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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
1318 12x01 08/Jan/2007 Louis C.K. N/A
1319 12x02 09/Jan/2007 Harry Frankfurt N/A
1320 12x03 10/Jan/2007 Gov. Mike Huckabee N/A
1321 12x04 11/Jan/2007 Peter O'Toole N/A
1322 12x05 15/Jan/2007 Josh Bernstein N/A
1323 12x06 16/Jan/2007 Michael Oren N/A
1324 12x07 17/Jan/2007 Jerry Rice N/A
1325 12x08 18/Jan/2007 Robin Wright Penn N/A
1326 12x09 22/Jan/2007 Gen. Rupert Smith N/A
1327 12x10 23/Jan/2007 Terry McAuliffe N/A
1328 12x11 24/Jan/2007 Scott McClellan N/A
1329 12x12 25/Jan/2007 Sen. Charles Schumer N/A
1330 12x13 29/Jan/2007 Bill Gates N/A
1331 12x14 30/Jan/2007 Neil DeGrasse Tyson N/A
1332 12x15 31/Jan/2007 Sen. Joe Biden N/A
1169 12x16 01/Feb/2007 Sienna Miller N/A
1170 12x17 05/Feb/2007 Walter Scheib N/A
1171 12x18 06/Feb/2007 Mike Rowe N/A
1172 12x19 07/Feb/2007 Ralph Nader N/A
1173 12x20 08/Feb/2007 John Mellencamp N/A
1174 12x21 12/Feb/2007 Jeffrey Rosen N/A
1175 12x22 13/Feb/2007 Christopher Horner N/A
1176 12x23 14/Feb/2007 Ishmael Beah N/A
1177 12x24 15/Feb/2007 Meredith Vieira N/A
1178 12x25 26/Feb/2007 Craig Newmark N/A
1179 12x26 27/Feb/2007 John Amaechi N/A
1180 12x27 28/Feb/2007 Jake Gyllenhaal N/A
1181 12x28 01/Mar/2007 Sam Sheridan N/A
1182 12x29 05/Mar/2007 Bob Woodruff N/A
1183 12x30 06/Mar/2007 Richard Jadick N/A
1184 12x31 07/Mar/2007 Wynton Marsalis N/A
1185 12x32 08/Mar/2007 Dr. Sharon Moalem N/A
1186 12x33 12/Mar/2007 Sen. Chris Dodd N/A
1187 12x34 13/Mar/2007 John Waters N/A
1188 12x35 14/Mar/2007 Zbigniew Brzezinski N/A
1189 12x36 15/Mar/2007 Sandra Bullock N/A
1190 12x37 19/Mar/2007 Stephen Prothero N/A
1191 12x38 20/Mar/2007 John Bolton N/A
1192 12x39 21/Mar/2007 Chris Hansen N/A
1193 12x40 22/Mar/2007 Don Cheadle N/A
1194 12x41 26/Mar/2007 Sen. John Kerry N/A
1195 12x42 27/Mar/2007 Dennis Miller N/A
1196 12x43 28/Mar/2007 Gov. Bill Richardson N/A
1197 12x44 29/Mar/2007 Philip Zimbardo N/A
1198 12x45 09/Apr/2007 Bill Bradley N/A
1199 12x46 10/Apr/2007 Walter Isaacson N/A
1200 12x47 11/Apr/2007 Halle Berry N/A
1201 12x48 12/Apr/2007 Richard Preston N/A
1202 12x49 16/Apr/2007 Andrew Card N/A
1203 12x50 17/Apr/2007 Sig Hansen N/A
1204 12x51 18/Apr/2007 Ali A. Allawi N/A
1205 12x52 19/Apr/2007 Jeremy Scahill N/A
1206 12x53 23/Apr/2007 Matt Cooper N/A
1207 12x54 24/Apr/2007 Sen. John McCain N/A
1208 12x55 25/Apr/2007 Garry Shandling N/A
1209 12x56 26/Apr/2007 Richard Gere N/A
1210 12x57 30/Apr/2007 Christopher Hitchens N/A
1211 12x58 01/May/2007 Tobey Maguire N/A
1212 12x59 02/May/2007 Pierre Rehov N/A
1213 12x60 03/May/2007 Ted Koppel N/A
1214 12x61 07/May/2007 Lee Gutkind N/A
1215 12x62 08/May/2007 George Tenet N/A
1216 12x63 09/May/2007 Michael Beschloss N/A
1217 12x64 10/May/2007 Reza Aslan N/A
1218 12x65 14/May/2007 Jeremy Paxman N/A
1219 12x66 15/May/2007 Tim Russert N/A
1220 12x67 16/May/2007 Don Rickles N/A
1221 12x68 17/May/2007 Brink Lindsey N/A
1222 12x69 21/May/2007 Zaki Chehab N/A
1223 12x70 22/May/2007 Margaret Spellings N/A
1224 12x71 23/May/2007 Lt. Col. Kevin Robbins N/A
1225 12x72 24/May/2007 Al Gore N/A
1226 12x73 04/Jun/2007 Rep. Ron Paul N/A
1227 12x74 05/Jun/2007 Paul Rudd N/A
1228 12x75 06/Jun/2007 Michael Barone N/A
1229 12x76 07/Jun/2007 Eddie Izzard N/A
1230 12x77 11/Jun/2007 David Steinberg N/A
1231 12x78 12/Jun/2007 Robert Shrum N/A
1232 12x79 13/Jun/2007 Allan Brandt N/A
1233 12x80 14/Jun/2007 Angelina Jolie N/A
1234 12x81 18/Jun/2007 Steve Carell N/A
1235 12x82 19/Jun/2007 Brian Williams N/A
1236 12x83 20/Jun/2007 Fareed Zakaria N/A
1237 12x84 21/Jun/2007 Greg Bear N/A
1238 12x85 25/Jun/2007 Steve Vogel N/A
1239 12x86 26/Jun/2007 Bruce Willis N/A
1240 12x87 27/Jun/2007 Michael Moore N/A
1241 12x88 28/Jun/2007 Claire Danes N/A
1242 12x89 16/Jul/2007 Josh Rushing N/A
1243 12x90 17/Jul/2007 Christopher Walken N/A
1244 12x91 18/Jul/2007 Matt Groening N/A
1245 12x92 19/Jul/2007 Adam Sandler N/A
1246 12x93 23/Jul/2007 Neil deGrasse Tyson N/A
1246 12x94 24/Jul/2007 Robert Pallitto N/A
1247 12x95 25/Jul/2007 Rob Gifford N/A
1248 12x96 26/Jul/2007 Robert Dallek N/A
1249 12x97 30/Jul/2007 Alastair Campbell N/A
1250 12x98 31/Jul/2007 Lewis Gordon Pugh, Tammy Bruce N/A
1251 12x99 01/Aug/2007 Jed Babbin N/A
1252 12x100 02/Aug/2007 Matt Damon N/A
1253 12x101 07/Aug/2007 Andy Samberg N/A
1254 12x102 08/Aug/2007 Sen. Joe Biden N/A
1255 12x103 09/Aug/2007 Tal Ben-Shahar N/A
1256 12x104 13/Aug/2007 Bill Kristol, Dr. Mony J. De Leon N/A
1257 12x105 14/Aug/2007 Denis Leary N/A
1258 12x106 15/Aug/2007 Stephen F. Hayes N/A
1259 12x107 16/Aug/2007 Sen. John McCain N/A
1260 12x108 20/Aug/2007 Nikolas Kozloff N/A
1261 12x109 21/Aug/2007 Alan Weisman N/A
1262 12x110 22/Aug/2007 Sen. Barack Obama N/A
1263 12x111 23/Aug/2007 Lt. Col. John Nagl N/A
1264 12x112 10/Sep/2007 Jeff Garlin N/A
1265 12x113 11/Sep/2007 Jodie Foster N/A
1266 12x114 12/Sep/2007 Robert Draper N/A
1267 12x115 13/Sep/2007 Douglas Farah N/A
1268 12x116 18/Sep/2007 Alan Greenspan N/A
1269 12x117 19/Sep/2007 Gen. Wesley Clark N/A
1270 12x118 20/Sep/2007 Bill Clinton N/A
1271 12x119 24/Sep/2007 John Bowe N/A
1272 12x120 25/Sep/2007 Evo Morales N/A
1273 12x121 26/Sep/2007 Jamie Foxx N/A
1274 12x122 27/Sep/2007 Ken Burns N/A
1440 12x123 01/Oct/2007 Jack Cafferty N/A
1441 12x124 02/Oct/2007 Chris Matthews N/A
1442 12x125 03/Oct/2007 Ted Koppel N/A
1443 12x126 04/Oct/2007 Jack Goldsmith N/A
1444 12x127 08/Oct/2007 Vicente Fox N/A
1445 12x128 09/Oct/2007 Tiki Barber N/A
1446 12x129 10/Oct/2007 Lynne Cheney N/A
1447 12x130 11/Oct/2007 Howard Kurtz N/A
1448 12x131 15/Oct/2007 Tony Snow N/A
1449 12x132 16/Oct/2007 Meryl Streep, Stephen Colbert N/A
1450 12x133 17/Oct/2007 Jake Gyllenhaal N/A
1451 12x134 18/Oct/2007 Ben Affleck N/A
1452 12x135 29/Oct/2007 Michael Gerson N/A
1453 12x136 30/Oct/2007 Valerie Plame Wilson N/A
1454 12x137 31/Oct/2007 David Wright N/A
1455 12x138 01/Nov/2007 Jerry Seinfeld N/A

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Network: Comedy Central ( USA)
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Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 22, 1996
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