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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
548 5x01 04/Jan/2000 Cynthia Nixon N/A
549 5x02 05/Jan/2000 Robbie Williams N/A
550 5x03 06/Jan/2000 Richard Belzer N/A
551 5x04 10/Jan/2000 Joe Montana N/A
552 5x05 11/Jan/2000 Will Ferrell N/A
553 5x06 12/Jan/2000 Ice Cube N/A
554 5x07 13/Jan/2000 Michael Stipe N/A
555 5x08 17/Jan/2000 Penelope Ann Miller N/A
556 5x09 18/Jan/2000 Frankie Muniz N/A
557 5x10 19/Jan/2000 Freddie Prinze Jr. N/A
558 5x11 20/Jan/2000 Jerry Springer N/A
559 5x12 24/Jan/2000 Selma Blair N/A
560 5x13 25/Jan/2000 Peter Krause N/A
561 5x14 26/Jan/2000 Jenny McCarthy N/A
562 5x15 27/Jan/2000 David Arquette N/A
563 5x16 01/Feb/2000 Jeff Bridges N/A
564 5x17 02/Feb/2000 Focus on New Hampshire Special N/A
565 5x18 03/Feb/2000 Jason Priestly N/A
566 5x19 14/Feb/2000 Moby N/A
567 5x20 15/Feb/2000 Dennis Farina N/A
568 5x21 16/Feb/2000 Matthew Perry N/A
569 5x22 17/Feb/2000 Ed McMahon N/A
570 5x23 22/Feb/2000 Snoop Dogg N/A
571 5x24 23/Feb/2000 Charlize Theron N/A
572 5x25 24/Feb/2000 Rachael Leigh Cook N/A
573 5x26 28/Feb/2000 Forest Whitaker N/A
574 5x27 29/Feb/2000 Vin Diesel N/A
575 5x28 01/Mar/2000 Tobey Maguire N/A
576 5x29 02/Mar/2000 Ellen DeGeneres N/A
577 5x30 06/Mar/2000 Neil Patrick Harris N/A
578 5x31 07/Mar/2000 Kevin Pollak N/A
579 5x32 08/Mar/2000 Senator Bob Dole N/A
580 5x33 09/Mar/2000 Garry Shandling N/A
581 5x34 13/Mar/2000 Eddie Izzard N/A
582 5x35 14/Mar/2000 Kim Delaney N/A
583 5x36 15/Mar/2000 Wolf Blitzer N/A
584 5x37 16/Mar/2000 George Wallace N/A
585 5x38 20/Mar/2000 Christopher Meloni N/A
586 5x39 21/Mar/2000 Marla Sokoloff N/A
587 5x40 22/Mar/2000 Eric Idle N/A
588 5x41 23/Mar/2000 Leelee Sobieski N/A
589 5x42 27/Mar/2000 John Lydon N/A
590 5x43 28/Mar/2000 Joshua Jackson N/A
591 5x44 29/Mar/2000 Sam Donaldson N/A
592 5x45 30/Mar/2000 Jimmy Smits N/A
593 5x46 10/Apr/2000 Roger Daltrey N/A
594 5x47 11/Apr/2000 Ben Stein N/A
595 5x48 12/Apr/2000 Patrick Stewart N/A
596 5x49 13/Apr/2000 David Alan Grier N/A
597 5x50 17/Apr/2000 Stanley Tucci N/A
598 5x51 18/Apr/2000 Samantha Mathis N/A
599 5x52 19/Apr/2000 Diamond Dallas Page N/A
600 5x53 20/Apr/2000 Arlen Specter N/A
601 5x54 24/Apr/2000 Hugh Hefner N/A
602 5x55 25/Apr/2000 Kirsten Dunst N/A
603 5x56 26/Apr/2000 Jeanne Tripplehorn N/A
604 5x57 27/Apr/2000 Stephen Baldwin N/A
605 5x58 01/May/2000 S. Epatha Merkerson N/A
606 5x59 02/May/2000 Luke Wilson N/A
607 5x60 03/May/2000 Julie Warner N/A
608 5x61 04/May/2000 Eric Close N/A
609 5x62 08/May/2000 Wendie Malick N/A
610 5x63 09/May/2000 Jesse L. Martin N/A
611 5x64 10/May/2000 Andy Richter N/A
612 5x65 11/May/2000 Betty White N/A
613 5x66 15/May/2000 Tracey Ullman N/A
614 5x67 16/May/2000 Kyle MacLachlan N/A
615 5x68 17/May/2000 Jane Leeves N/A
616 5x69 18/May/2000 Michael Rapaport N/A
617 5x71 30/May/2000 Laura Kightlinger N/A
618 5x72 31/May/2000 No Guest N/A
619 5x73 01/Jun/2000 Sonja Christopher N/A
620 5x74 05/Jun/2000 Penn and Teller N/A
621 5x75 06/Jun/2000 Kelli Williams N/A
622 5x76 07/Jun/2000 Michael Moore N/A
623 5x77 12/Jun/2000 When the Elderly Go on TV with Al Greenwood N/A
624 5x78 13/Jun/2000 Mark Curry N/A
625 5x79 14/Jun/2000 Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla N/A
626 5x80 15/Jun/2000 Julie Brown N/A
627 5x81 19/Jun/2000 Heather Donahue N/A
628 5x82 20/Jun/2000 Joe Lockhart N/A
629 5x83 21/Jun/2000 Freddie Prinze Jr. N/A
630 5x84 22/Jun/2000 Alicia Silverstone N/A
631 5x85 26/Jun/2000 Cheri Oteri N/A
632 5x86 27/Jun/2000 Jeff Probst N/A
633 5x87 28/Jun/2000 Richie Sambora N/A
634 5x88 29/Jun/2000 John C. Reilly N/A
635 5x89 10/Jul/2000 Anna Paquin N/A
636 5x90 11/Jul/2000 J. K. Simmons N/A
637 5x91 12/Jul/2000 Famke Janssen N/A
638 5x92 13/Jul/2000 Billy Crudup N/A
639 5x93 17/Jul/2000 Shawn & Marlon Wayans N/A
640 5x94 18/Jul/2000 Halle Berry N/A
641 5x95 19/Jul/2000 Fourth Anniversary Special N/A
642 5x96 20/Jul/2000 Al Roker N/A
643 5x97 24/Jul/2000 Peter Fonda N/A
644 5x98 25/Jul/2000 Joe Eszterhas N/A
645 5x99 26/Jul/2000 Jennifer Beals N/A
646 5x100 31/Jul/2000 Campaign Trail to the Road to the White House N/A
647 5x101 01/Aug/2000 Republican National Convention coverage N/A
648 5x102 02/Aug/2000 RNC coverage N/A
649 5x103 03/Aug/2000 RNC coverage N/A
650 5x104 04/Aug/2000 RNC coverage N/A
651 5x105 15/Aug/2000 Democratic National Convention coverage N/A
652 5x106 16/Aug/2000 DNC coverage N/A
653 5x107 17/Aug/2000 DNC coverage N/A
654 5x108 18/Aug/2000 DNC coverage N/A
655 5x109 22/Aug/2000 Jeremy Piven N/A
656 5x110 23/Aug/2000 Slash N/A
657 5x111 24/Aug/2000 Vincent D'Onofrio N/A
658 5x112 05/Sep/2000 Donal Logue N/A
659 5x113 06/Sep/2000 Greg Kinnear N/A
660 5x114 07/Sep/2000 Spinal Tap N/A
661 5x115 11/Sep/2000 Joe Mantegna N/A
662 5x116 12/Sep/2000 Eugene Levy N/A
663 5x117 13/Sep/2000 Lennox Lewis N/A
664 5x118 14/Sep/2000 Senator Joe Lieberman N/A
665 5x119 18/Sep/2000 Ryan Phillippe N/A
666 5x120 19/Sep/2000 Jamie Lee Curtis N/A
667 5x121 20/Sep/2000 Barenaked Ladies N/A
668 5x122 21/Sep/2000 Jamie Foxx N/A
669 5x123 25/Sep/2000 Jonathan Katz N/A
670 5x124 26/Sep/2000 Bill Goldberg N/A
671 5x125 27/Sep/2000 Sylvester Stallone N/A
672 5x126 28/Sep/2000 Tony Danza N/A
673 5x127 02/Oct/2000 Dean Cain N/A
674 5x128 03/Oct/2000 Ashton Kutcher N/A
675 5x129 04/Oct/2000 Jewel N/A
676 5x130 05/Oct/2000 Ralph Nader N/A
677 5x131 16/Oct/2000 Alice Cooper N/A
678 5x132 17/Oct/2000 Christian Slater N/A
679 5x133 18/Oct/2000 Joshua Jackson N/A
680 5x134 19/Oct/2000 Brendan Fraser N/A
681 5x135 23/Oct/2000 Kevin James N/A
682 5x136 24/Oct/2000 Jeff Garlin N/A
683 5x137 25/Oct/2000 Posh Spice & Baby Spice N/A
684 5x138 26/Oct/2000 Steven Weber N/A
685 5x139 30/Oct/2000 Brett Butler N/A
686 5x140 31/Oct/2000 David Frost N/A
687 5x141 01/Nov/2000 Phil Donahue N/A
688 5x142 02/Nov/2000 Michael Richards N/A
689 5x143 06/Nov/2000 Senator Arlen Specter N/A
690 5x144 07/Nov/2000 Indecision 2000 Choose and Loose N/A
691 5x145 08/Nov/2000 Richard Belzer N/A
692 5x146 09/Nov/2000 Michael Moore N/A
693 5x147 13/Nov/2000 Adam Sandler N/A
694 5x148 14/Nov/2000 Patricia Arquette N/A
695 5x149 15/Nov/2000 Adam Sandler N/A
696 5x150 16/Nov/2000 Rhys Ifans N/A
697 5x151 20/Nov/2000 Tales of Survival with Vance DeGeneres N/A
698 5x152 27/Nov/2000 John Goodman N/A
699 5x153 28/Nov/2000 Laura San Giacomo N/A
700 5x154 29/Nov/2000 Billy Campbell N/A
701 5x155 30/Nov/2000 Anthony Clark N/A
702 5x156 04/Dec/2000 Thomas Gibson N/A
703 5x157 05/Dec/2000 Faith Ford N/A
704 5x158 06/Dec/2000 Chris O'Donnell N/A
705 5x159 07/Dec/2000 John Goodman N/A
706 5x160 11/Dec/2000 Ira Glass N/A
707 5x161 12/Dec/2000 Greta Van Susteren N/A
708 5x162 13/Dec/2000 Indecision 2000 Special N/A
709 5x163 14/Dec/2000 Wolf Blitzer N/A
710 5x164 18/Dec/2000 Marla Sokoloff N/A
711 5x165 19/Dec/2000 Marisa Tomei N/A
712 5x166 20/Dec/2000 Jeri Ryan N/A
713 5x167 21/Dec/2000 Gillian Anderson N/A

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