Exile - Recap

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Johnny is traveling around the country and calls Sarah, but it’s clear that he isn’t happy with her and refuse to discuss her plans to move out. She’s preparing to give a speech in Washington that Stillson is sponsoring, about law enforcement families. Johnny hangs up on her but as he touches a postcard of the Pink Spoon Diner in Fallsburg, IN, he gets a vision of Alex lying dead on the shore of a lake.

Johnny first calls Alex and leaves a warning on her answering machine, then drives to Fallsburg. He gets in an accident involving a local man, George, who has a short temper. Johnny takes his car to the garage where he’s informed he’ll have to wait. The sheriff, Lambert, stops by to check on the accident. As Johnny touches a car part from the garage owner, Kenny, he gets a vision of Alex being locked in the trunk of a car.

While Sarah prepares for her speech and talks with Stillson, Johnny ends up at the Pink Spoon Diner where he chats with the owner, Wanda. She’s willing to believe in his psychic abilities but they’re interrupted when George comes into the bar and tries to start a fight. Johnny knocks him down and is advised to leave. He goes to his hotel room but the next morning he goes back to the garage and Lambert arrest him for George’s murder: the man was beat to death the previous night.

Johnny makes a run for it and goes out the back of the garage, where he runs into… Alex, who showed up to check out the phone call. She talks about how she’s been in the town before since she has a vision of the Pink Spoon Diner every year on her birthday. They take refuge in a garage and she gets a vision of the dead George. She shares her vision with Johnny by holding his hand, but the ghost leaves and Alex follows him while Johnny hides out.

As Sarah prepares for her speech, Stillson tells her that he’s used his connections to end the investigation into Walt’s finances. It turns out Walt had helped out a rich man who had left him money, and Sarah figures he kept the money secret as a surprise, along with he cabin he was working on.

While Wanda finds Johnny in the barn and offers her help, Alex follows George back to the garage where she finds his records, which indicate that Lambert was involved in a gun-smuggling ring. Lambert and Kenny come back and Alex hides, and they discuss how George was going to blackmail them. They almost find her, but Wanda comes in and sends them in the wrong direction. Johnny finds Alex and they compare notes. They discuss how neither one of them think they have no one and Johnny vows that Alex is part of his “family.” Wanda tells them that Lambert is on a wild goose chase so Alex takes off while Johnny gets Wanda to help hi break into Lambert’s house, as they once dated.

As Alex drives down the road, she sees George’s ghost on the road ahead and he directs her to a bait shop with scuba gear. Wanda talks about how she gave up her baby from an old boyfriend and moved to Fallsburg. Johnny sneaks into Lambert’s house and gets a vision of the sheriff beating George to death, then finds the record book. Lambert arrives, arrests him, and takes him to the garage where they knock him out and put him in a car. Alex returns and tries to threaten them, but they lock her up in the trunk and drive it to the lake. They then shove it into the lake to frame Johnny. However, Alex has hid the scuba gear in the trunk beforehand and it provides her with enough oxygen to get the trunk open so she can get Johnny to safety.

Back at the diner, Lambert arrives to find Alex and Johnny waiting for him… along with the FBI. Lambert and Kenny are arrested and Johnny is left to wonder why touching the postcard gave him a vision of Alex. He finally puts things together when he realizes that Wanda took the photo: Alex is the baby she abandoned 30 years ago. Mother and daughter are reunited.

Sarah leaves Washington after Stillson helps her come to terms with her own concerns about moving on. Meanwhile, Johnny prepares to leave Fallsburg but Alex gets a vision of Walt Bannerman sitting in the car next to him, holding an envelope. Johnny figures that he needs to go back to Maine and resolve the situation once and for all.