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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
714 6x01 09/Jan/2001 Richard Lewis N/A
715 6x02 10/Jan/2001 Vitamin C N/A
716 6x03 11/Jan/2001 Julia Stiles N/A
717 6x04 15/Jan/2001 Willem Dafoe N/A
718 6x05 16/Jan/2001 Tim Robbins N/A
719 6x06 17/Jan/2001 Sam Donaldson N/A
720 6x07 18/Jan/2001 Lynn Whitfield N/A
721 6x08 22/Jan/2001 Bill O'Reilly N/A
722 6x09 23/Jan/2001 Matthew McConaughey N/A
723 6x10 24/Jan/2001 Terry Bradshaw N/A
724 6x11 25/Jan/2001 Topher Grace N/A
725 6x12 29/Jan/2001 David Boreanaz N/A
726 6x13 30/Jan/2001 Dyan Cannon N/A
727 6x14 31/Jan/2001 James van der Beek N/A
728 6x15 01/Feb/2001 Tim Blake Nelson N/A
729 6x16 12/Feb/2001 Dave Grohl N/A
730 6x17 13/Feb/2001 Kermit the Frog N/A
731 6x18 14/Feb/2001 Jessica Alba N/A
732 6x19 15/Feb/2001 Wanda Sykes N/A
733 6x20 20/Feb/2001 Greg Germann N/A
734 6x21 21/Feb/2001 Chris Rock N/A
735 6x22 22/Feb/2001 Kelly Ripa N/A
736 6x23 05/Mar/2001 Ted Danson N/A
737 6x24 06/Mar/2001 Joe Pantoliano N/A
738 6x25 07/Mar/2001 Heather Locklear N/A
739 6x26 08/Mar/2001 Warren Christopher N/A
740 6x27 12/Mar/2001 Martin Short N/A
741 6x28 13/Mar/2001 Edward Burns N/A
742 6x29 14/Mar/2001 Carmen Electra N/A
743 6x30 15/Mar/2001 Javier Bardem N/A
744 6x31 19/Mar/2001 Christopher Meloni N/A
745 6x32 20/Mar/2001 Mary Stuart Masterson N/A
746 6x33 21/Mar/2001 Jeff Varner N/A
747 6x34 22/Mar/2001 Denis Leary N/A
748 6x35 26/Mar/2001 Richard Roeper N/A
749 6x36 27/Mar/2001 Richard Lewis N/A
750 6x37 28/Mar/2001 Mark Harmon N/A
751 6x38 29/Mar/2001 Jennifer Love Hewitt N/A
752 6x39 02/Apr/2001 Lisa Ling N/A
753 6x40 03/Apr/2001 Amy Sedaris N/A
754 6x41 04/Apr/2001 D.L. Hughley N/A
755 6x42 05/Apr/2001 Steven Weber N/A
756 6x43 09/Apr/2001 Paul Reubens N/A
757 6x44 10/Apr/2001 Bob Costas N/A
758 6x45 11/Apr/2001 Damon Wayans N/A
759 6x46 12/Apr/2001 Brittany Daniel N/A
760 6x47 23/Apr/2001 Don Hewitt N/A
761 6x48 24/Apr/2001 Rachael Leigh Cook N/A
762 6x49 25/Apr/2001 Tom Green N/A
763 6x50 26/Apr/2001 Tom Cavanagh N/A
764 6x51 30/Apr/2001 Eric McCormack N/A
765 6x52 01/May/2001 Dominic Chianese N/A
766 6x53 03/May/2001 Robert Patrick N/A
767 6x54 07/May/2001 Chris Robinson N/A
768 6x55 08/May/2001 James Van Der Beek N/A
769 6x56 09/May/2001 Richie Sambora N/A
770 6x57 10/May/2001 Patricia Richardson N/A
771 6x58 14/May/2001 Maura Tierney N/A
772 6x59 15/May/2001 Denise Quiñones N/A
773 6x60 16/May/2001 Heath Ledger N/A
774 6x61 17/May/2001 Jerry Springer N/A
775 6x62 30/May/2001 Bradley Whitford N/A
776 6x63 31/May/2001 Leah Remini N/A
777 6x64 04/Jun/2001 Jake Johannsen N/A
778 6x65 05/Jun/2001 Richard Belzer N/A
779 6x66 06/Jun/2001 Al Roker N/A
780 6x67 07/Jun/2001 Bernie Mac N/A
781 6x68 11/Jun/2001 Joe Queenan N/A
782 6x69 12/Jun/2001 Gene Simmons N/A
783 6x70 13/Jun/2001 Richard Schiff N/A
784 6x71 14/Jun/2001 Jeff Greenfield N/A
785 6x72 18/Jun/2001 Martin Short N/A
786 6x73 19/Jun/2001 Michael Rapaport N/A
787 6x74 20/Jun/2001 Alec Baldwin N/A
788 6x75 21/Jun/2001 Mýa N/A
789 6x76 25/Jun/2001 Sam Robards N/A
790 6x77 26/Jun/2001 Johnny Knoxville N/A
791 6x78 27/Jun/2001 Jet Li N/A
792 6x79 28/Jun/2001 Bridget Fonda N/A
793 6x80 09/Jul/2001 Sean Hayes N/A
794 6x81 10/Jul/2001 Spice Girls N/A
795 6x82 11/Jul/2001 James Woods N/A
796 6x83 12/Jul/2001 Vince Vaughn N/A
797 6x84 16/Jul/2001 Jon Favreau N/A
798 6x85 17/Jul/2001 Maria Bartiromo N/A
799 6x86 18/Jul/2001 Edward Norton N/A
800 6x87 19/Jul/2001 Hank Azaria N/A
801 6x88 24/Jul/2001 Paul Giamatti N/A
802 6x89 25/Jul/2001 Senator Joe Lieberman N/A
803 6x90 26/Jul/2001 Senator John McCain N/A
804 6x91 30/Jul/2001 Jerri Manthey N/A
805 6x92 31/Jul/2001 Peter Krause N/A
806 6x93 02/Aug/2001 Janeane Garofalo N/A
807 6x94 06/Aug/2001 Andie MacDowell N/A
808 6x95 07/Aug/2001 Joe Rogan N/A
809 6x96 08/Aug/2001 Tara Reid N/A
810 6x97 09/Aug/2001 Jason Biggs N/A
811 6x98 13/Aug/2001 David Rakoff N/A
812 6x99 14/Aug/2001 John Carpenter N/A
813 6x100 15/Aug/2001 Seth Green N/A
814 6x101 16/Aug/2001 Fabio N/A
815 6x102 20/Aug/2001 Cuba Gooding Jr. N/A
816 6x103 21/Aug/2001 Griffin Dunne N/A
817 6x104 22/Aug/2001 Will Ferrell N/A
818 6x105 23/Aug/2001 Kevin Smith N/A
819 6x106 10/Sep/2001 They Might Be Giants N/A
820 6x107 Unaired Dave Navarro N/A
821 6x108 20/Sep/2001 Post 9/11 Clip Show N/A
822 6x109 24/Sep/2001 Frank Rich N/A
823 6x110 25/Sep/2001 Aaron Brown N/A
824 6x111 26/Sep/2001 Jeff Greenfield N/A
825 6x112 27/Sep/2001 Tenacious D N/A
826 6x113 01/Oct/2001 Kelsey Grammer N/A
827 6x114 02/Oct/2001 James Belushi N/A
828 6x115 03/Oct/2001 Stephen S. Morse N/A
829 6x116 04/Oct/2001 Kate Beckinsale N/A
830 6x117 10/Oct/2001 Jeremy Piven N/A
831 6x118 11/Oct/2001 John Miller N/A
832 6x119 15/Oct/2001 Emeril Lagasse N/A
833 6x120 16/Oct/2001 Lorraine Bracco N/A
834 6x121 17/Oct/2001 Snoop Dogg N/A
835 6x122 18/Oct/2001 Fareed Zakaria N/A
836 6x123 22/Oct/2001 Lance Bass N/A
837 6x124 23/Oct/2001 Don Dahler N/A
838 6x125 24/Oct/2001 Greta Van Susteren N/A
839 6x126 25/Oct/2001 Jeff Bridges N/A
840 6x127 30/Oct/2001 Rob Morrow N/A
841 6x128 31/Oct/2001 Richard Holbrooke N/A
842 6x129 01/Nov/2001 Kevin Spacey N/A
843 6x130 05/Nov/2001 Paul Rudd N/A
844 6x131 07/Nov/2001 George Stephanopoulos N/A
845 6x132 08/Nov/2001 Jennifer Saunders N/A
846 6x133 12/Nov/2001 Steve Kroft N/A
847 6x134 13/Nov/2001 Anne Robinson N/A
848 6x135 14/Nov/2001 Carson Daly N/A
849 6x136 15/Nov/2001 John Stamos N/A
850 6x137 26/Nov/2001 Edward Burns N/A
851 6x138 27/Nov/2001 Star Jones N/A
852 6x139 28/Nov/2001 Jennifer Garner N/A
853 6x140 29/Nov/2001 David Halberstam N/A
854 6x141 03/Dec/2001 Nadine Strossen N/A
855 6x142 04/Dec/2001 John Edward N/A
856 6x143 05/Dec/2001 Marg Helgenberger N/A
857 6x144 06/Dec/2001 Ted Danson N/A
858 6x145 10/Dec/2001 Stephen Colbert as Al Sharpton N/A
859 6x146 11/Dec/2001 Dave Gorman N/A
860 6x147 12/Dec/2001 Janeane Garofalo N/A
861 6x148 13/Dec/2001 Tracey Ullman N/A
862 6x149 17/Dec/2001 Elijah Wood N/A
863 6x150 18/Dec/2001 Peggy Noonan N/A
864 6x151 19/Dec/2001 Gary Sinise N/A
865 6x152 20/Dec/2001 Jamie Foxx N/A

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Genre: Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: Comedy Central ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 11:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 22, 1996
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