Transgression - Recap

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The night before Hope’s baptism, Johnny and Sarah prepare for the ceremony and the reception afterward. It’s clear that they’re still coming to terms with the fact that they kissed, and are getting closer romantically. The next day they go to the church where they meet Father Brendan. Sarah was expecting Father Tony to do the baptism but Brendan notes that Tony has left for a while. As they go in, Johnny gets a vision from Brendan of the father conducting an exorcism over a man on a bed.

After the baptism and back at the house for the reception, Father Brendan and Johnny talk. Brendan believes that Johnny’s powers are inspired by god while Johnny insists on a scientific explanation. Sheriff Turner arrives with a present and an apology for Sarah about investigating Walt, and notes it’s nothing personal. A local man, Brian Judd, comes in and interrupts the party, asking for Father Brendan to tell him where Father Tony is. Judd’s wife Kelly has also disappeared and Brian suspects a connection. Brendan claims ignorance and the party ends shortly thereafter. However, while going through the presents with Sarah, Johnny gets a vision of Father Brendan cleaning up a room and taking out a bloody and shirt, and Father Tony sobbing in a corner.

Johnny goes to see Brendan and threatens to bring in Sheriff Turner unless he can see Tony. Brendan takes him to a room in the church, the room Johnny saw in his vision, and they find Father Tony sitting in a corner. The walls are covered with the walls of patron saints, a protection against demons, and Brendan claims that Tony is possessed by a demon. Johnny can’t get through to him, although Tony keeps saying the name “Kelly.”

At the police station, a Leo Vitali arrives and asks to see Walt. Turner talks to him and he’s unaware that Walt died, but Vitali has some useful information for Turner’s investigation.

Brendan explains that Tony was in love with Kelly and they were involved before he went into the priesthood. He and Johnny go into the church proper where they find the lilies torn up and Brendan believes that demons were responsible. Johnny touches them and gets a vision of someone burying a body at a farm. He calls Sheriff Turner and she investigates and finds the body of Kelly Judd.

Turner suspects that husband Brian is involved and arrests him. Johnny isn’t sure of what he’s scene and the next day asks Brendan if he can talk to Tony again, but Brendan has moved the ailing father man. Johnny touches him and gets a vision of Brendan hearing Tony’s confession of how he believes he killed Kelly while possessed. Johnny confronts Brendan but the priest refuses to violate the sanctity of confession, and asserts that Tony isn’t responsible for his actions.

While interrogating Brian, Turner meets with Sarah who has arrived to collect the photo files from Walt’s computer, which is part of Turner’s investigation. Turner asks Sarah if she knows anything about Leo Vitali, or Sumerset country, but Sarah hasn’t heard of either. Later she talks to Johnny, who is reluctant to mention his visions, and she tells him to tell the truth to Turner. He goes back to the church and examines the room where Father Tony was staying, and finds Kelly’s wedding ring hidden in a drawer. He also gets a vision of Father Tony meeting Kelly in a hotel room: the two were having an affair. Johnny goes to the hotel room and finds that Father Brendan is keeping Tony there and is prepared to conduct an exorcism. Johnny reluctantly agrees and watches as the holy water causes burns to emerge on Father Tony’s skin. However, he quickly realizes that the holy water is acid, and believes that Father Tony set the whole thing up.

Johnny calls in Turner, who arrests Tony and releases Brian. Father Brendan insists that Tony is innocent, citing his faith, but Johnny is skeptical. He returns home and helps Sarah clean up the house, but when he cleans up the carpet where Brian was standing, he gets a vision of the man burying his wife Kelly. He goes to see Brian, who works at a pharmacy, and confronts him with what he saw in the vision. Brian eventually admits he killed her and used a drug to make Tony hallucinate, but says that Johnny has no evidence, but Johnny brought Turner along to witness the whole thing and Brian is arrested.

Father Tony is released and Brendan and Johnny explain what happened. However, Tony still leaves the priesthood since he violated his vows of celibacy and had an affair with a married woman. After he leaves, Brendan and Johnny both admit they were wrong, and Johnny admits he was willing to believe Tony’s guilt be cause he feels guilty about not telling Sarah he saw Walt’s death in a vision. Brendan advised him to tell her the truth.

Meanwhile, Turner has visited Sarah and reveals that Vitale built a cabin in Sumerset county for Walt, a cabin that Sarah knew nothing about. She says that Walt always intended to build a cabin for them but she’s left to wonder. Turner inadvertently reveals that Johnny told her about his visions of Walt’s death. When Johnny comes home that night, he prepares to confess but Sarah says she already knows. She says that since he was willing to keep secrets, she doesn’t think the two of them have any future. She silently ushers Johnny out and closes the door behind him.