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The Dr. Oz Show

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 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
528 4x01 10/Sep/2012 Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Fat Burner That Works! N/A
529 4x02 11/Sep/2012 Restart Your Body! N/A
530 4x03 12/Sep/2012 Dr. Oz Interviews First Lady Michelle Obama N/A
531 4x04 13/Sep/2012 Oz Uncensored: Your Most Humiliating Questions Ever! N/A
532 4x05 14/Sep/2012 How to Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage N/A
533 4x06 17/Sep/2012 Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Secrets N/A
534 4x07 18/Sep/2012 Has This Doctor Found the Fountain of Youth? N/A
535 4x08 19/Sep/2012 Dying to Eat: Inside the Secret World of Binge Eaters N/A
536 4x09 20/Sep/2012 Dr. Oz Reunites the Doctors, Nurses, and Patients of NY Med N/A
537 4x10 21/Sep/2012 Dr. Oz's Guilt-Free Hour! N/A
538 4x11 24/Sep/2012 The #1 Reason You're Exhausted! N/A
539 4x12 25/Sep/2012 Why Melatonin May Be Dangerous to Your Sleep N/A
540 4x13 26/Sep/2012 The Craziest "No Shame" Overshares of All Time! N/A
541 4x14 27/Sep/2012 Is Gluten Secretly Destroying Your Health? N/A
542 4x15 28/Sep/2012 Secrets Your Supermarket Doesn't Want You to Know N/A
543 4x16 01/Oct/2012 The Long Island Medium on Curing Anxiety N/A
544 4x17 02/Oct/2012 Ripped from the Headlines: Dr. Oz Talks Health News With TV's Biggest Doctors N/A
545 4x18 03/Oct/2012 Caught Red Handed! Your Most Cringe-Worthy Health Problems Revealed! N/A
546 4x19 04/Oct/2012 Breaking News: Are Pesticides the Greatest Threat to Your Kids' Health? N/A
547 4x20 05/Oct/2012 The Silent Killer: America's Fastest Growing Cancer N/A
548 4x21 08/Oct/2012 Should You Give Up Artificial Sweeteners? N/A
549 4x22 09/Oct/2012 What the Heck!? Dr. Oz's New Simple Advice! N/A
550 4x23 10/Oct/2012 Rick Springfield's Secret Health Battle N/A
551 4x24 11/Oct/2012 30 and Older: The New Faces of HPV N/A
552 4x25 12/Oct/2012 Dr. Andrew Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet N/A
553 4x26 15/Oct/2012 Jenny McCarthy's Shocking Bad Habit Health Confession! N/A
554 4x27 16/Oct/2012 Could You Have a Hidden Food Allergy? N/A
555 4x28 17/Oct/2012 GMO Foods: Are They Dangerous to Your Health? N/A
556 4x29 18/Oct/2012 Boost Your Immunity! N/A
557 4x30 19/Oct/2012 The #1 Way to Fight Fatigue! N/A
558 4x31 22/Oct/2012 Dr. Oz Exclusive Interview with Valerie Bertinelli! N/A
559 4x32 23/Oct/2012 Have Medicine's Most Controversial Leaders Found the Fountain of Youth? N/A
560 4x33 24/Oct/2012 Are You Normal or Nuts? Your Weird Questions Answered! N/A
561 4x34 25/Oct/2012 Exclusive: Dr. Oz Interviews Rosie O'Donnell N/A
562 4x35 26/Oct/2012 Recharge Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days! N/A
563 4x36 29/Oct/2012 The Newest, Fastest Fat Busters! N/A
564 4x37 30/Oct/2012 Dr. Oz's Miracle Solutions from Around the Globe! N/A
565 4x38 31/Oct/2012 Cut Your Carb Cravings in One Week N/A
566 4x39 01/Nov/2012 How to Drop a Decade! 5 Secrets to Cheat Your Age N/A
567 4x40 02/Nov/2012 Dr. Oz's Ultimate Shopping List N/A
568 4x41 05/Nov/2012 Turbocharge Your Metabolism For Your Body Type N/A
569 4x42 06/Nov/2012 Dr. Oz's After 35 Survival Kit! N/A
570 4x43 07/Nov/2012 5 Diet Myths Busted N/A
571 4x44 08/Nov/2012 Your Biggest Cancer Risks: Dr. Oz's Biggest Solutions! N/A
572 4x45 09/Nov/2012 That's Awkward: Dr. Oz Answers the Questions You'd Never Ask Your Doctor! N/A
573 4x46 12/Nov/2012 Melt Fat Fast: How to Reset Your Secret Fat-Loss Hormones N/A
574 4x47 13/Nov/2012 Tony Horton's Breakthrough Plan to Reshape Your Body N/A
575 4x48 14/Nov/2012 Eat Twice As Much and Lose 5 Pounds! N/A
576 4x49 15/Nov/2012 Andrew Weil's 5 Essentials You Need Now! N/A
577 4x50 16/Nov/2012 Dr. Oz Alert: Sensa - Sensation or Senseless? N/A
578 4x51 19/Nov/2012 How to Get a Super Brain N/A
579 4x52 20/Nov/2012 Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Energy-Boosting Plan N/A
580 4x53 21/Nov/2012 7 Red Flags Your Body Is Aging Too Fast N/A
581 4x54 26/Nov/2012 Secrets Restaurants Don't Want You To Know N/A
582 4x55 27/Nov/2012 Shut Down Your Stress! N/A
583 4x56 28/Nov/2012 From Gay to Straight? The Controversial Therapy N/A
584 4x57 29/Nov/2012 J.R. Martinez: Surviving the Unthinkable N/A
585 4x58 03/Dec/2012 Are You Addicted to Wheat? N/A
586 4x59 04/Dec/2012 Dr. Oz's Cold & Flu Winter Rescue Rx! N/A
587 4x60 06/Dec/2012 Nate Berkus! N/A
588 4x61 07/Dec/2012 Dr. Oz's Ultimate "How Healthy Are You?" Quiz! N/A
589 4x62 10/Dec/2012 Randy Jackson's Shocking Health Secret! N/A
590 4x63 11/Dec/2012 The Controversial Doctors Who Say Everything You Know About Cholesterol is Wrong! N/A
591 4x64 12/Dec/2012 Medical Mystery: Lifesaving Secrets From Dr. G Medical Examiner! N/A
592 4x65 13/Dec/2012 Dr. Oz on Location! The Biggest Lifesaving Hour in Oz Show History! N/A
593 4x66 17/Dec/2012 Making Sense of Newtown N/A
594 4x67 18/Dec/2012 Dr. Oz's Happiness Boosters! N/A
595 4x68 19/Dec/2012 Dr. Oz's Ultimate Insider's Guide: The Newest Medical Breakthroughs! N/A
596 4x69 20/Dec/2012 Dr. Oz Takes On TV's Sextuplet Toddlers! N/A
597 4x70 21/Dec/2012 The Provocative Doctor to Revolutionize Your Health! N/A
598 4x71 31/Dec/2012 7 Years Younger! The Revolutionary Anti-Aging Plan! N/A
668 4x141 22/Apr/2013 Paleo Diet Craze: Does It Work? N/A
669 4x142 23/Apr/2013 Super-Powered Greek Coffee N/A
670 4x143 24/Apr/2013 How Bad Are Your Health Mistakes? N/A
671 4x144 25/Apr/2013 New Ayurvedic Fat Fighters N/A
672 4x145 26/Apr/2013 Eva Longoria's Health Mission! N/A
673 4x146 29/Apr/2013 Belly Blasters That Work N/A
674 4x147 30/Apr/2013 Dr. Oz's 3-Day Energy-Boosting Cleanse N/A
675 4x148 01/May/2013 Deepak Chopra's 21-Day Stress Cleanse N/A
676 4x149 02/May/2013 The New 3-Day Juice Cleanse N/A
677 4x150 03/May/2013 Dr Oz's Swimsuit Cleanse N/A
678 4x151 06/May/2013 Dr. Oz's Favorite Holistic Cures N/A
679 4x152 07/May/2013 Dr Oz's Pain Clinic N/A
680 4x153 08/May/2013 Breaking News: Is Sunscreen Dangerous? N/A
681 4x154 09/May/2013 Long Island Medium: Inside a Psychic's Brain N/A
682 4x155 10/May/2013 Embarrassing Medical Myths Even Dr. Oz Believes N/A
683 4x156 13/May/2013 Suppress Your Cravings Naturally! Dr. Oz's Dopamine Diet! N/A
684 4x157 14/May/2013 Health Splurges That Can Actually Save You Money! N/A
685 4x158 15/May/2013 What Really Happens at the End of Life? N/A
686 4x159 16/May/2013 The Truth About Sleeping Pills: Are You Taking the Wrong Sleep Aid the Wrong Way? N/A
687 4x160 17/May/2013 America's Wackiest Health Trends Put to the Test! N/A
688 4x161 20/May/2013 Jack Osbourne's Life-Changing Diagnosis N/A
689 4x162 21/May/2013 Top Germ Hot Spots in Your Kitchen and Bath Revealed! N/A
690 4x163 22/May/2013 Tony Robbins: How to Take Charge of Your Health! N/A
691 4x164 23/May/2013 Martha Stewart Like You've Never Seen Her Before! N/A
693 4x166 03/Jun/2013 Fast Diet Tricks That Work! N/A
694 4x167 01/Jul/2013 Yogalosophy: How Yoga Can Reshape Your Body, Cure Your Pain, and Help You Lose Weight! N/A
695 4x168 02/Jul/2013 Toxic Sabotagers: How to Stop the People in Your Life From Destroying Your Health N/A
696 4x169 08/Jul/2013 Take Control of Your Financial Health! N/A
697 4x170 09/Jul/2013 Your Most Embarrassing Questions: Summertime Edition! N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
703 5x01 09/Sep/2013 Whose Embarrassing Condition Is It Anyway? N/A
704 5x02 10/Sep/2013 Steven Tyler On the Record N/A
705 5x03 11/Sep/2013 Girls Out Loud: Sound Off On Health Topics N/A
706 5x04 12/Sep/2013 Mirror Mirror N/A
707 5x05 13/Sep/2013 How to Get Almost Anything for Free N/A
708 5x06 16/Sep/2013 Quack Medicine With the Cast of Duck Dynasty N/A
709 5x07 17/Sep/2013 Dr. Oz Unexpected N/A
710 5x08 18/Sep/2013 Are You Headed for a Sleep Divorce? N/A
711 5x09 19/Sep/2013 Kick Cholesterol to the Curb With Cedric the Entertainer N/A
712 5x10 20/Sep/2013 Viewers Takeover! N/A
713 5x11 23/Sep/2013 3 Small Pains That Could Be a Big Problem N/A
714 5x12 24/Sep/2013 What Dr. Oz Really Tells His Friends and Family N/A
715 5x13 25/Sep/2013 Dr. Drew's Secret Health Battle Revealed N/A
716 5x14 26/Sep/2013 Dr. Oz's Ultimate Alternative Health Remedies N/A
717 5x15 27/Sep/2013 Artificial Sweeteners: Disturbing New Facts! N/A
718 5x16 30/Sep/2013 The Newest Health-Food Sensation Revealed N/A
719 5x17 01/Oct/2013 Dr. Oz Reunited With Tourist Struck by NYC Taxi N/A
720 5x18 02/Oct/2013 10 Things Every Woman Must Know About Heart Disease N/A
721 5x19 03/Oct/2013 Undercover LASIK Surgery Investigation N/A
722 5x20 04/Oct/2013 Wendy Williams Gets Real About Her Health N/A
723 5x21 07/Oct/2013 Robin Quivers: The Cancer Battle She Couldn't Reveal N/A
724 5x22 08/Oct/2013 The Diagnosis Doctors Miss Most: Thyroid Disease N/A
725 5x23 09/Oct/2013 Your Biggest Flu Questions Answered N/A
726 5x24 10/Oct/2013 Connecting Mind, Body and Soul N/A
727 5x25 11/Oct/2013 Richard Simmons: Recharged and Rediscovered! N/A
728 5x26 14/Oct/2013 Get Rid of Belly Bloat N/A
729 5x27 15/Oct/2013 Juicerexia N/A
730 5x28 16/Oct/2013 Hot-Flash Prescription N/A
731 5x29 17/Oct/2013 Elizabeth Smart: Whatever It Took to Survive N/A
732 5x30 18/Oct/2013 T-Boz and Chilli: Their Health Scares Revealed N/A
733 5x31 21/Oct/2013 Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer's? N/A
734 5x32 22/Oct/2013 The Secrets In Your Chakras: Seven Energy Centers N/A
735 5x33 23/Oct/2013 Dick Cheney Exclusive! N/A
736 5x34 24/Oct/2013 The Alarmist’s Guide to the Symptoms You Worry About Most N/A
737 5x35 25/Oct/2013 You Asked What!? 5 Outlandish Questions N/A
738 5x36 28/Oct/2013 Montel Williams' Family Health Crisis N/A
739 5x37 29/Oct/2013 5 Health Mistakes Smart Women Make, With Kathie Lee and Hoda N/A
740 5x38 30/Oct/2013 The Surgery You Should Say No To N/A
741 5x39 31/Oct/2013 What Your Body Type Reveals About Your Future Health N/A
742 5x40 01/Nov/2013 Energy Boosters Hot List N/A
743 5x41 04/Nov/2013 Metabolism Game Changer N/A
744 5x42 05/Nov/2013 What the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know N/A
745 5x43 06/Nov/2013 Celine Dion N/A
746 5x44 07/Nov/2013 Belly Fat Myths N/A
747 5x45 08/Nov/2013 Sanjay Gupta Sounds the Alarm on America's Hidden Epidemic! N/A
748 5x46 11/Nov/2013 Melt Your Fat Fast N/A
749 5x47 12/Nov/2013 Could You Survive? N/A
750 5x48 13/Nov/2013 Camille Grammer Cancer Bombshell N/A
751 5x49 14/Nov/2013 The Hidden Reasons You're Fat N/A
752 5x50 15/Nov/2013 The Hottest Health Secrets From Men in Hollywood With Taye Diggs N/A
753 5x51 18/Nov/2013 The Next Big Weight Loss Superstar N/A
754 5x52 19/Nov/2013 Judge Judy's Health Crisis N/A
755 5x53 20/Nov/2013 Is Diet Soda Ruining Your Metabolism? N/A
756 5x54 21/Nov/2013 The Fat in Your Blood Doctors Never Talk About! N/A
757 5x55 22/Nov/2013 The Secret World of Squashers N/A
758 5x56 25/Nov/2013 Controversial New Statin Guidelines N/A
759 5x57 26/Nov/2013 Are You Normal or Nuts? N/A
760 5x58 27/Nov/2013 How Weather Predicts Your Health N/A
761 5x59 02/Dec/2013 Gluten Warning Signs - The Next Epidemic? N/A
762 5x60 03/Dec/2013 Controversial Health Scares: Are You Safe or Not? N/A
763 5x61 04/Dec/2013 Is Weed Addictive? N/A
764 5x62 05/Dec/2013 New Breakthrough: No-Pill Pain Fighters N/A
765 5x63 06/Dec/2013 Why You Should Keep Your Cell Phone Out of Your Bra N/A
766 5x64 09/Dec/2013 The Holiday Detox N/A
767 5x65 10/Dec/2013 Buyer Beware: Chicken From China? N/A
768 5x66 11/Dec/2013 The Best and Worst Health Trends of 2013 N/A
769 5x67 12/Dec/2013 Meredith Vieira's Family Health Battle N/A
770 5x68 13/Dec/2013 What's Your Cancer Risk? N/A
771 5x69 16/Dec/2013 Mary J. Blige N/A
772 5x70 17/Dec/2013 New Ways You Can Fight Disease in 2014 N/A
773 5x71 18/Dec/2013 The Toxic Flame Retardants in Your Home Right Now N/A
774 5x72 19/Dec/2013 Where Are They Now? N/A
775 5x73 20/Dec/2013 Three Busy Women Who Know Best N/A
776 5x74 06/Jan/2014 Dr. Oz Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet N/A
777 5x75 07/Jan/2014 Ayurvedic Solutions for Your Biggest Health Complaints N/A
778 5x76 08/Jan/2014 21 Days to a Flat Belly N/A
779 5x77 09/Jan/2014 The Health Mistake 90 Percent of Americans Make N/A
780 5x78 10/Jan/2014 Whole Body Anti-Aging Guide 2014 N/A
781 5x79 13/Jan/2014 Toxic Acid Takedown: Fighting Inflammation N/A
782 5x80 14/Jan/2014 Biggest Health Lies You've Been Told N/A
783 5x81 15/Jan/2014 The 24 Hour Body N/A
784 5x82 16/Jan/2014 Why Insomnia Can't Be Ignored N/A
785 5x83 17/Jan/2014 Do Angels Help You Heal? N/A
786 5x84 20/Jan/2014 Five Fixes for Your Five Big Health Complaints N/A
787 5x85 21/Jan/2014 The #1 Fatigue Fighter You've Never Heard Of N/A
788 5x86 22/Jan/2014 Myths Even Your Gyno Believes N/A
789 5x87 23/Jan/2014 Real Housewife NeNe Leakes and the Health Scare That Could Have Killed Her N/A
790 5x88 24/Jan/2014 The Dangerous Ingredient Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know About N/A
791 5x89 27/Jan/2014 What Is Your Detox Type? N/A
792 5x90 28/Jan/2014 Natural Pain Killers That Work N/A
793 5x91 29/Jan/2014 The Real Reason You Stress Out and Stress Eat N/A
794 5x92 30/Jan/2014 The Wheat Belly Diet: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight? N/A
795 5x93 31/Jan/2014 The 56 Pound Anorexic N/A
796 5x94 03/Feb/2014 The Bloat Cure N/A
797 5x95 04/Feb/2014 Cracking the Code on Food Sensitivity N/A
798 5x96 05/Feb/2014 The Fast Metabolism Diet N/A
799 5x97 06/Feb/2014 Shame Files: Your Most Mortifying Moments N/A
800 5x98 07/Feb/2014 How to Get Your Fat to Eat Itself N/A
801 5x99 10/Feb/2014 Triple Your Fat Loss N/A
802 5x100 11/Feb/2014 Restart Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days N/A
803 5x101 12/Feb/2014 Diet Myths Debunked N/A
804 5x102 13/Feb/2014 No to GMO's: The Global Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing the Truth About Your Food N/A
805 5x103 14/Feb/2014 Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For N/A
806 5x104 17/Feb/2014 Your Personal Paleo Code: The Diet to Lose Weight and Get Healthy for Life N/A
807 5x105 18/Feb/2014 The 5 Hidden Signs You Have a Gluten Allergy N/A
808 5x106 19/Feb/2014 The Truth About Fibroids: Do You Need Surgery? N/A
809 5x107 20/Feb/2014 Ambien: America's No. 1 Sleeping Pill: Disturbing Side Effects N/A
810 5x108 21/Feb/2014 The Cringeworthy Truth About Supermarket Cleanliness N/A
811 5x109 24/Feb/2014 The Detox Diet to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast N/A
812 5x110 25/Feb/2014 America's Dangerous New Diet Trend: Achieving the Thigh Gap N/A
813 5x111 26/Feb/2014 What Worrywarts Should Worry About N/A
814 5x112 27/Feb/2014 The Fat Conspiracy: The Stealth Ingredient Hiding in Every Aisle at the Grocery Store N/A
815 5x113 28/Feb/2014 The Little Couple's Cancer Scare N/A
816 5x114 03/Mar/2014 Dr. Oz's Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide: 7 Days to Boost Your Energy N/A
817 5x115 04/Mar/2014 Five Things Happy People Do That You Should Too N/A
818 5x116 05/Mar/2014 Everyday Foods The Experts Won't Touch N/A
819 5x117 06/Mar/2014 Smoking Alcohol: The Dangerous New Way To Get Drunk N/A
820 5x118 10/Mar/2014 The New Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners N/A
821 5x119 11/Mar/2014 The 3 Hidden Body Signs You're Stressed N/A
822 5x120 12/Mar/2014 Are High-Protein Diets a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? N/A
823 5x121 13/Mar/2014 The Thing More Powerful Than Your Statins N/A
824 5x122 14/Mar/2014 Weatherman Sam Champion's Health Scare N/A
825 5x123 18/Mar/2014 Are You a Food Addict? The Test To Find Out! N/A
826 5x124 19/Mar/2014 Do Antioxidants Cause Cancer? N/A
827 5x125 24/Mar/2014 New Food Rules to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss N/A
828 5x126 25/Mar/2014 How to Defy Your Age with the Cast of Hot in Cleveland N/A
829 5x127 26/Mar/2014 Drug Abuse in America: The Lethal New Pill Hitting the Street N/A
830 5x128 28/Mar/2014 Kids Bust Health Myths Their Parents Told Them N/A
831 5x129 31/Mar/2014 Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Health Tell-All N/A
832 5x130 01/Apr/2014 Three New Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's N/A
833 5x131 02/Apr/2014 Are There Imposters in Your Medical Cabinet? N/A
834 5x132 03/Apr/2014 How to Revive Your Flatlined Sex Life N/A
840 5x137 14/Apr/2014 Kick the Sugar: An Easy Way to Give It Up for Good N/A
841 5x138 15/Apr/2014 The 10-Minute Fix that Cures Exhaustion N/A
842 5x139 17/Apr/2014 Is the Government Out to Undermine Your Health? N/A
843 5x140 18/Apr/2014 Joan and Melissa Rivers' Health Intervention! N/A
844 5x141 21/Apr/2014 The Biggest Diet Lies Making You Fat N/A
845 5x142 22/Apr/2014 Health Alert: 3 Deadly Diseases Making a Comeback N/A
846 5x143 23/Apr/2014 The Addictive New Ingredient Hiding in Your Food N/A
847 5x144 24/Apr/2014 Biggest Cellulite Myths Busted N/A
848 5x145 25/Apr/2014 The Extreme New Way to Lose 15 Pounds in One Week N/A
849 5x146 28/Apr/2014 Mega Metabolism Boosters N/A
850 5x147 29/Apr/2014 Dr. Oz Takes Down the Scammers Using His Name to Dupe You N/A
851 5x148 30/Apr/2014 The May Diet: Lose 10 Pounds Before Memorial Day N/A
852 5x149 01/May/2014 Microwave Popcorn: The New Hidden Dangers N/A
853 5x150 02/May/2014 The New Natural Appetite Suppressant N/A
854 5x151 05/May/2014 Rapid Belly Melt N/A
855 5x152 06/May/2014 The Outrageous Things Restaurants Do That Make You Sick N/A
856 5x153 07/May/2014 Flush Fat Fast! N/A
857 5x154 08/May/2014 Diane Keaton: Her Eating Disorder Confession N/A
858 5x155 09/May/2014 Dr. Oz's Awkward Hall of Shame: Your Most Humiliating Health Disasters N/A
859 5x156 12/May/2014 Weight Loss Tricks for Every Body Type N/A
860 5x157 13/May/2014 The Whistleblower Who Found Poison in America's Food N/A
861 5x158 14/May/2014 Craving-Killers to Shut Down Your Appetite N/A
862 5x159 15/May/2014 Whoopi Goldberg: The Decision That Saved Her Life N/A
863 5x160 16/May/2014 Reignite Your Energy: Biggest Burnout Busters Revealed N/A
864 5x161 19/May/2014 Queen Latifah's Family Health Scare N/A
865 5x162 20/May/2014 Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half: 3 Natural Breakthroughs N/A
866 5x163 21/May/2014 Supermarket Secrets: How They Fool You Into Buying Foods That Make You Fat N/A
867 5x164 22/May/2014 Glee Star Lea Michele N/A
868 5x165 27/May/2014 The New Face of Stroke: Young Women at Risk N/A
869 5x166 28/May/2014 Is It Heartburn or a Heart Attack? N/A
870 5x167 06/Jun/2014 Dr. Oz's Super Spectacular Health Fair N/A
871 5x168 07/Jul/2014 Dr. Oz's Summer Survival Guide N/A
872 5x169 08/Jul/2014 Inside the Chicken Industry: Is Something Foul? N/A
873 5x170 14/Jul/2014 Defy Your Age N/A
874 5x171 15/Jul/2014 Whoopi Goldberg: The Decision That Saved Her Life N/A
875 5x172 21/Jul/2014 Longevity Checklist: How to Live to Be 100 N/A
876 5x173 22/Jul/2014 Health Hot Topics: Dr. Andrew Weil Sets the Record Straight N/A
877 5x174 28/Jul/2014 Health Alert: the New Summer Superbug Threatening You This Season N/A
878 5x175 29/Jul/2014 How to Cheat on Your Diet This Summer and Still Lose Weight N/A

    Season 5 »
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