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Whitten v. Fenlee - Recap

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The scene opens with Nick walking to his next appointment when Zoe stops him and asks him to help her friend. After talking it over with her he agrees to meet her and tells Zoe to make an appointment. But Zoe had a better plan she turns Nick around and introduces Lacy to him. Nick protests saying he has an appointment right now. She lets him know that she rescheduled it and that he is free. Lacy sits with Nick and tells him she's been arrested for defacing a new high rise downtown. She tells him her husband died while working construction on the building so she wrote “built in blood” on the side. Nick tells her that the court is not going to go after a morning widow and he will try to take care of it.

Pete gets handed a new case for a blogger, Aaron Ailes. He is being sued for giving up a local magician’s trick. Pete explains to him that the laws in Nevada cover journalism strongly, but don’t cover bloggers. The guy goes to leave saying that all the attorney he has spoken to have told him the same thing; when Pete stops him and tells him that they will find a way to change the law. Pete is in court now, he argues that it is unfair that his client is being charged or forced to give up his source. The judge disagrees and Aaron must give up his source or go to jail.
Zoe comes running into the office and asks Nick not to be mad. Lacey has gone back to the building she has vandalized and chained herself to the building. As the police are cutting her down Nick shows up and informs the officer her is her attorney. Lacey gets arrested. Nick meets her at the jail and tells her that her actions are not helping. She says her husband told her that the working conditions were unsafe, but not to repeat it in fear of losing his job. She tells Nick she asked to see the paper work from his death, but has been given the run around. Nick tells her she needs to sue them to get the information she needs for closure. He then makes her agree to see a grievance counselor or he will not bail her out—she agrees.

Nick begins his civil opening statement for Lacey. The defending lawyer agrees with Nick and states that he will give all the paper work for the death. Nick is gloating about his speedy win and walks into the office to find many boxes of paperwork about the construction site. Nick and Pete complain as they sift through the mounds of paperwork. Pete finds that the report states that the victim fell only two stories and not seven, like Lacey told him previously. Pete also tells nick that they safety nets are supposed to be in place every two stories, so it is possible that papers were filed falsely. Nick also finds paperwork that there was another person injured on the same site, but when they try to contact him they find that he is deceased and his widow is living in a mansion. The home was far too large for a deceased electrician to have owned, and when they try to speak with the widow she hangs up on nick after telling him about her husbands death.

Nick gets a call to meet with the attorneys from the construction company. They try to intimidate Nick into quitting or when the case is over and Lacey loses they will sue her for the costs. Nick walks out not giving into their threats, and as he and Pete walk out of the building Pete tries to talk Nick into quitting the case. Just as Pete is telling Nick that this may have just been an accident and to take the fact that they didn’t even make a settlement offer as a sign. Nick gets a phone call while they are waiting for valet from the construction lawyers offering five million dollars to settle on the case. Nick tells Lacey that she can only take the money if she never discusses the case again. Lacey said she won’t take the money because it won’t stop the unsafe conditions, and she doesn’t want anyone else to die. She adds that if the electrician’s wife would have fought then Troy (her husband) would still be alive. As Lacey leaves Nick tells her that it will be a hard road but he will work with her.

Pete is arguing with Aaron about giving up his source. Aaron tells Pete he will go to jail to keep his source safe. Zoe walks into the office and hands Pete a playing card with “plaza now” written on it. Pete and Aaron go down to find Aaron’s source in the plaza. The man says he won’t allow Aaron to go to jail for him. Aaron jumps in and tells the man that he is fighting for a cause and if the source is revealed it will ruin his fight. Pete tells the source he will be brought up on charges for revealing the magic trick, but the source smiles and says he disagrees. Pete goes to court on Aaron’s case and the source comes into the court and testifies that the trick did not belong to the magician, that it is recorded in an old book that sold very few copies. He tells the court that he used to teach magic and that the prosecutor was one of his students, now owns the book and is aware that the trick does not belong to him. Pete wins the case.

Nick is now in court with Lacey. She is on the stand and Nick is questioning her about the safety issues her husband mentioned to her. She tells the court that Troy talked about the safety issues daily. The construction company’s lawyer starts to question Lacey. He asks if Troy drank alcohol. She said yes that he liked beer. The lawyer then followed and asked if she was aware that Troy drank on his lunch breaks. Nick objects and they lawyer withdraws the question. He then asks about her faithfulness to her husband. She tries to say that it is a private issue, but the judge tells her to speak. She tells the court that she cheated but they had worked through it. The lawyer responds telling the court that she is doing this out of guilt. Nick and Pete realize that their case no longer looks good. The jury will most likely lose faith in Lacey because of the cheating, but he thinks he has an angle. If the safety inspector was in too many places at once, they can prove that inspection was never done. When they contact the inspector they find that he no longer works for the inspection company. The man tells that he isn’t proud of his actions but he was overwhelmed and drinking. They find out the inspectors office was making the construction companies pay to be passed. If the company didn’t pay then they wouldn’t be passed.

Now Nick is back in court cross examining the construction company owner. He asks the man if he was forced to pay the inspection company the bribe. After nick tells him that the other men in the court room were also inspectors ready to testify (a lie). The owner says yes that he paid bribes. Nick begins his closing argument blaming the inspector’s office for the death. Nick also asks for only one dollar, but the jury decides to give her nine million. After court Lacey tells nick that she is starting a college fund for kids whose parents died in construction accidents. Nick happily agrees to pitch in the lawyers fees as well so he is not considered a blood sucking lawyer in her eyes. Nick is not looking forward to telling Pete that they are not getting paid for this case.