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Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with Pete and a woman in a motel and they kiss. She is a flight attendant and she leaves. Pete arrives at the office and meets Lisa Tyler outside. He walks with her inside and Meredith comes in. Pete introduces Lisa to Meredith. But, Meredith is less than polite and says that Lisa is not going to be able to lap dance her way through the court case. Pete tells her not to worry about Meredith and that she has a simple case. They walk into the courtroom and Raymond is on trial. He leaves Lisa by herself and tells that it is just an arraignment and the plea is not guilty. Pete tells that he has to go. Pete meets Nick, his law partner, and Nick shows pictures of his wife, Jessica, and another man. Pete tells that he can’t have her followed. He tells that he better stop or he will put a restraining order on him. Suddenly Pete gets a call from Sophie. Pete tells Nick that Dan Shepherd needs them.

At a correctional facility, Pete and Nick meet with their client, Dan, and he tells that he can’t take the plea and that he is switching to the plea to not guilty. Nick tells that they were going to give him only three years in prison. However, Dan tells that he doesn’t want to serve any time. They tell that it is near impossible to do it but Dan doesn’t care. After they leave, Pete drives Nick to the middle of the desert of Las Vegas and Pete and Nick arrive to see the unveiling of their billboard. They call themselves “The Defenders” and Pete tells Nick to do the “defender” pose. Back at the office, Porn Star, Eva Demone, comes in with her manager and Nick tells Pete to stay professional. Lisa comes in Pete’s office and is upset that Pete left her in court without even knowing anything of the case. Pete tells asks what Lisa learned. She tells that she got the not guilty plea in and that she has learned a great deal. Pete tells that she is going to make a good lawyer and that she needs to be more confident in herself.

Pete and Nick are in the court room and tell the judge of Dan’s recent change to the plea of not guilty. The judge tells Dan that there is a huge possibility that he is going to be getting 40 years to life inside of the three years that was offered to him in the first place. He tells that his plea is still not guilty. The judge tells that his case will be tomorrow. Nick tries to fight for a couple of days but the judge doesn’t care and wants the case done to teach Dan a lesson it seems. Lisa, Nick, and Pete meet in their office and discuss the possible issues. Nick tells that it is impossible with the little time that they do have to make a good case for Dan. Lisa notices that the statement of Mrs. Brown, the neighbor tells that “we saw it”. Mrs. Brown lives alone and she is 90% blind. Nick tells Lisa to find out the other person was that actually saw the murder. Nick tells that he has to get to a ballgame that he promised he wouldn’t miss. Nick arrives to see his son, Sammy, play baseball. He sits next to his estranged wife Jessica and he tells that a “little birdie” told him that she had a date. She gets upset that he had her followed and leaves.

Pete and Nick are in the case of Dan Shepherd and Cole deliberates and has witnesses on the stand about the death of a football player. Meanwhile, Lisa visits with Mrs. Brown and she tells that she doesn’t want to get anyone into trouble. Lisa notices someone vacuuming. She tells that she apologizes for taking Mrs. Brown’s time. Back in the courtroom, Nick questions the witness about the location of the fight. He tells that the others that were in the fight weighed around 200-240 pounds while Dan and his brother only were skinny. He asks how the fight started in the middle of the street and ended up next to Dan’s house. Nick tells that they were chased more likely. Back at Mrs. Brown’s home, Lisa waits for the housekeeper that she say cleaning to come out and she says hello. The lady’s name is Ana Mendez and she saw everything that happened. Back in the courtroom, the defense calls the girl at the scene to the stand and she is in tears over the fact that her friend was killed. In the hall, Dan’s brother is upset that his brother is going to lose his case and tells Pete and Nick that they should have convinced him to take the plea bargain.

Pete is at home with his son and they are watching baseball. A batter almost gets hit and Sammy tells his dad that he could have gotten killed. Nick rewinds the play and sees the batter turn to avoid getting his in the face. The next morning, Nick goes to Dan’s house and goes over the scenario. Pete shows up and tells that they need to be in court in 20 minutes. Nick tells Pete to be the victim and Nick will be Dan. They play out what happened and notice that there is a discrepancy. They go to the courtroom and Dr. Pitts tells that the victim had to be on his knees for the bullet trajectory to be how it was. Nick questions him and plays with the word trajectory and shows that there is a step and that Dan was standing there when he fired the gun. He then tells that when someone is in danger, they automatically turn their back to the weapon to take the blow to the back and not the front. Dr. Pitts tells that the victim was on his knees. Before Nick sits down, he tosses his water on Dr. Pitts and Dr. Pitts turns his back. Nick makes sure that the jury saw that.

Pete walks into the office and there is a line of people ranging from Porn stars to people needing and annulment after a wild night in Las Vegas. He tells Sophie to get their names and numbers because he has to be back in court. In the courtroom, Pete calls Ana Mendez to the stand and tells the judge that they just found her. He allows it. Ana tells that she saw the whole thing and that the man wasn’t on his knees, the girl wasn’t crying, but cheering and Dan was defending himself. In the judge’s chambers, they are discussing the case and Cole and tells that they are willing to go to a lesser charge and the judge tells that he wants to end the case today and denies what Nick has to say. Closing arguments take place and Cole tells the jury that Dan Sheppard is murderer. Nick gets up and uses the “What would I do” statement and asks what the jury would do in a case like this. Nick drives home and tries to call Jessica but gets a voicemail. Pete on the other hand, goes to the casino and sees Meredith. They start kissing and Pete gets a text that the jury has a question.

In the office, the lawyers meet and the question is what they wanted because the jury feels that Dan did something wrong, but didn’t have intent to kill anyone. They feel that they would give Dan Involuntary Manslaughter if they have the charge and Dan will get a year. However, Nick doesn’t like that and wants to go bolder than that. They go to the jail and tell Dan the update and the fact that he could either get a year if the jury votes manslaughter or 10 years if the judge gets a charge drafted up himself. He tells that he just wants to get out of there. Nick and Pete go to the judge and Nick is drunk. He tells that the judge is stupid and Cole knows what Nick is doing. He is trying to through off the judge to kick him out to avoid getting a new charge drafted up. It works and Nick gets fined $2,000 in the process. The judge goes up to the jury and tells that they are going to have to judge based on what they have. Outside the courtroom, Pete bumps into Lisa and Meredith in the hall and she tells that she is going to give up her counter plea and allow Raymond to go. Lisa won the case. As Meredith leaves she gives Pete a look and Lisa wants to know about it, but Pete gets in an elevator and leaves.

Nick and Pete meet for drinks and they both get a message that says “Verdict is in”. They go to court and the judge reads the verdict. The jury says that he is not guilty on all counts. Dan is released from jail and Nick and Pete are there to welcome him. Later that night, Nick and Pete meet and Pete is ecstatic that he gets to see Frank Sinatra J.R. on stage. Sophie enters with a date and gloats that she got front row seats to it. Frank Sinatra J.R. enters the stage and sings “Your Face”.