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Nevada v. Killa Diz - Recap

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The scene opens at a club with a rapper on stage. A man walks in with a gun, sifts through the crowd and finds two people and shoots them to death. The crowd goes into a panic and disperses. The next day Nick and Pete are in the gym. Nick is working out when a man, Bounce, approaches him asking if he is a lawyer. Nick asks what kind of trouble he is in and Bounce says its not him its his client, Killer Diz that he is producing. Bounce tells about the night in the club and that Killer was being questioned by the police about it. Bounce thinks Killer Diz will be charged soon. Nick and Pete head back to the office. Zoe tells them that she found a case for them on their new website. Nick is skeptical but Pete says he will take the case saying it will be good publicity. They go to the jail and meet the new client. The man tells them he is not the person they booked his under. The says his name is Quinn Callahan not Simon Tower.

He claims Simon is the guilty party and he is being blamed. He tells the he is guilty of credit card scanning but none of the other charges. He says he was busted and the police found an I.D. with his face but Simon's name. He tells he met Simon on line and they did some hacking work for him. He also mentioned that his girlfriend was in on the whole thing and can prove who he is. They ask the girls name and he says Alexia. Now Nick and Pete meet with Killer Diz and Nick explains that he won’t call him that. Killer says then call him Diz. Diz gets on the stage and raps that he killed the people the other night. The police are there and arrest him on site. Diz is now pleading in court not guilty. The court goes wild and the judge calls for order as he sets bail.

Pete is in court with Quinn asking for the bail to be lowered but the D.A. Says he is a fight risk so the judge says no. Quinn's bail is one million dollars so it is virtually impossible for him to make so he finds his way to a computer in the jail hacks the system and sets his own bail. He heads straight to Pete's and Nick's office to find they are far from happy and questioning weather to report him or not. Quinn convinces them to let him help find Alexa who can set the record straight on his identity. He thinks he finds her and rushes out the door to be reunited with her but before he goes Zoe calls Pete and Pete meets with him in the hotel lobby. They go to the room and knock but its not her that answers the door its the F.B.I. The pull Pete and Quinn into the room a and question them and demand to know the where abouts of the real Simon. The agent says he will send Quinn up the river if he doesn't cooperate. Pete makes a deal with them releasing Quinn from the charges if he helps. Pete returns to the office and tells Nick what happened and Nick gets mad that Pete has over involved himself with the client.

Nick meets with Daryl, aka Killer Diz at the office to go over the case. He lets Bounce and Daryl know that if they don't change Daryl's image he was sure to lose the case and the jury's vote. Bounce protests stating how hard they have worked to create the image and if they don't keep it Daryl will lose his stardom. Daryl agrees with Nick and stays behind with Nick. Nick dresses him in a suit and reassures that the image was worth changing. Nick is driving down the road with Daryl when Daryl jumps out of the car after talking about his mother and how its been to long since he had spoken to her. Nick goes to Bounce asking where Daryl went, Bounce claims he doesn't know but thinks its funny that Daryl ran. Nick gets frustrated and puts Bounce in his place. Nick tells him that Daryl looks up to him and that he is taking advantage of that and should be ashamed. Bounce explains that he is not his father and that he explained that to him in the beginning.

Nick tells him he's still wrong for cashing in on the boy and his image. Lisa finds a you tube video of Daryl telling his story of innocents in a rap. Nick gets Quinn to locate him by hacking and takes Lisa to the address. They show up and read the lyrics from a paper on the table and finds that the target in shooting was the woman victim not the man and as they are walking out and the police arrive and arrest them for aiding and abedding. Zoe stayed on her computer while everyone is out and tracts down Alexa. She brings her back to the office and reunites her with Quinn. They hug, kiss, and talk about what has been happening to them lately. Alexa tells him she wanted to track him but was afraid the police where watching her online activity so she has been off the grid. Pete confirms that she was being tract and that if she wanted Quinn to remain free she would have to help find Simon for the F.B.I. Nick is in intake in the police station. He calls Pete and asks him to do a back ground check on the deceased woman and find out if she had an alias Candi that matched Daryl's lyrics. Then he mentions that he and Lisa need to be bailed out. Pete laughs at him for getting over involved with a client but agrees.

After he is released, Nick explains to the judge his findings on “Candi” the judge feels Nick has found sufficient evidence and removes the charges from Daryl. Pete meets with the F.B.I. He lets them knows how he found Alexa and she knows where Simon is. Then he informs them that she will not tell where Simon is unless she has immunity as well. The F.B.I. agrees and Simon is arrested. Quinn and Alexa are given probation for the crimes they did commit. Nick finds Daryl and tells him he will due six months in jail for not showing up for court. Daryl thinks the time will look good for his rapper career. Nick disagrees and tells him to quit rapping and do something good with his life before it ruins him. Daryl still thinks that rapping is the only way he will make it but he thanks Nick for caring and everything he did for him.

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