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Season 13

2134 :13x01 - Vanished on Vacation: Beautiful Blonde Goes Missing in Aruba

The story of a girl who went missing whilst on her holiday in Aruba.

2135 :13x02 - Exclusive: The Father Acquitted of Murdering the Drunk Driver Who Killed His Sons

Dr. Phil meets David and Cindy Barajas, in the week after their son was acquitted of murder charges.

2137 :13x04 - Get Out of My House: The Ultimate Mother vs. Nanny Feud

A nanny refusing to leave her family's home.

2138 :13x05 - Exclusive: Inside the Mind of a Mother Who Attempted to Kill Herself and Her Autistic Daughter

Issy Stapleton's mother discusses why she wanted to kill herself and her autistic daughter, Issy.

2139 :13x06 - Exclusive: Kelli Stapleton: A Mother's Worst Nightmare

How viewers can help support Issy.

2141 :13x08 - My Husband Spanked Me With a Wooden Spoon, and He Wants Me to Apologize?!

The conclusion of the story and follow-up's on previously featured guests.

2142 :13x09 - My 13 Year Old Held a Knife to My Throat, Bit Me, Shoved Me, and My Other Kids Are Terrified of Her

Monica's 13-year-old daughter is out of control. Robin McGraw makes a special announcement.
Guest Stars: Robin McGraw as Herself

2143 :13x10 - I Spanked My Wife with a Wooden Spoon, and She Needs to Repent

Phil talks to a woman who claims that she has video evidence of her husband abusing her.

2144 :13x11 - My Husband Spanked Me with a Wooden Spoon, and He Wants Me to Apologize

Phil continues to talk to a woman claims to have video evidence of her husband abusing her.

2145 :13x12 - E.R. Visits, Nearly 100 Calls to Police: Should They Redo Their 'I Dos'?

Phil attempts to help a couple with a long history of domestic abuse who want to save their relationship.

2146 :13x13 - Two Mothers Facing the Unthinkable

Kelly Rutherford chats to Phil about a recent legal battle for the custody of her children.
Guest Stars: Kelly Rutherford as Herself

2147 :13x14 - He's Nearly 30 and Engaged to My Teen with Braces

Phil chats to a woman who is concerned about her teen daughter's older boyfriend.

2148 :13x15 - "My Ex Won't Stop Videotaping and Posting Our Out-of-Control Son's Tantrums"

Phil talks to Amie who claims that she lives in fear of her 7-year-old son, Jayden, who has violent outbursts in which he punches, kicks, spits and throws things at her, prompting her to have called the police at least 15 times this year.

2149 :13x16 - The War of the LaRosas

Phil attempts to help Dana and Frank LaRosa who got married after knowing each other only eight weeks.

2150 :13x17 - Love Scams: “My Mother Sent Her Online Fiancé over $300,000 and 3 Cars”

Phil talks to Norma, a 70-year-old widow, who is looking forward to moving to Ghana to be with her fiancé, “Richard,” whom she met online two years ago but has never seen in person. In that time she has send him her entire life savings of around $300,000.

2151 :13x18 - Family on Fire: Caught on Tape

Phil talks to Andrea and Glenn who say that their 15-year-old daughter, Marie, is a straight-A student, state-ranked diver and a talented musician but also to blame for their family’s dysfunction and chaos.

2152 :13x19 - “I’m Afraid My Mom Could Kill My Children: Does She Have Multiple Personalities?”

Phil talks to Laura and Heather who haven’t spoken to their mother in three months and won’t allow their children around her, because they think that she is faking multiple personality disorder.

2153 :13x20 - "Our Dad Left Our Dying Mother for a Woman Who Claims to Be a Kennedy Heir"

Phil meets Trisha and Danielle who are furious with their father, Ron, who they say abandoned their mother as she was dying.

2154 :13x21 - A Family's Battle with a Violent Son

Phil talks to Sharon and her ex-husband, Robert, who say their 25-year-old son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia is so violent and explosive, they are worried that he might follow through with his repeated threats.

2155 :13x22 - "An Online Hate Group is Stalking Us and Ruining Our Lives"

Phil talks to Amanda and Dave who say that they are being terrorized by an online hate group, and they fear for their lives.

2156 :13x23 - My Honor Roll Teen Pregnant by Her Abusive Bad Boy

Phil talks to the parents of a roll honor teen who is pregnant by her abusive boyfriend.

2157 :13x24 - "Cyberbullied after My Son's Death"

Phil takes a look at the dark and dangerous side of the Internet: Cyberbullying.

2158 :13x25 - "Give My Daughter Back or Get Out of My Life!"

Phil talks to Dana who is furious with her sister, Jaye, because she refuses to relinquish temporary guardianship of Dana’s 13-year-old daughter.

2159 :13x26 - 10 Psychiatrists, 7 Psych Wards and 7 Arrests: “My Son is Like a Wild Animal!”

Phil talks to Sylvia and her ex-husband, John, who claim that their 24-year-old son, Johnny, has extreme rage issues.

2160 :13x27 - "My Husband Kidnapped My Kids 45 Years Ago -- Help Me Find Them!"

Phil talks to Dottie who says for nearly 45 years, she has been searching unsuccessfully for her three children, who she claims were kidnapped by her ex-husband, Bill.

2161 :13x28 - A Father Accused: The Search for the Truth

Phil talks to Megan who claims that six years ago, her father, Robert, raped her after she was passed out following a night of partying.

2162 :13x29 - Should They Kick Him Out?

Phil talks to David and Lori who are tired of supporting their 26 year old son, who lives at home at their expense.

2163 :13x30 - 'The Notebook' Fantasy to Hard Core Reality

Phil offers more advise to those who need it.

2164 :13x31 - Who's Stalking Who: Two Women Obsessed NEW

Phil attempts to work out who has been stalking who.

2165 :13x32 - Bob and Dorothy Return: Should I Divorce my Wife for Harassing Me?

Bob and Dorothy are back on the show and Phil offers them more advise.

2166 :13x33 - Footsteps in the Snow: The Cold Case Murder of Maria Ridulph

Phil takes a look at the murder of Maria Ridulph.

2167 :13x34 - Bright, Beautiful, and Blowing it: Help Save my Teen Before it's Too Late

Phil attempts to help a teen whose parents are worried about her.

2168 :13x35 - Handsome and Homeless: A Down-and-Out Romeo

Phil chats to 'Homeless Joe' who has become an internet sensation.

2169 :13x36 - Bright, Beautiful, and Blowing it: Help Save my Teen Before it's Too Late

Phil talks to Vanessa and Kurt who say that their daughter Emily is drinking, doing drugs, and throwing away her future.

2170 :13x37 - Minny and Lon Return: What Can We Do to Get Our Children Out of Foster Care?

Minny and Lon are back on the show as their son Andrue's testimony following his suicide attempt has seen their other children being put in foster care.

2171 :13x38 - Abused Wife Refuses to Leave Her Pro-Fighter Husband

Phil chats to Kaitlyn who was all over the news after her husband Josh was arrested in August for allegedly assualting her twice in the same weekend.

2172 :13x39 - Death on 5th Avenue: Millionaire Mom Accused of Murdering Son Speaks from Rikers Island

Phil talks to Gigi Jordan, a millionaire New York socialite and former pharmaceutical executive who is on trial this week for the February 2010 death of her 8-year-old son.

2173 :13x40 - The Mystery of Michelle O'Connell: A Family Divided

Dr. Phil explores the shooting and death of 24-year-old Michelle O’Connell. It has left the young mother’s family divided. It also induced the governor of Florida to order the case reopened. Dr Phil investigates; did she take her own life, as the police concluded or was she a victim of homicide?

2174 :13x41 - Three Daughters, Three Addicts, One Family Being Torn Apart

Today on Dr Phil his guests include; Linda and Rich who explain that their three 20-something daughters are all addicted to heroin. Dr Phil is there to give them an all access look at a day in the girl's lives. Will they learn to stop enabling their daughters? Dr Phil tries to get the girls to accept help to stop their addiction.

2175 :13x42 - Lethal Love: We Believe Our Son's Girlfriend Killed Him

Dr Phil deals with the death of Bob’s 20 year old son, Chris. In March died of an accidental overdose but Bob and his wife, Sallie, explain that they are convinced Chris’ girlfriend, Toni, is responsible. Toni then denies that she had anything to do with Chris’ death, who is blaming his parents. Dr Phil investigates what happened to Chris.

2176 :13x43 - The Secret World of Sugar Babies: A Mother and Daughter Tell All

On Dr Phil he has a mother and daughter as guests, they are on the show to defend their sugar baby lifestyle of dating wealthy men for money. Shockingly another self confessed sugar baby fesses up to her fiancé. TV star Kendra Wilkinson drops by his show to open up about her husband, Hank Baskett’s alleged affair with a transsexual.

2177 :13x44 - Shocking Accusations: A Husband Poisoned? A Hit and Run?

Phil finds out about some shocking accusations a man is making against his wife.

2178 :13x45 - Hypochondriac, High Drama or Really Sick? "My Sister's Illnesses are Destroying Our Family"

Dr. Phil has Shemida as a guest today, she explains that she has been diagnosed with over 70 medical and mental health conditions. She has also been prescribed more than 80 medications in the past 10 years. Her sister, Dana, is also on the show and explains that Shemida is fabricating these medical conditions, for attention. She also accuses her of avoiding life, with her husband and three children.

2179 :13x46 - Hypochondriac, High Drama or Really Sick? Saving Shemida

Today Dr. Phil is continuing his discussion with Shemida and her sister, Dana, from yesterday. Dana explained yesterday that she thinks Shemida is fabricating her illnesses. Dr. Phil is joined by two of Shemida’s children, 18-year-old Sharayah and 16-year-old Sayge, they have very different points of view on their mother and living with her illnesses.

2180 :13x47 - Blacklisted by Mom: "Can We Speak to Our Dad Before He Dies?"

Dr. Phil is joined by three siblings Karina, Nicole, Amber and Chase, they are on the show as they are convinced their mother has blacklisted them from their family. She also won’t let them see their father, who is dying of bone cancer. They explain to Dr. Phil their mother won’t give them their father's current address.

2181 :13x48 - Survivor Todd's Shocking Relapse: The Life or Death Intervention

'Survivor: China' winner Todd Herzog was first on the Dr. Phil show a year ago, he was battling with alcohol addiction. His addiction was bad his family was in fear that he could die at any moment. Todd was intoxicated on the show and received a dose of reality, he then agreed to enter a 90-day rehab program. Several months later he appeared on the 200th episode of Dr. Phil, clearly sober and in a much better place. Now his mom and step-dad say that he has fallen of the wagon and in an even worse place. Dr. Phil is traveling to his home to find out what has happened.

2182 :13x49 - Will Survivor Todd Take Dr. Phil’s Help? Plus, What Happened to “Homeless Joe”?

In this week's last episode Dr. Phil is still trying to help 'Survivor: China' winner Todd Herzog, it could be a life or death situation. Dr. Phil tries to give him the help he needs after 112 days of sobriety. He was angry when Dr. Phil showed up on his doorstep, he doesn't want to return to Texas, where he completed rehab but refused to go into aftercare. Can his mother stop enabling her son and will he accept another offer from Dr. Phil to help his addiction.

2183 :13x50 - “Mama June” Shannon To Address The Scandal That Has Rocked Her Family

“Mama June,' Shannon is a special guest in this episode of Dr. Phil, she one of the stars of the now cancelled reality series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” She will answer hard questions about the scandal that has rocked her entire family.

2184 :13x51 - The Boy under the Stairs? What Did His Stepmom Know? Plus, Uncle Poodle Responds to Mama June

Back in March, this year, local authorities found severely malnourished 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer. They found him after he had been locked inside a small closet under the stairs. His father and step-mother, Bradley and Tammi, were charged with child endangerment. Tammi is on the show today, breaking her silence with an exclusive interview.
Also Dr. Phil is sitting with Honey Boo-Boo's 'Uncle Poodie,' he states Mama June is lying about her alleged relationship with a convicted child molester.

2185 :13x52 - A Dentist's Dilemma: "My Ex-Wife and Ex-Girlfriend Are Plotting against Me!"

On today's episode Dr. Phil hears from Rick, he says his ex-wife, Nicole, and his ex-girlfriend, Laura, have teamed up to try to ruin his life by keeping him from his 16-year-old son. They both claim that Rick is controlling and abusive and that they don't want to put the child in danger.

2186 :13x53 - Molested for over 10 Years: "Why Won't My Grandma Believe Me?"

Dr. Phil's guests today; Ashley and Megan say they were sexually abused by their step-grandfather. They also claim their grandmother, Peggy, knew what was happening but did nothing to stop it.

2187 :13x54 - Grandma Returns: Will She Finally Apologize for Her Molester Husband?

Ashley and Megan are back, can Dr. Phil piece their family back together again.

2188 :13x55 - My Drunken Daughter Will Die if She Doesn't Stop Drinking Hand Sanitizer

On today's Dr Phil her hears from Toni who says her daughter, Kristine, is battling with alcohol addiction and has resorted to drinking hand sanitizer. Kristine says her family is dysfunctional, they are the reason she can’t stay sober.

2189 :13x56 - My Father Offered Me as a 'Maiden' Sacrifice to an Alleged Cult Leader

Dr Phil hears from Lindsay who claims from ages 13 to 23 she was one of 10 “maidens” and was sexually abused by an alleged cult leader. She comes on the show and accuses her father, Carmen, of turning a blind eye. Carmen states that he didn’t know what his daughter was going through. He’s desperate to repair their relationship.

2190 :13x57 - My Wife or My Girlfriend? Dr. Phil, You Decide

Today Dr Phil chats to Melvin he is torn between his wife of eight years, Rachel, and his girlfriend of two years, Chantelle, are on the show with him and want to know who he will choose in the end. The tension builds up as the women come face to face for the first time.

2191 :13x58 - The War of the LaRosas

Dana and Frank are on the Dr Phil show today, they got married after knowing each other only eight weeks. Their one-and-a-half-year marriage has been filled with screaming fights and included police interventions. Is their married doomed or can Dr Phil help put it back together.

2192 :13x59 - Cyberbullied after My Son's Death"

Dr. Phil is delving into the dark and dangerous side of the Internet: Cyberbullying. He hears from a grieving mother who claims she is being harassed online by a former friend. He also hears from a mother whose 15-year-old daughter took her own life after she was cyberbullied by a man she had never met.

2193 :13x60 - A Daughter on the Brink: Did Mom Push Her over the Edge?

On today's episode of Dr. Phil, Dana says her 23-year-old daughter, Melanie, is a drug user who is ripping apart their once-peaceful family. Melanie admits to experimenting with drugs but says she’s not addicted. She also blames her mother for pushing her buttons and causing her to lose her cool.

2194 :13x61 - My Fight with Food is Ruining My Life

On today's episode Dr. Phil unviels his new book: 'The 20/20 Diet: 20 Key Foods to Help You Succeed Where Other Diets Fail.'

2195 :13x62 - Gold Digger or Girl in Danger?

Andre, is on the Dr. Phil show to explain that his sister, Valerie, is a platinum digger who preys on men with money and power. He says that he fears her sexy, scheming ways are going to get her seriously hurt. Valerie insists she’s not a gold digger

2196 :13x63 - "I Thought My Daughter Was Abducted": Why Does This Pretty 16 Year Old Keep Going Missing?

Anna is on the show today, says she has no idea how to control her 16-year-old daughter, Layton. Who has run away from home more than 20 times in the last eight months. Layton explains that when she gets the urge to take off, nothing can stop her. Will Dr. Phil be able to help?

2197 :13x64 - "Dr. Phil, Save My Family"

Dr Phil is helping a family today; Allen and Cheryl explain that their 9-year-old son, Steve, is terrorizing their family. Also they fear he could be dangerous. Cheryl’s family says they believe the boy is overmedicated and under-parented.

2198 :13x65 - “My Bulimic Daughter Thinks Calories are Contagious”

Dr. Phil's guest today is Wanda who says her 15-year-old daughter, Bella, is battling an eating disorder. Wanda explains that she fears for the teen’s life. She also says her daughter associates germs with calories; causing her to wash her hands obsessively, change her clothes several times a day and hold her breath so she doesn’t “catch calories.”

2199 :13x66 - A Woman's Memories of Murder: Was There a Crime or Another Traumatic Event?

Dr. Phil has Lauren on the show today and she says 10 years ago she was kidnapped, sold into sex slavery and witnessed a woman’s murder, all in eight days. The police do not believe her and she states that sometimes she doesn't believe herself.

2200 :13x67 - The Cougar Controversy: Older Women Dating Younger Men

Dr. Phil is exploring the controversial topic of older women dating younger men. He has self confessed cougars on the show, they say that there is nothing wrong with dating men in their 20's and 30's.

2201 :13x68 - The 'Honey Boo Boo Scandal': Chickadee and Grandma Set the Record Straight

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo reality star Anna Cardwell gives her side of the story concerning mother June Shannon's alleged connection to a man who was convicted of molesting her. Also, Anna's grandmother is interviewed

2202 :13x69 - Black and Blue in America

Civil rights and law enforcement are the topics of the day. Included: Interviews with the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

2203 :13x70 - Young, in Love and in over Their Heads.

Natalie, 22, says her boyfriend of four years, Justin, 25, has an anger problem, and she fears for her life and for their 10-month-old son.

2204 :13x71 - Is Dad a Bad Santa or Should His Son Be Put on the Naughty List?

Father and son feud over the smallest things

2205 :13x72 - The Night Four Girls Went into the Woods and Only Three Came Out Alive

Murders involving best friends are discussed. Later, an update on the woman who claimed to have over 70 medical diagnoses.

2206 :13x73 - I'm Divorcing the Real-Life Mommy Dearest

A man claims he's leaving his wife because she's verbally abusive to their children.

2207 :13x74 - The Fall of Bill Cosby: The Women Behind the Sex Scandal

Interviews with women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by the famous actor and comedian are featured.
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