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Season 6

68 :06x01 - Heritage

In the sixth season premiere, Johnny receives visions of his friends being in harm's way at a festival. It appears that he avoids the disaster, but two people are later killed by a fire, which alters Johnny's life and the fate of the rest of the world.
Special Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Greg Stillson | David Ogden Stiers as Rev. Gene Purdy |
Guest Stars: Martin Donovan (2) as Malcolm Janus |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Woodhouse as TV Assistant Director | Jonathan Bosco as Teenage Fireworks Kid | Michael Richard B. as Kid Trampled in Traffic | Jason Cavalier as Deputy at Police Station | Naomi Frenette as Child That Gets Pushed | Jean Ricardo Vokama as Hot Dog Vendor | Helena Laliberte as Mother That Gets Pushed
Director: James Head
Songs: (Unknown artist) -- Catch me when I fall

69 :06x02 - Ego

Johnny investigates a psychiatrist when he receives a vision of her being shot and meets several of her patients that want her dead. However, is it possible that Johnny sees a new police officer killing her?
Special Guest Stars: Cara Buono as Sheriff Anna Turner |
Guest Stars: Deborah Odell as Nina Jorgenson |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Robitaille as Lurky Guy/Jeffrey | Jean-loup Yale as Frank | Trent Pardy as Kenny | Mike Tsar as Big Mike
Director: Rachel Talalay

70 :06x03 - Re-Entry

Johnny works with Stillson to fix a space shuttle after he has a vision of trouble during a private space mission.
Special Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Greg Stillson |
Guest Stars: Alex Carter as Steve Carter | Amy Price-Francis as Megan Wilcox
Director: Tim Southam

71 :06x04 - Big Top

Johnny becomes immersed in a decade-old unsolved murder mystery at an "Alice in Wonderland" themed circus. There, Johnny realizes that J.J. may have inherited psychic abilities.
Special Guest Stars: Cara Buono as Sheriff Anna Turner |
Guest Stars: Patrick Labbé as Lorenzo | Nathalie Girard as Alice |
Co-Guest Stars: Kwasi Songui as Duncan Miller | Devery Jacobs as Monique | Marc Nadeau as Young Duncan | Pierre Lenoir as Mad Hatter | France Viens as Circus Cheshire Cat | Matthew Kabwe as Coach Morrison | Alain Chanoine as Police Deputy #1 | Jean-francois Lachapelle as Police Deputy #2 | Peter Seaborn as Police Deputy #3
Director: Nick Copus

72 :06x05 - Interred

When Johnny has visions of a man buried alive, he must overcome his differences with Sheriff Turner to save the man’s life.
Special Guest Stars: Cara Buono as Sheriff Anna Turner |
Guest Stars: Kent McQuaid as Jack Dietz | Marcel Jeannin as Matt MacKenzie |
Co-Guest Stars: Johnny Griffin (1) as Emmett | Bill Croft as Grave Digger | Anana Rydvald as Woman Golfer Near Johnny | Pierre Boudreau as Driving Range Attendant | Alex Woods as Hooded Sweatshirt Guy | Ryan Ramsey as Izzy | Nicole Braber as Beth Baron | Patrick Costello (2) as Ronnie
Director: James Head
Writer: Katie Wech

73 :06x06 - Switch

Johnny has a vision of a woman being thrown from his train. While trying to save her, he begins to fall for her despite clues that indicate she is a fraud.
Guest Stars: Sarah Allen as Maggie | Michael Zelniker as Philip Nelson | Frank Schorpion as Malone |
Co-Guest Stars: Pascale Coulombe as Woman With Baby | Matthew Boylan as Craig Palladino | Don Jordan as Train Coachman | Donovan Reiter as Train Waiter | Gordon Mccall as Maine Sergeant | Robert Jadah as Customs Agent | Yanick Bousquet as Quebec Coachman
Director: Paolo Barzman
Writer: Scott Lew

74 :06x07 - Numb

Johnny slips into a coma after what should have been a simple procedure, prompting Sarah to take unexpected actions to save him.
Special Guest Stars: Cara Buono as Sheriff Anna Turner |
Guest Stars: Tom Barnett as Dr. Cole | Angela Galuppo as Nurse Carrie |
Co-Guest Stars: Tyrone Benskin as Orderly Dewey Morris | Scott Faulconbridge as Mr. Lyons | Leni Parker as Ms. Marcy Lyons | Jude Beny as Ms. Laura Flowers | Pierre LeBlanc as Jerry Clark
Director: Michael Rohl

75 :06x08 - Outcome

With less than an hour to stop a bus-station bomb, Johnny tries to find the source of the explosion with the help of Sarah's puzzle-writing friend.
Guest Stars: Maxim Roy as Elaine Dowd | Paul Hopkins as Andrew | Alain Goulem as Dave | Jane Wheeler as Marcia | Marianne Farley as Daisy Hansen |
Co-Guest Stars: Ethan Gould as Tyler | Brett Watson as Peter Hansen | Malcolm Travis as Lewis | Sabine Karsenti as Nancy | Martin Thibadeau as Officer Grabek | Paul Stewart (2) as Dr. Eldridge | Paula MacPherson as Employee
Director: Erik Canuel

76 :06x09 - Transgression

Faith and truth clash during a murder case involving a young woman.
Special Guest Stars: Cara Buono as Sheriff Anna Turner |
Guest Stars: Colin Fox as Father Brendan | Trevor Hayes as Brian Judd | Nick Baillie as Father Tony |
Co-Guest Stars: Sam Stone as Leo Vitali | Jason Conyers as Cop at Station | Wendi Jewers as Kelly Judd | Barbara Alexander as Woman at Party
Director: James Head
Writer: Katie Wech

77 :06x10 - Drift

A vision involving a racehorse being stolen troubles Johnny on a trip to visit Bruce. Meanwhile, Stillson gets closer to Sarah and J.J., leading Johnny to realize he may have missed his chance to reunite his family.
Special Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Greg Stillson |
Guest Stars: Conrad Dunn as Frankie Toro | Lita Tresierra as Maria Toro | James A. Woods as Tommy Rasmussen (as James Woods) | Francis X. McCarthy as Tom Stark (as Francis Xavier McCarthy) | John MacLaren as Craig Rasmussen |
Co-Guest Stars: Tony Calabretta as Loud Coat | James Rae as Jeremy Bloom | Leonardo Fuca as Manny Rivera | Nicholas Haze as Reporter | Cory Fantie as Paramedic
Director: Holly Dale

78 :06x11 - Exile

Johnny's disturbing vision of his psychic friend Alex sends him to a small town in an attempt to save her, but he needs rescuing himself after he is accused of murder. Meanwhile, Sarah decides to move out of Johnny's house and confides in Stillson, who has important information on the investigation into Walt.
Special Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Greg Stillson |
Guest Stars: Jennifer Finnigan as Alex Sinclair | John Topor as Sheriff Lambert | Alan Fawcett as George | Lois Dellar as Wanda |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Marans as Kenny Hutchins | Matthew Stefiuk as Gas Attendent | Paul Burke (1) as Deputy Ahrens | Bobby J. Brown as Dark Suit at Hotel (as Bobby Brown)
Director: James Head

79 :06x12 - Ambush

Johnny steps up his probe into Walt's case in an effort to salvage his relationship with Sarah, and discovers a link to Turner.
Special Guest Stars: Cara Buono as Sheriff Anna Turner |
Guest Stars: Andrew Jackson (1) as Doug O'Connell | Danny Blanco as Foreman (as Danny Blanco-Hall) |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew MacKay as Police Deputy Jake | Sam Stone as Leo Vitali | Robert O'Brien as Hotel Manager
Director: Erik Canuel

80 :06x13 - Denouement

In the sixth-season finale, visions of Walt lead Johnny to his father and a shocking revelation.
Special Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Greg Stillson | Tom Skerritt as Herb Smith | David Ogden Stiers as Rev. Gene Purdy |
Co-Guest Stars: Nancy Helms as Vera/Jacinta | Andrew MacKay as Police Deputy Jake | Jim Francis (1) as Sonny Elliman | Anna Hopkins as Waitress | Bobby J. Brown as Bobby Secret Service
Director: Michael Robison
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi | Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 16, 2002
Ended: September 16, 2007
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