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Denouement - Recap

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Johnny comes up from the basement and goes through a box of items belonging to his father. He gets unclear visions of his father watching TV while Vera brings him food, and wonders why it is so significant.

Sarah and J.J. are having lunch with Stillson and the waitress comments on what a lovely family they make.

Johnny meets with Deputy Jake, who is investigating the situation with the cabin that the Meeks family supposedly gave to Walt in thanks for his efforts on their behalf. When Johnny finds and touches Walt’s digital camera, he gets a vision of a woman giving a package to Walt and saying he should go to Purdy if he doesn’t believe her. She warns about a snake in the garden and someone who is out to get her, and Walt gives her a package to give to some unidentified person.

Stillson and Sarah go back to the cabin where she makes cookies and they flirt with each other.

Johnny tracks down the woman, Jacinta, at her garden, and she tries to get him to leave. She claims to be a nurse at Brockmore, a convalescence home where Johnny’s father Herb stayed. She notes he had visions of the future as well, including visions of who would win elections, and some men showed up to watch him. She says Johnny should meet with her and the others at a nearby church, but a shot rings out as a sniper kills her.

Johnny goes to the church to find the long-absent Reverend Purdy. Purdy initially denies knowing Jacinta but when Johnny touches him, he gets a vision of Purdy signing a fake death certificate for Herb Smith, with Jacinta’s cooperation. Purdy claims he covered up Herb’s death to keep his wife Vera from suffering, and had him moved to another facility. However, Herb died in a fire five years ago, but Johnny is furious since Herb was alive after Johnny came out of his coma and Purdy never told him. Johnny wonders if Purdy, who was in love with Vera, kept Herb away deliberately but Purdy denies it and admits he doesn’t know what Walt was working on either.

Stillson is playing cards with J.J. and the boy easily beats him. Afterward he approaches Sarah and asks her to take a job with him and move her family to Washington to stay with him. After he leaves, J.J. admits he’s nervous about Stillson since the vice president cheated… to let him win.

Johnny and Purdy go over his Stillson board and Purdy finds a picture with Malcolm Janus and Jacinta in the background. Touching it, Johnny gets a vision of Jacinta and Walt meeting, as Walt has confirmed her information and determined that Herb is still alive and Janus is watching him.

Stillson meets with his old henchman Sonny Elliman, who says he disposed of Jacinta and wonders if it was a good idea to keep Johnny alive. Stillson tells him to do whatever is necessary to dispose of Johnny if he gets too close to their plans.

Johnny and Purdy go over the computer files and figure out that Janus’ organization, the CBA, was funding Herb’s stay as well as paying off Jacinta. They figure Jacinta was talking about her garden and go back there where Sonny tries to kill them. Thanks to a vision, Johnny uses a bug spray canister to distract Sonny long enough to knock him out. Realizing he was heading for a nearby trapdoor, they go down and find a tunnel that leads to… Johnny’s house. Or rather, an exact replica of it. Going into the study, they find Herb just like in Johnny’s vision.

Herb is out of it and is watching Stillson on TV, saying the vice president is his son. Johnny gets a vision and realizes that Jacinta was impersonating Vera Smith to keep Herb happy while he provided visions to his backer: Greg Stillson. Herb says he’s seen that if Stillson doesn’t marry Sarah, the vision of Armageddon will become reality.

Stillson goes to see Sarah and ask for her answer. She starts to agree but Johnny calls to warn her that Stillson is playing them all even though Janus is dead. He tries to explain that the Meeks are made up and never paid for the cabin, but it’s all Stillson’s doing to get in good with Sarah. She can’t talk freely so hangs up and confronts Stillson on his lies. He soon admits he faked the whole thing but really loves her and begs her to stay with him.

Johnny finds a picture of Sarah and J.J., which was the package that Walt gave to Jacinta to deliver. He starts to get through to Herb, who remembers his real son. However, Herb has a heart attack and when Johnny touches him, he gets a vision of Stillson’s man poisoning Herb that morning to cover their tracks.

Sarah refuses Stillson’s advances and when J.J. comes to her rescue, Stillson throws him to the floor. J.J> gets a vision of nuclear Armageddon, the same one that Johnny has been receiving. Johnny has the exact same vision as he touches the dying Herb. A furious Sarah tells Stillson to get out and never come back.

On the news, Elliman’s death is reported as an accident. Johnny goes to Sarah and J.J. and offers what sympathy he can. It’s clear he and Sarah are starting to come back together again, as he goes to J.J. to talk about his new vision.