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Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals - Recap

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The scene opens and it is morning. Liza is hurrying to work after sleeping the night with ADA Matt Ward. Matt confirms that he wants her to join his side, but Liza is not giving in yet. Matt wants her to stay longer, but she doesn’t want to be late. Matt has not seen anyone so excited about a food poisoning case, but Liza surely is. When she gets to office, Zoey cannot hold her curiosity – Liza is looking sexier and is missing an earring. Later, Nick, Pete and Liza sit with Sonia, the food poisoning client allergic to dairy products, and hesitate about showing her the tape they retrieved from the restaurant. Sonia tells them that she ordered a salad, but the sauce they served had milk powder, and after eating a little bit, she could not breathe any longer. The tape shows Sonia on the restaurant floor, where the EMT officials are trying desperately to save her life. They stop the tape and tell her this is where her heart failed, and it may be a disturbing video.

However, Sonia wants to know what happened. After a second injection from the EMT, she sees herself dead, and shocked, she thinks the lawyers should sue the restaurant big time. However, Nick explains that the restaurant is responsible for an entry-level damage. They need to catch the people who are really responsible. Later, when Pete catches Nick about to bite one of his favorite burgers, he reminds Nick about the insurance tests scheduled later in the month. And with Nick’s cholesterol potentially beyond limits, they will be paying higher premiums, which might require them to cut down on staff, he says pointing at Zoey. Immediately she trashes the food she got for Nick. Later, when Nick and Pete do their rounds of investigation at EMT stations, they learn that everything was apparently carried out according to protocol.

When Liza gets a call from Tony, Zoey thinks he is the new boyfriend, and the first thing Liza hears on the call is that Tony’s heard she has a new boyfriend… Then she is quick to put him on the speakerphone, as Pete arrives on the scene. It turns out that Tony has found out from medical reports that the EMT professionals overdosed Sonia. Later, when Liza arrives at Sonia’s gymnastic class, it turns out that the doctors cannot allow her to practice or perform anymore. Liza’s sorry but she reveals that Sonia got 10 times the recommended dosage from the EMTs and they will have to settle. ‘When,’ asks Sonia and Liza promises to follow suit this week. Nick and Pete investigate for building up their case, and they approach the mother of a victim who was overdosed in a manner much worse than Sonia, but with the same drug. Luke had a 3.8 GPA, was a basketball rookie, but an EMT mistake cut off oxygen to his brain almost permanently. However, his mother is not entirely up to fighting a case, as she does not hope much to come out from it.

Moreover, someone needs to take care of Luke. Back at the office, Pete and Nick argue how their case is poised. While Pete sees two victims overdosed by the EMT with the same drug, Nick argues that the jury will see Sonia as a healthy and able woman. Not before long, it strikes them that negligent packaging could be the reason for overdoses that both victims suffered. Zoey and Tony are out on investigation at an EMT station. Zoey quickly deserts one of the stationed trucks claiming she has an emergency, and Tony takes a snapshot of the medicine box. It turns out that two canisters, packaged similarly, carry different dosages – one ten times as strong as the other. The makers of the drug are a Fortune 500 company with a big lineup of lawyers. However, Nick is ready to bite the dragon’s tail – he is going to sue the drug company. Later, Nick approaches Luke’s mother for urging her to fight the drug company. He promises a large fortune that the pharmacy will be forced to settle. Although reluctant, she agrees to get involved as long as they can arrange for a cute young nurse to take care of Luke while she is away. Nick records his interview with the EMT specialist who overdosed Sonia.

He is unwilling to testify his fault as it will bring out incompetency, but Nick tries coaxing him – to the extent of testifying against the medical company so that they settle. Later, Liza is furious to learn that the firm has decided to delay Sonia’s case, because they feel by suing the drug company over Luke’s victimization, they can fetch a bigger settlement – although the strategy is a gamble. Moreover, Liza is already contemplating on leaving the firm for ADA Matt Ward’s offer. Liza feels bad when she has to confess to Sonia that her trial will be delayed. Sonia’s medical bills are already going through the roof! When Liza comes back and drops ‘screw you’, Nick discovers that Sonia has fetched herself a different lawyer as well – and they are suing the EMT. Nick’s livid, but all he can do is wait for his trial.

At the trial, the jury is shown a video of Luke’s exceptional abilities at the basketball court, and his derelict condition after the OD. Nick makes his opening statement – pointing out the health problem Luke has suffered. He shows the two drugs, packaged similarly. He explains that one is ten times as strong as the other, and any EMT specialist during an emergency could mistake one for the other. The pharmacy attorney argues that the drug concentration is mentioned on the packages, and a well-trained EMT professional should be able to decipher between the two canisters. Later, at the office, the team tracks down the EMT professional who administered the overdose on Luke. He has run away with guilt, and is now serving as an army medic in Afghanistan. He admits to a mistake that he never intended, and tells them he had to run away because of guilt. Moreover, he agrees to the difficulty of being able to decipher between the two packages, and agrees to testify in court.

However, when Nick and Pete ask the judge permission for the new testimony, they find no success, because the pharmacy attorney points out possible foul play. He plays the tape where Nick was persuading Sonia’s EMT medic into a testimonial against the drug company. The judge disallows the witness. Later, when the pharmacy attorney examines their doctor at the trial, he claims that any literate person should be able to decipher between the two drugs because the concentrations are written on the package – claiming that the packaging is not negligent. Looks like Pete and Nick are nearly screwed. Later that night, just as Pete complains of shrimps on the pizza Zoey ordered, he gets furious because he is allergic to shrimps. Nick wittingly plans a sure victory.

Next day at the trial, Pete is sitting with a box of shrimps to demonstrate his allergy. Nick puts the pharmacy doctor on the stand, and just as Pete is choking on shrimps, he wants the doctor to pick one of the drugs Nick is holding out in his hands. The doctor picks the wrong one, and Nick manages to administer the right one on Pete saving his life. Then Nick tells the jury – if the doctor who works for the pharmacy cannot pick the right dosage in an emergency, how can anyone? The jury finds the pharmacy guilty of negligent packaging, and estimates the damages at $12 million – victory for Luke and his mother, and it turns out that they have a great margin that can be used for Sonia’s compensation as well.

Later, when Pete intrigued at Nick’s gamble, asks how he was so sure that the doctor would pick the wrong canister, he reveals that both the canisters he held out, were the wrong one. Bold! Nick announces a party, and since his cholesterol reports reveal a new low, he is simply ready to gorge. On the way out, he tells Liza that they hired knowing her passion for her clients. And they want her to stay. Liza calls Matt, and tells him she will not be joining his side, but the dinner is on. Not before long, Zoey finds out who the new boyfriend is by prying through a caller ID. The episode ends.