118 11x126 05/Oct/2006 David Rakoff N/A
1119 11x127 09/Oct/2006 James Baker N/A
1120 11x128 10/Oct/2006 David Cross N/A
1121 11x129 11/Oct/2006 Lou Dobbs N/A
1122 11x130 12/Oct/2006 David Mark N/A
1123 11x131 16/Oct/2006 Frank Rich N/A
1124 11x132 17/Oct/2006 Amy Sedaris N/A
1125 11x133 18/Oct/2006 John Ashcroft N/A
1126 11x134 19/Oct/2006 Kirsten Dunst N/A
1127 11x135 30/Oct/2006 LeBron James N/A
1128 11x136 31/Oct/2006 John Mueller N/A
1129 11x137 01/Nov/2006 Mid-Term Elections Info N/A
1130 11x138 02/Nov/2006 Sacha Baron Cohen N/A
1131 11x139 06/Nov/2006 Jerry Seinfeld N/A
1132 11x140 07/Nov/2006 Election Night Live Show with Dan Rather N/A
1133 11x141 08/Nov/2006 Howard Dean N/A
1134 11x142 09/Nov/2006 Dustin Hoffman N/A
1135 11x143 13/Nov/2006 Tina Fey N/A
1136 11x144 14/Nov/2006 Sen. John Edwards N/A
1137 11x145 15/Nov/2006 Ted Koppel N/A
1138 11x146 16/Nov/2006 Mohammad Yunus N/A
1139 11x147 27/Nov/2006 Rep. Rahm Emanuel N/A
1140 11x148 28/Nov/2006 Tom Waits N/A
1141 11x149 29/Nov/2006 George Clooney N/A
1142 11x150 30/Nov/2006 Tenacious D N/A
1307 11x151 04/Dec/2006 Nathan Lane N/A
1308 11x152 05/Dec/2006 Sen. John Danforth N/A
1309 11x153 06/Dec/2006 Eve Herold N/A
1310 11x154 07/Dec/2006 Ed Viesturs N/A
1311 11x155 11/Dec/2006 Sen. Lincoln Chafee N/A
1312 11x156 12/Dec/2006 Fareed Zakaria N/A
1313 11x157 13/Dec/2006 Ricky Gervais N/A
1314 11x158 14/Dec/2006 Rajiv Chandrasekaran N/A
1315 11x159 18/Dec/2006 Gov. Tom Vilsack N/A
1316 11x160 19/Dec/2006 Bill Kristol N/A
1317 11x161 20/Dec/2006 Ben Stiller N/A

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