Drift - Recap

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Johnny visits Bruce at the racetrack where he is working as a physical trainer for Frankie Toro, who injured his knee. Johnny is almost run over by Frankie’s daughter Maria on a horse… and Maria is Bruce’s girlfriend. Maria is a trainer for Drift, a filly in a “battle of the sexes” match against Jitterbug, a colt owned by Tom Stark. Frankie is Drift’s jockey and Johnny chats with him. When Maria brings Drift over, it acts nervous around Johnny and when he touches it, he gets a vision of Drift in her stable and a man saying “Grab her.”

Bruce figures that the kidnapping has to take place that night, before the big race, but doesn’t tell Maria over what might be nothing. Meanwhile, Stillson drops in to visit J.J. and ask if he wants to come on a trip with him on Air Force Two. Sarah doesn’t allow it since J.J. has a tree-planting project. Stillson offers a sympathetic ear whenever she needs it.

Tom Stark, Jitterbug’s owner, gives a press conference and Drift’s owners, Craig Rasmussen and his son Tom, give a brief speech as well. Maria comes after and Johnny gets a vision of the stable again with himself lying on the ground. Johnny and Bruce come over to watch a race and a guy in a loud-colored coat asks for a tip. Johnny gives him one and the guy says that action is on Jitterbug for the big race. Johnny warns Bruce not to be on the horse but it wins… and gets disqualified. The bettor isn’t happy and wants his money back but Bruce chases him off and Johnny notices the guy lifted his wallet.

That night Bruce convinces Maria not to stay in the stable, and he and Johnny stand watch. They discuss their relationships and Bruce shows Johnny his engagement ring, but he plans on holding off until after the race. Johnny confesses all he’s done is cause Sarah heartache but Bruce tells him they’re meant for each other. They’re interrupted when Drift stars whinnying. Johnny goes to investigate but is knocked out. Bruce wakes him up and reveals that the kidnappers took Maria, not Drift.

The next morning they get a call from the kidnappers, warning them that if Drift wins then Maria dies. The Rasmussens aren’t happy, but Johnny and Bruce have a day to try and find Maria.

Stillson comes back early to meet with Sarah and offers to give J.J. some help with his tree-planting project. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to track down the bettor from the previous day. They find the guy but he doesn’t know who is betting heavy on Jitterbug.

At the tree-planting project J.J. makes a speech declaring the project is in his father’s honor, and Stillson gives his own speech as well as saying some words in support of Walt. Johnny and Bruce suspect Tom Stark, Jitterbug’s owner, but Frankie believes he’s an honorable man and talks about how Bruce met Maria. When Johnny touches Frankie, he gets a vision of Frankie in an ambulance, suffering from internal bleeding and warning that he couldn’t hold back Drift… who had to be put down. Johnny warns Frankie but he refuses to do anything different.

Johnny and Bruce run into Stark, who casually denies he’s not a gambler. When Johnny gets near Jitterbug, the horse gets nervous and Johnny gets a vision of Stark donating the purse to the Horseman’s Relief Fund and matching the donation personally. Johnny dismisses him as a suspect.

Sarah and Stillson share lunch and Greg explains how his father used him as a child to sell Bibles, and he found a stray dog. Once young Greg told his father he wanted to play with the dog more then swindle people out of their money, his father put him to hard work and later killed the dog. Sarah admits she doesn’t have Greg figured.

Johnny goes back to visit Drift and touch him, getting a vision from the horse’s point of view. He sees Craig and Tom Rasmussen kidnap Maria and Bruce explains that Tom had gambling debts. Johnny follows Tom to an airport hanger and finds a locked office. Touching it, he gets a vision of the combination and lets himself in. Tom knocks him in and locks the door behind him, and Maria reveals she didn’t know who kidnapped her… until now. They talk about their relationship and how Bruce feels guilty about telling Johnny to keep his secret from Sarah.

Bruce goes to the racetrack following Craig, and tells a happy Frankie he was going to propose to Maria. Maria lures Tom in and Johnny knocks him out and they run to the car. Maria calls Frankie and lets him know she’s safe, and Bruce slugs Craig.

Sarah and Greg return home and he offers her his help in getting to the bottom of the situation with Walt. She considers moving to the cabin Walt built.

The bettor returns Johnny’s wallet’s, since he cleaned up betting on Drift. Bruce proposes to Maria then informs Johnny that she and Frankie were minority owners, but with the Rasmussens in jail they get the entire purse. Johnny decides to go back and make amends with Sarah on Maria’s advice. But when he gets home he finds a tree-planting t-shirt and when he touches it he gets a vision of J.J. thanking Stillson for the best day ever. After J.J. goes upstairs, Stillson and Sarah hug. Johnny considers going upstairs… but then leaves.