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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
866 7x01 08/Jan/2002 Anjelica Houston N/A
867 7x02 09/Jan/2002 Luke Wilson N/A
868 7x03 10/Jan/2002 Jack Black N/A
869 7x04 14/Jan/2002 Lesley Stahl N/A
870 7x05 15/Jan/2002 Ian McKellen N/A
871 7x06 16/Jan/2002 Colin Hanks N/A
872 7x07 17/Jan/2002 Jeremy Northam N/A
873 7x08 21/Jan/2002 Al Sharpton N/A
874 7x09 22/Jan/2002 Anthony LaPaglia N/A
875 7x10 23/Jan/2002 Harold Ramis N/A
876 7x11 24/Jan/2002 Sebastian Junger N/A
877 7x12 28/Jan/2002 Ron Insana N/A
878 7x13 29/Jan/2002 Elmore Leonard N/A
879 7x14 30/Jan/2002 John King N/A
880 7x15 31/Jan/2002 Jason Schwartzman N/A
881 7x16 04/Feb/2002 Ron Howard N/A
882 7x17 05/Feb/2002 Greta Van Susteren N/A
883 7x18 06/Feb/2002 LL Cool J N/A
884 7x19 07/Feb/2002 Barry Manilow N/A
885 7x20 11/Feb/2002 Scott Bakula N/A
886 7x21 12/Feb/2002 John Stossel N/A
887 7x22 13/Feb/2002 Ralph Nader N/A
888 7x23 14/Feb/2002 Rebecca Romijn N/A
889 7x24 19/Feb/2002 Jeri Ryan N/A
890 7x25 20/Feb/2002 Bethany McLean N/A
891 7x26 21/Feb/2002 Michael Moore N/A
892 7x27 04/Mar/2002 David Remnick N/A
893 7x28 05/Mar/2002 Richard Lewis N/A
894 7x29 06/Mar/2002 Milla Jovovich N/A
895 7x30 07/Mar/2002 Tom Arnold N/A
896 7x31 12/Mar/2002 Denis Leary N/A
897 7x32 13/Mar/2002 Joe Klein N/A
898 7x33 14/Mar/2002 Bill O'Reilly N/A
899 7x34 18/Mar/2002 Andy Richter N/A
900 7x35 19/Mar/2002 Sen. John McCain N/A
901 7x36 20/Mar/2002 John Leguizamo N/A
902 7x37 21/Mar/2002 Aidan Quinn N/A
903 7x38 01/Apr/2002 Paula Zahn N/A
904 7x39 02/Apr/2002 David Brock N/A
905 7x40 03/Apr/2002 Jon Favreau N/A
906 7x41 04/Apr/2002 Ashley Judd N/A
907 7x42 08/Apr/2002 Tony Danza N/A
908 7x43 09/Apr/2002 Judy Woodruff N/A
909 7x44 10/Apr/2002 Patricia Arquette N/A
910 7x45 11/Apr/2002 The Goo Goo Dolls N/A
911 7x46 15/Apr/2002 Samuel L. Jackson N/A
912 7x47 16/Apr/2002 Lisa Beyer N/A
913 7x48 17/Apr/2002 Tara Reid N/A
914 7x49 18/Apr/2002 Richard Dreyfuss N/A
915 7x50 22/Apr/2002 Michael Clarke Duncan N/A
916 7x51 23/Apr/2002 Beau Bridges N/A
917 7x52 24/Apr/2002 Elvis Costello N/A
918 7x53 25/Apr/2002 H.W. Crocker III N/A
919 7x54 29/Apr/2002 Susan Caskie N/A
920 7x55 02/May/2002 Willem Defoe N/A
921 7x56 06/May/2002 Simon Baker N/A
922 7x57 07/May/2002 Mark Bowden N/A
923 7x58 08/May/2002 Diane Lane N/A
924 7x59 09/May/2002 David Boreanaz N/A
925 7x60 13/May/2002 Moby N/A
926 7x61 14/May/2002 Liev Schreiber N/A
927 7x62 15/May/2002 Rupert Everett N/A
928 7x63 16/May/2002 Allison Janney N/A
929 7x64 23/May/2002 Matt Walsh Goes To Hawaii N/A
930 7x65 03/Jun/2002 Colin Firth N/A
931 7x66 04/Jun/2002 Ashleigh Banfield N/A
932 7x67 05/Jun/2002 Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel N/A
933 7x68 06/Jun/2002 Christopher Whitcomb N/A
934 7x69 11/Jun/2002 Val Kilmer N/A
935 7x70 12/Jun/2002 Michael Bloomberg N/A
936 7x71 13/Jun/2002 Joseph Cirincione N/A
937 7x72 17/Jun/2002 Freddie Prinze Jr. N/A
938 7x73 18/Jun/2002 Christian Slater N/A
939 7x74 19/Jun/2002 Cynthia McFadden N/A
940 7x75 20/Jun/2002 David Cross and Bob Odenkirk N/A
941 7x76 24/Jun/2002 Colin Farrell N/A
942 7x77 25/Jun/2002 David Scheffer N/A
943 7x78 26/Jun/2002 Paul Sorvino N/A
944 7x79 27/Jun/2002 Clint Mathis N/A
945 7x80 08/Jul/2002 Adam Sandler N/A
946 7x81 09/Jul/2002 John King N/A
947 7x82 10/Jul/2002 Busta Rhymes N/A
948 7x83 11/Jul/2002 Steve Irwin N/A
949 7x84 15/Jul/2002 John Ritter N/A
950 7x85 16/Jul/2002 Michelle Williams N/A
951 7x86 17/Jul/2002 Ann Coulter N/A
952 7x87 18/Jul/2002 Natasha Henstridge N/A
953 7x88 22/Jul/2002 Regis Philbin N/A
954 7x89 23/Jul/2002 Tim Blake Nelson N/A
955 7x90 24/Jul/2002 Steven Weber N/A
956 7x91 25/Jul/2002 Seth Green N/A
957 7x92 29/Jul/2002 Cynthia Nixon N/A
958 7x93 30/Jul/2002 Robert Wagner N/A
959 7x94 31/Jul/2002 Martin Lawrence N/A
960 7x95 01/Aug/2002 Mike Myers N/A
961 7x96 05/Aug/2002 Sen. Chuck Schumer N/A
962 7x97 06/Aug/2002 Antonio Banderas N/A
963 7x98 08/Aug/2002 Paul Rudd N/A
964 7x99 12/Aug/2002 Michael C. Hall N/A
965 7x100 13/Aug/2002 Scott Ritter N/A
966 7x101 14/Aug/2002 Kevin Nealon N/A
967 7x102 15/Aug/2002 Rich Eisen N/A
968 7x103 19/Aug/2002 Denis Leary N/A
969 7x104 20/Aug/2002 Jim Lehrer N/A
970 7x105 21/Aug/2002 Robin Williams N/A
971 7x106 22/Aug/2002 Matthew Perry N/A
972 7x107 09/Sep/2002 Lorraine Bracco N/A
973 7x108 10/Sep/2002 Zach Braff N/A
974 7x109 12/Sep/2002 Sarah Vowell N/A
975 7x110 16/Sep/2002 John Miller N/A
976 7x111 17/Sep/2002 Jason Lee N/A
977 7x112 18/Sep/2002 Damon Wayans N/A
978 7x113 19/Sep/2002 Djimon Hounsou N/A
979 7x114 24/Sep/2002 Kate Hudson N/A
980 7x115 25/Sep/2002 George Stephanopoulos N/A
981 7x116 26/Sep/2002 Goldie Hawn N/A
982 7x117 30/Sep/2002 Bonnie Hunt N/A
983 7x118 01/Oct/2002 Patrick Dempsey N/A
984 7x119 02/Oct/2002 David Schwimmer N/A
985 7x120 03/Oct/2002 Rita Wilson N/A
986 7x121 07/Oct/2002 Jake Gyllenhaal N/A
987 7x122 08/Oct/2002 Jill Hennessy N/A
988 7x123 09/Oct/2002 Peter Jennings N/A
989 7x124 10/Oct/2002 Oliver North N/A
990 7x125 14/Oct/2002 Road to Washington Special N/A
991 7x126 15/Oct/2002 Judy Woodruff N/A
992 7x127 16/Oct/2002 Richard Lewis N/A
993 7x128 17/Oct/2002 Greg Kinnear N/A
994 7x129 28/Oct/2002 Sen. John Edwards N/A
995 7x130 29/Oct/2002 Victoria Clark N/A
996 7x131 30/Oct/2002 Pat Buchanan N/A
997 7x132 31/Oct/2002 Ted Koppel N/A
998 7x133 04/Nov/2002 Christina Aguilera N/A
999 7x134 05/Nov/2002 Sen. John McCain N/A
1000 7x135 06/Nov/2002 Candy Crowley N/A
1001 7x136 07/Nov/2002 Jakob Dylan N/A
1002 7x137 12/Nov/2002 Alexandria Pelosi N/A
1003 7x138 13/Nov/2002 Kiefer Sutherland N/A
1004 7x139 14/Nov/2002 Tom Arnold N/A
1005 7x140 18/Nov/2002 Ja Rule N/A
1006 7x141 19/Nov/2002 Rep. Harold Ford N/A
1007 7x142 20/Nov/2002 Catherine Crier N/A
1008 7x143 21/Nov/2002 Kevin James N/A
1009 7x144 02/Dec/2002 Andy Richter N/A
1010 7x145 03/Dec/2002 Katrina Vanden Heuvel N/A
1011 7x146 04/Dec/2002 Colin Quinn N/A
1012 7x147 05/Dec/2002 Rob Schneider N/A
1013 7x148 09/Dec/2002 Al Gore N/A
1014 7x149 10/Dec/2002 Tom Brokaw N/A
1015 7x150 11/Dec/2002 Sandra Bullock N/A
1016 7x151 12/Dec/2002 Anna Paquin N/A
1017 7x152 16/Dec/2002 Sen. Chuck Schumer N/A
1018 7x153 17/Dec/2002 Charles Barkley N/A
1019 7x154 18/Dec/2002 Edward Norton N/A
1020 7x155 19/Dec/2002 John Cusack N/A

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