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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
837 9x01 06/Jan/2004 Tom Brokaw N/A
838 9x02 07/Jan/2004 Elijah Wood N/A
839 9x03 08/Jan/2004 Charlize Theron N/A
840 9x04 12/Jan/2004 Richard Lewis N/A
841 9x05 13/Jan/2004 Catherine Weitz N/A
842 9x06 14/Jan/2004 Carol Moseley-Braun N/A
843 9x07 15/Jan/2004 Sen. Joe Biden N/A
844 9x08 19/Jan/2004 Philip Seymour Hoffman N/A
845 9x09 20/Jan/2004 Jeff Garlin N/A
846 9x10 21/Jan/2004 John McCain N/A
847 9x11 22/Jan/2004 Erika Christensen N/A
848 9x12 26/Jan/2004 Ken Auletta & Howard Dean N/A
849 9x13 27/Jan/2004 Richard Perle N/A
850 9x14 28/Jan/2004 Christine Todd Whitman N/A
851 9x15 29/Jan/2004 Kelsey Grammer N/A
852 9x16 02/Feb/2004 Randy Jackson N/A
853 9x17 03/Feb/2004 Donald Trump N/A
854 9x18 04/Feb/2004 Senator Bob Dole N/A
855 9x19 05/Feb/2004 Noah Wyle N/A
856 9x20 09/Feb/2004 Charles Lewis N/A
857 9x21 10/Feb/2004 Dave Chappelle N/A
858 9x22 11/Feb/2004 Paul Rudd N/A
859 9x23 12/Feb/2004 Drew Barrymore N/A
860 9x24 23/Feb/2004 Tyra Banks N/A
861 9x25 24/Feb/2004 John Podhoretz N/A
862 9x26 25/Feb/2004 Norah Jones N/A
863 9x27 26/Feb/2004 Samuel L. Jackson N/A
864 9x28 01/Mar/2004 Edie Falco N/A
865 9x29 02/Mar/2004 Mark Ebner N/A
866 9x30 03/Mar/2004 Rudolph Giuliani N/A
867 9x31 04/Mar/2004 Willem Dafoe N/A
868 9x32 08/Mar/2004 Val Kilmer N/A
869 9x33 09/Mar/2004 Ed Gillespie N/A
870 9x34 10/Mar/2004 George Carlin N/A
871 9x35 11/Mar/2004 Paula Zahn N/A
872 9x36 15/Mar/2004 Sen. Charles Schumer N/A
873 9x37 16/Mar/2004 John Stossel N/A
874 9x38 17/Mar/2004 Mekhi Phifer N/A
875 9x39 18/Mar/2004 Ethan Hawke N/A
876 9x40 22/Mar/2004 Wynton Marsalis N/A
877 9x41 23/Mar/2004 Tom Hanks N/A
878 9x42 24/Mar/2004 Jamie Foxx N/A
879 9x43 25/Mar/2004 Al Franken N/A
880 9x44 29/Mar/2004 Jennifer Beals N/A
881 9x45 30/Mar/2004 Richard Clarke N/A
882 9x46 31/Mar/2004 Karen Hughes N/A
883 9x47 01/Apr/2004 Johnny Knoxville N/A
884 9x48 05/Apr/2004 Jerry Seinfeld N/A
885 9x49 06/Apr/2004 Matthew Perry N/A
886 9x50 07/Apr/2004 Tim Robbins N/A
887 9x51 08/Apr/2004 Jason Bateman N/A
888 9x52 19/Apr/2004 Melissa Etheridge N/A
889 9x53 20/Apr/2004 Mark Ruffalo N/A
890 9x54 21/Apr/2004 John Gibson N/A
891 9x55 22/Apr/2004 Arianna Huffington N/A
892 9x56 26/Apr/2004 Bob Kerrey N/A
893 9x57 27/Apr/2004 Rebecca Romijn-Stamos N/A
894 9x58 28/Apr/2004 Fareed Zakaria N/A
895 9x59 29/Apr/2004 Bob Woodward N/A
896 9x60 03/May/2004 Janeane Garofalo N/A
897 9x61 04/May/2004 Amb. Joe Wilson N/A
898 9x62 05/May/2004 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar N/A
899 9x63 06/May/2004 Andy Richter N/A
900 9x64 10/May/2004 Sen. John McCain N/A
901 9x65 11/May/2004 Tim Russert N/A
902 9x66 12/May/2004 Ken Mehlman N/A
903 9x67 13/May/2004 Bill Kristol N/A
904 9x68 01/Jun/2004 David Cross N/A
905 9x69 02/Jun/2004 Thomas Friedman N/A
906 9x70 03/Jun/2004 Mario Cuomo N/A
907 9x71 07/Jun/2004 Donna Brazile N/A
908 9x72 08/Jun/2004 David Brooks N/A
909 9x73 09/Jun/2004 Morgan Spurlock N/A
910 9x74 10/Jun/2004 Jennifer Love Hewitt N/A
911 9x75 14/Jun/2004 Stanley Tucci N/A
912 9x76 15/Jun/2004 Hassan Ibrahim N/A
913 9x77 16/Jun/2004 Robert Reich N/A
914 9x78 17/Jun/2004 Graham Norton N/A
915 9x79 21/Jun/2004 Stephen F. Hayes N/A
916 9x80 22/Jun/2004 Ashley Judd N/A
917 9x81 23/Jun/2004 Kevin Kline N/A
918 9x82 24/Jun/2004 Michael Moore N/A
919 9x83 28/Jun/2004 Terry McAuliffe N/A
920 9x84 29/Jun/2004 Edward Conlon N/A
921 9x85 30/Jun/2004 Calvin Trillin N/A
922 9x86 06/Jul/2004 Ralph Nader N/A
923 9x87 07/Jul/2004 Will Ferrell N/A
924 9x88 08/Jul/2004 Christina Applegate N/A
925 9x89 12/Jul/2004 Wolf Blitzer N/A
926 9x90 13/Jul/2004 Michael Isikoff N/A
927 9x91 14/Jul/2004 Sarah Vowell N/A
928 9x92 15/Jul/2004 Sacha Baron Cohen N/A
929 9x93 27/Jul/2004 Gov. Bill Richardson N/A
930 9x94 28/Jul/2004 Sen. Joe Biden N/A
931 9x95 29/Jul/2004 Coverage of the Democratic National Convention N/A
932 9x96 30/Jul/2004 Coverage of the Democratic National Convention N/A
933 9x97 02/Aug/2004 Henry Bonilla N/A
934 9x98 03/Aug/2004 Spike Lee N/A
935 9x99 04/Aug/2004 Aaron Eckhart N/A
936 9x100 05/Aug/2004 Natalie Portman N/A
937 9x101 09/Aug/2004 President Bill Clinton N/A
938 9x102 10/Aug/2004 Maureen Dowd N/A
939 9x103 11/Aug/2004 Tom Cruise N/A
940 9x104 12/Aug/2004 Bryan Keefer N/A
941 9x105 17/Aug/2004 Norm Coleman N/A
942 9x106 18/Aug/2004 Burt Reynolds N/A
943 9x107 19/Aug/2004 Seth Green N/A
944 9x108 23/Aug/2004 Robert Smith N/A
945 9x109 24/Aug/2004 John Kerry N/A
946 9x110 25/Aug/2004 Ed Gillespie N/A
947 9x111 30/Aug/2004 Indecision 2004: Midway to the Election Spectacular N/A
948 9x112 31/Aug/2004 Ted Koppel N/A
949 9x113 01/Sep/2004 Dan Bartlett N/A
950 9x114 02/Sep/2004 John McCain N/A
951 9x115 03/Sep/2004 Christopher Matthews N/A
952 9x116 13/Sep/2004 Drew Barrymore N/A
953 9x117 14/Sep/2004 Pat Buchanan N/A
954 9x118 15/Sep/2004 Alec Baldwin N/A
955 9x119 16/Sep/2004 Gwyneth Paltrow N/A
956 9x120 21/Sep/2004 Richard Clarke N/A
957 9x121 22/Sep/2004 Marc Racicot N/A
958 9x122 23/Sep/2004 Matthew Broderick N/A
959 9x123 27/Sep/2004 Rosie Perez N/A
960 9x124 28/Sep/2004 Ralph Reed N/A
961 9x125 29/Sep/2004 Seymour Hersh N/A
962 9x126 30/Sep/2004 The Bush-Kerry Debate: The Squabble in Coral Gables N/A
963 9x127 04/Oct/2004 Bishop Desmond Tutu N/A
964 9x128 05/Oct/2004 Billy Bob Thornton N/A
965 9x129 06/Oct/2004 Bob Schieffer N/A
966 9x130 07/Oct/2004 Bill O'Reilly N/A
967 9x131 18/Oct/2004 Ed Koch N/A
968 9x132 19/Oct/2004 Marisa Tomei N/A
969 9x133 20/Oct/2004 Fareed Zakaria N/A
970 9x134 21/Oct/2004 Billy Crudup N/A
971 9x135 25/Oct/2004 Madeleine Albright N/A
972 9x136 26/Oct/2004 Bob Kerrey N/A
973 9x137 27/Oct/2004 Rev. Jesse Jackson N/A
974 9x138 28/Oct/2004 John Zogby N/A
975 9x139 01/Nov/2004 Chris Wallace N/A
976 9x140 02/Nov/2004 William Weld & Al Sharpton N/A
977 9x141 03/Nov/2004 Charles Schumer N/A
978 9x142 04/Nov/2004 Bill Kristol N/A
979 9x143 09/Nov/2004 Richard Branson N/A
980 9x144 10/Nov/2004 Tom Wolfe N/A
981 9x145 11/Nov/2004 Kenneth Pollack N/A
982 9x146 15/Nov/2004 Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison N/A
983 9x147 16/Nov/2004 Tom Brokaw N/A
984 9x148 17/Nov/2004 Thomas Frank N/A
985 9x149 18/Nov/2004 Woody Harrelson N/A
986 9x150 29/Nov/2004 Jude Law N/A
987 9x151 30/Nov/2004 George Clooney N/A
988 9x152 01/Dec/2004 Christopher Hitchens N/A
989 9x153 02/Dec/2004 Stephen King N/A
990 9x154 06/Dec/2004 Isabella Rossellini N/A
991 9x155 07/Dec/2004 Paul O'Neill N/A
992 9x156 08/Dec/2004 Seth Mnookin N/A
993 9x157 09/Dec/2004 Kate Bosworth N/A
994 9x158 13/Dec/2004 Kevin Spacey N/A
995 9x159 14/Dec/2004 Dore Gold N/A
996 9x160 15/Dec/2004 Billy Connolly N/A
997 9x161 16/Dec/2004 Katie Couric N/A

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