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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1456 13x01 07/Jan/2008 Ronald Seeber N/A
1457 13x02 08/Jan/2008 David Frum N/A
1458 13x03 09/Jan/2008 John Zogby N/A
1459 13x04 10/Jan/2008 Lou Dobbs N/A
1460 13x05 14/Jan/2008 Fareed Zakaria N/A
1461 13x06 15/Jan/2008 John Bolton N/A
1462 13x07 16/Jan/2008 Jonah Goldberg N/A
1463 13x08 17/Jan/2008 Allen Raymond N/A
1464 13x09 21/Jan/2008 Jon Meacham N/A
1465 13x10 22/Jan/2008 Jim Wallis N/A
1466 13x11 23/Jan/2008 P.J O'Rourke N/A
1467 13x12 24/Jan/2008 Gerri Willis N/A
1468 13x13 28/Jan/2008 David Gergen, Phil Simms N/A
1469 13x14 29/Jan/2008 Doris Kearns Goodwin N/A
1470 13x15 30/Jan/2008 Peggy Noonan N/A
1471 13x16 31/Jan/2008 Karen Tumulty N/A
1307 13x17 04/Feb/2008 Tim Gunn 9.5
1308 13x18 05/Feb/2008 Chris Wallace N/A
1309 13x19 06/Feb/2008 Tom Brokaw N/A
1310 13x20 07/Feb/2008 Laton McCartney N/A
1311 13x21 11/Feb/2008 Philip Shenon N/A
1312 13x22 12/Feb/2008 Bill Kristol N/A
1313 13x23 13/Feb/2008 Mark Siegel N/A
1314 13x24 14/Feb/2008 Lee Siegel N/A
1315 13x25 26/Feb/2008 Madeleine Albright N/A
1316 13x26 27/Feb/2008 Allen Guelzo N/A
1317 13x27 28/Feb/2008 Brian Williams N/A
1318 13x28 03/Mar/2008 Sen. Hillary Clinton N/A
1319 13x29 04/Mar/2008 Ralph Nader N/A
1320 13x30 05/Mar/2008 Martin Fletcher N/A
1321 13x31 06/Mar/2008 Sen. Tom Daschle N/A
1322 13x32 10/Mar/2008 Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell N/A
1323 13x33 11/Mar/2008 Grover Norquist N/A
1324 13x34 12/Mar/2008 Ronald Kessler N/A
1325 13x35 13/Mar/2008 Dana Perino N/A
1326 13x36 17/Mar/2008 Brian Fagan N/A
1327 13x37 18/Mar/2008 Jeffrey Sachs 9
1328 13x38 19/Mar/2008 Sen. Arlen Specter N/A
1329 13x39 20/Mar/2008 Alex Kingsbury N/A
1330 13x40 31/Mar/2008 Sen. Chuck Hagel N/A
1331 13x41 01/Apr/2008 Simon LeVay 10
1332 13x42 02/Apr/2008 William Safire N/A
1333 13x43 03/Apr/2008 George Clooney N/A
1334 13x44 07/Apr/2008 Nathan Lane N/A
1335 13x45 08/Apr/2008 Cokie Roberts N/A
1336 13x46 09/Apr/2008 Steve Coll N/A
1337 13x47 10/Apr/2008 Aram Roston N/A
1338 13x48 14/Apr/2008 Judd Apatow 10
1339 13x49 15/Apr/2008 Jack Goldsmith N/A
1340 13x50 16/Apr/2008 Peter Steinfels N/A
1341 13x51 17/Apr/2008 Uma Thurman N/A
1342 13x52 21/Apr/2008 Sen. Barack Obama N/A
1343 13x53 22/Apr/2008 John Waters N/A
1344 13x54 23/Apr/2008 Howard Fineman N/A
1345 13x55 24/Apr/2008 Colin Firth N/A
1346 13x56 28/Apr/2008 Former President Jimmy Carter N/A
1347 13x57 29/Apr/2008 Newt Gingrich N/A
1348 13x58 30/Apr/2008 Robert Schlesinger N/A
1349 13x59 01/May/2008 Howard Dean 10
1350 13x60 05/May/2008 Sen. Harry Reid N/A
1351 13x61 06/May/2008 Fareed Zakaria 10
1352 13x62 07/May/2008 Sen. John McCain N/A
1353 13x63 08/May/2008 David Perlmutter N/A
1354 13x64 12/May/2008 Douglas Feith N/A
1355 13x65 13/May/2008 Bill Moyers N/A
1356 13x66 14/May/2008 John Harwood N/A
1357 13x67 15/May/2008 Denis Leary N/A
1358 13x68 27/May/2008 Matt Taibbi N/A
1359 13x69 28/May/2008 Fred Burton N/A
1360 13x70 29/May/2008 Richard A. Clarke N/A
1361 13x71 02/Jun/2008 Scott McClellan N/A
1362 13x72 03/Jun/2008 Terry McAuliffe, David Sedaris N/A
1363 13x73 04/Jun/2008 Barbara Walters N/A
1364 13x74 05/Jun/2008 Adam Sandler 9
1365 13x75 09/Jun/2008 Sen. Jim Webb N/A
1366 13x76 10/Jun/2008 Ralph Reed N/A
1367 13x77 11/Jun/2008 Rick Shenkman N/A
1368 13x78 12/Jun/2008 Richard Engel N/A
1369 13x79 16/Jun/2008 David Iglesias N/A
1370 13x80 17/Jun/2008 Lara Logan N/A
1371 13x81 18/Jun/2008 Steve Carell N/A
1372 13x82 19/Jun/2008 Mike Myers N/A
1373 13x83 23/Jun/2008 James McAvoy N/A
1374 13x84 24/Jun/2008 James Harding N/A
1375 13x85 25/Jun/2008 Coldplay N/A
1376 13x86 26/Jun/2008 Ted Koppel N/A
1377 13x87 14/Jul/2008 Andrew Ward N/A
1378 13x88 15/Jul/2008 Pierce Brosnan N/A
1379 13x89 16/Jul/2008 Kenneth Pollack N/A
1380 13x90 17/Jul/2008 Maggie Gyllenhaal N/A
1381 13x91 21/Jul/2008 Richard Bitner N/A
1382 13x92 22/Jul/2008 Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly N/A
1383 13x93 23/Jul/2008 T.J. English N/A
1384 13x94 24/Jul/2008 Geo Beach 10
1385 13x95 28/Jul/2008 Nancy Pelosi N/A
1386 13x96 29/Jul/2008 Bill Bishop N/A
1387 13x97 30/Jul/2008 Ben Wattenberg N/A
1388 13x98 31/Jul/2008 Brian Williams N/A
1389 13x99 04/Aug/2008 Dennis Hopper N/A
1390 13x100 05/Aug/2008 Seth Rogen 10
1391 13x101 06/Aug/2008 Sen. Chuck Schumer 10
1392 13x102 07/Aug/2008 David Gregory 10
1393 13x103 11/Aug/2008 Ron Suskind N/A
1394 13x104 12/Aug/2008 Sen. Mel Martinez N/A
1395 13x105 13/Aug/2008 Philip Pan N/A
1396 13x106 14/Aug/2008 Ben Stiller N/A
1397 13x107 26/Aug/2008 Gov. Tim Kaine N/A
1398 13x108 27/Aug/2008 Howard Dean N/A
1399 13x109 28/Aug/2008 Sen. Evan Bayh N/A
1400 13x110 29/Aug/2008 DNC Coverage Concludes N/A
1401 13x111 02/Sep/2008 Brain Williams N/A
1402 13x112 03/Sep/2008 Newt Gingrich N/A
1403 13x113 04/Sep/2008 Mike Huckabee 10
1404 13x114 05/Sep/2008 RNC Coverage Concludes N/A
1405 13x115 15/Sep/2008 Author Barton Gellman N/A
1406 13x116 16/Sep/2008 Ricky Gervais N/A
1407 13x117 17/Sep/2008 Charlize Theron N/A
1408 13x118 18/Sep/2008 Tony Blair 10
1409 13x119 23/Sep/2008 Bill Clinton N/A
1410 13x120 24/Sep/2008 Aaron Eckhart N/A
1411 13x121 25/Sep/2008 Bob Schieffer N/A
1412 13x122 29/Sep/2008 Hooman Majd N/A
1413 13x123 30/Sep/2008 Bill Maher N/A
1414 13x124 01/Oct/2008 Peggy Noonan N/A
1415 13x125 02/Oct/2008 Clint Eastwood N/A
1416 13x126 06/Oct/2008 Tim Robbins N/A
1417 13x127 07/Oct/2008 Sarah Vowell N/A
1418 13x128 08/Oct/2008 Michelle Obama N/A
1419 13x129 09/Oct/2008 Robert De Niro N/A
1420 13x130 13/Oct/2008 Amity Shlaes N/A
1421 13x131 14/Oct/2008 Ari Fleischer N/A
1422 13x132 15/Oct/2008 Richard Lewis N/A
1423 13x133 16/Oct/2008 Robert Reich N/A
1424 13x134 20/Oct/2008 Eugene Jarecki N/A
1425 13x135 21/Oct/2008 Christopher Buckley N/A
1426 13x136 22/Oct/2008 Tom Brokaw N/A
1427 13x137 23/Oct/2008 Gov. Jon Corzine N/A
1428 13x138 27/Oct/2008 Campbell Brown N/A
1429 13x139 28/Oct/2008 Steve Martin N/A
1430 13x140 29/Oct/2008 Barack Obama N/A
1431 13x141 30/Oct/2008 Bill Kristol N/A
1432 13x142 03/Nov/2008 Doris Kearns Goodwin N/A
1433 13x143 04/Nov/2008 Live Election Show N/A
1434 13x144 05/Nov/2008 Chris Wallace N/A
1435 13x145 06/Nov/2008 Paul Rudd N/A
1436 13x146 11/Nov/2008 Thomas Friedman N/A
1437 13x147 12/Nov/2008 T. Boone Pickens N/A
1438 13x148 13/Nov/2008 Bill O'Reilly N/A
1439 13x149 17/Nov/2008 Sir David Frost 9
1605 13x150 18/Nov/2008 Denis Leary 8
1606 13x151 19/Nov/2008 Jon Meacham N/A
1607 13x152 20/Nov/2008 Richard Belzer 9
1608 13x153 01/Dec/2008 Anne Hathaway N/A
1609 13x154 02/Dec/2008 Calvin Trillin N/A
1610 13x155 03/Dec/2008 Arianna Huffington N/A
1611 13x156 04/Dec/2008 Ron Howard N/A
1612 13x157 08/Dec/2008 Matthew Alexander N/A
1613 13x158 09/Dec/2008 Mike Huckabee N/A
1614 13x159 10/Dec/2008 Don Rickles N/A
1615 13x160 11/Dec/2008 Philip Seymour Hoffman N/A

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