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Dr. Phil

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 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1951 12x01 03/Sep/2013 Below Rock Bottom N/A
1952 12x02 04/Sep/2013 Leaving Life in the Tunnel N/A
1953 12x03 05/Sep/2013 Living in Fear: "Dr. Phil Confronts my Stalker" N/A
1954 12x04 06/Sep/2013 Last Chance or Divorce N/A
1955 12x05 09/Sep/2013 Secret Life of a Sex Addict N/A
1956 12x06 10/Sep/2013 Tragic Beauty: The Exclusive Story of a Bachelorette's Suicide N/A
1957 12x07 11/Sep/2013 Love Scams: Courted by a Catfish? N/A
1958 12x08 12/Sep/2013 Football Star Accused: Did He Do It? N/A
1959 12x09 13/Sep/2013 Football Star Accused: The Alleged Victim Speaks Out N/A
1960 12x10 16/Sep/2013 Outrageous Monster-In-Law Khalood is Back! N/A
1961 12x11 17/Sep/2013 Still Missing: Where Is 7-Year-Old Kyron? N/A
1962 12x12 18/Sep/2013 Dangerous Online Obsession, Part 1 N/A
1963 12x13 19/Sep/2013 Dangerous Online Obsession, Part 2 N/A
1964 12x14 20/Sep/2013 Bitter Family Battles N/A
1965 12x15 23/Sep/2013 Nick Carter Tells All about Hitting Rock Bottom N/A
1966 12x16 24/Sep/2013 Dropout Daughter: Confronting the Boyfriend N/A
1967 12x17 25/Sep/2013 Rapper DMX: The Man behind the Crime Headlines N/A
1968 12x18 26/Sep/2013 Debt Denial?/Mama's Boy Moocher N/A
1969 12x19 27/Sep/2013 Explosive Anger N/A
1970 12x20 30/Sep/2013 Topless Photo Scandal: Beauty Queen Victim or Girl Gone Wild? N/A
1971 12x21 01/Oct/2013 Dangerous and Violent Love N/A
1972 12x22 02/Oct/2013 Death in 6 Seconds: A Night of Drinking, a Lifetime of Regret N/A
1973 12x23 03/Oct/2013 A Mother's Fury Exposed N/A
1974 12x24 04/Oct/2013 Ask Dr. Phil N/A
1975 12x25 07/Oct/2013 Pretty Mean Girls N/A
1976 12x26 08/Oct/2013 Munchausen Mom N/A
1977 12x27 09/Oct/2013 Threats, Fights and Videotape N/A
1978 12x28 10/Oct/2013 Pregnant at 11 N/A
1979 12x29 11/Oct/2013 Cougar Confessions/ The Pippi Longstocking Sex Tape Scandal N/A
1980 12x30 14/Oct/2013 "Torn between My Mother and My Boyfriend" N/A
1981 12x31 15/Oct/2013 Cold Case Mystery: A Family Divided N/A
1982 12x32 16/Oct/2013 Saving Loni: From the Suburbs to the Slums N/A
1983 12x33 17/Oct/2013 "My Husband; My Boyfriend: My Big Decison" N/A
1984 12x34 18/Oct/2013 Bitter and Twisted N/A
1985 12x35 21/Oct/2013 "Dad's Wife Is Ruining Our Life" N/A
1986 12x36 22/Oct/2013 Stepdad Takes on Dr. Phil N/A
1987 12x37 23/Oct/2013 Stepparent Abuse? N/A
1988 12x38 24/Oct/2013 “My Mother-in-Law Destroyed My Marriage” N/A
1989 12x39 25/Oct/2013 Teen Mom: Should They Kick Her Out? N/A
1990 12x40 28/Oct/2013 When Love Hurts N/A
1991 12x41 29/Oct/2013 Reunion Aftermath/Exclusive: Baby Veronica Returns N/A
1992 12x42 30/Oct/2013 Love Scams: "My Mother Chose Her Catfish over Her Family" N/A
1993 12x43 31/Oct/2013 “An Online Imposter Faked Her Death and Sent Me Ashes” N/A
1994 12x44 01/Nov/2013 Parental Alienation: Who's to Blame? N/A
1995 12x45 04/Nov/2013 Starving Myself, Killing My Family N/A
1996 12x46 05/Nov/2013 Exclusive: Ariel Castro's First Victim Speaks Out N/A
1997 12x47 06/Nov/2013 Chained, Tortured and Survived: The First Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Reveals All N/A
1998 12x48 07/Nov/2013 Spies, Suspicions and Sexual Accusations N/A
1999 12x49 08/Nov/2013 A Husband Obsessed; A Wife Accused N/A
2000 12x50 11/Nov/2013 A Husband Obsessed; A Wife Accused N/A
2001 12x51 12/Nov/2013 A Sister Intervention: The Boyfriend's Sordid Past Revealed N/A
2002 12x52 13/Nov/2013 Feuding Exes: Children Caught in the Crossfire N/A
2003 12x53 14/Nov/2013 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios N/A
2004 12x54 15/Nov/2013 The Mysterious Death of Jacob Limberios: The Polygraph Results N/A
2005 12x55 18/Nov/2013 Survivor Winner's Losing Battle N/A
2006 12x56 19/Nov/2013 The Doctor, His Wife, His Mistress, the Murder N/A
2007 12x57 20/Nov/2013 My Mother-in-Law Believes I'm a Killer N/A
2008 12x58 21/Nov/2013 Mid-Life Marriage Meltdown: Torn Between Two Men N/A
2009 12x59 22/Nov/2013 Dump Your Fiancée Now! N/A
2010 12x60 25/Nov/2013 Did She Marry an Imposter? N/A
2011 12x61 26/Nov/2013 Pageant Mom: Did She Put Her Daughter in Danger? N/A
2012 12x62 27/Nov/2013 nside the Baseball Wife's Assault on Her Pitcher Husband N/A
2013 12x63 29/Nov/2013 My Husband Shot Me and My Husband Killed My Kids N/A
2014 12x64 02/Dec/2013 Love, Lies and Murder: Killer Doctor's Daughter Reacts to Mistress N/A
2015 12x65 03/Dec/2013 Parents Divided Over Disowning Their Son N/A
2016 12x66 04/Dec/2013 Scandals Ripped From the Headlines N/A
2017 12x67 05/Dec/2013 Pregnant in Handcuffs: Shopping Outrage or Innocent Mistake? N/A
2018 12x68 06/Dec/2013 Twin Trouble and Marriage Misery N/A
2019 12x69 09/Dec/2013 Violent Vixen N/A
2020 12x70 10/Dec/2013 I Did Not Try to Blind My Wife N/A
2021 12x71 11/Dec/2013 16 and on the Path of Destruction N/A
2022 12x72 12/Dec/2013 Give Me Back My Child N/A
2023 12x73 13/Dec/2013 A High School Homecoming, a Rape and a Ruined Relationship N/A
2024 12x74 16/Dec/2013 A 26-Year Age Divide: Can This Couple Be Saved? N/A
2025 12x75 17/Dec/2013 A Husband's Betrayal: Lies, Secret Videotapes and Financial Ruin N/A
2026 12x76 18/Dec/2013 Haunted by the Evidence: Why Was My Brother Killed? N/A
2027 12x77 19/Dec/2013 Obsessed and Over It N/A
2028 12x78 20/Dec/2013 Amber Portwood: 'Teen Mom' Out of Prison...Now What? N/A
2029 12x79 06/Jan/2014 Reckless Runaway Teen N/A
2030 12x80 07/Jan/2014 Fat, Furious and Fed Up N/A
2031 12x81 08/Jan/2014 A Father Accused: Did He Molest His Children? N/A
2032 12x82 09/Jan/2014 I Swear I'm Being Cyber Stalked, Wiretapped and Followed N/A
2033 12x83 10/Jan/2014 Double Trouble: Teen Sisters Out of Control N/A
2034 12x84 13/Jan/2014 Spankings, Secrets, a SWAT Standoff: A Family Torn Apart N/A
2035 12x85 14/Jan/2014 Hoarding Chew and Spit Bags: My Daughter's Eating Disorder is Slowly Killing Her N/A
2036 12x86 15/Jan/2014 Bad Teen or Bad Mom? N/A
2037 12x87 16/Jan/2014 Stabbed and Abandoned/Addicted to Video Games? N/A
2038 12x88 17/Jan/2014 Elkhart 4: Justice or Overkill? N/A
2039 12x89 20/Jan/2014 Broken Nose, Broken Marriage N/A
2040 12x90 21/Jan/2014 Life Out of Order Because of My Disorder: Addicted to Pregnancy N/A
2041 12x91 22/Jan/2014 Mooching, Stealing, Sloppy Son: Should They Kick Him Out? N/A
2042 12x92 23/Jan/2014 A Daughter's Dark Memory: Why Doesn't Her Mother Remember? N/A
2043 12x93 24/Jan/2014 My Teen Daughter Faked Two Pregnancies N/A
2044 12x94 27/Jan/2014 Pregnant and Out of Control: Will the Baby Be Born Addicted? N/A
2045 12x95 28/Jan/2014 Pregnant and Abusing Drugs: The Ultimatum N/A
2046 12x96 29/Jan/2014 Toxic and Offensive In-Laws N/A
2047 12x97 30/Jan/2014 The Darkness of Riches: Born Billionaires but Starved and Abused N/A
2048 12x98 31/Jan/2014 The Darkness of Riches: From Victims to Victors N/A
2049 12x99 03/Feb/2014 A Family Slaughtered for Teen Love: The Convicted Daughter Speaks Out N/A
2050 12x100 04/Feb/2014 My Family Slaughtered for My Daughter's Teenage Love N/A
2051 12x101 05/Feb/2014 Love Scams: A Mother Hooked By a Catfish? N/A
2052 12x102 06/Feb/2014 Caught on Camera: Abused Wife or Abused Husband? You Decide N/A
2053 12x103 07/Feb/2014 Child Molester or Innocent Soldier Accused? N/A
2054 12x104 10/Feb/2014 Was Her Son Kidnapped and Put in a Cult? N/A
2055 12x105 11/Feb/2014 My Ex Brainwashed My Son! N/A
2056 12x106 12/Feb/2014 My Ex Is Slowly Killing Our Daughter N/A
2057 12x107 13/Feb/2014 Young, Privileged and in a Deadly Gang N/A
2058 12x108 14/Feb/2014 An Obsessed Love Triangle N/A
2059 12x109 17/Feb/2014 Sex Abuse and Murder: A Daughter's Repressed Memories or Lies? N/A
2060 12x110 18/Feb/2014 Is Her Mother a Monster, or Is This Daughter Having False Memories?: The Polygraph Results N/A
2061 12x111 19/Feb/2014 Fugitive Mom N/A
2062 12x112 20/Feb/2014 Facing Off With My Polygamous FLDS Father N/A
2063 12x113 21/Feb/2014 My Husband's Secret Life Revealed N/A
2064 12x114 24/Feb/2014 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder N/A
2065 12x115 25/Feb/2014 My Dad Tried to Frame Me for Murder: The Polygraph Results N/A
2066 12x116 26/Feb/2014 A Lying, Cheating, Violent Husband or a Wife's False Accusations? N/A
2067 12x117 27/Feb/2014 A Husband's Decade of Deceit: Uncovering 1,000 Affairs? N/A
2068 12x118 28/Feb/2014 Wild Lies and Accusations: A Baby Trapped in the Middle N/A
2069 12x119 03/Mar/2014 I'm Worried My Daughter May Turn Into A Terrorist N/A
2070 12x120 04/Mar/2014 Restraining Orders, Alleged Kidnappings, and Hit With a Car: A Marriage of Accusations N/A
2071 12x121 05/Mar/2014 Party Mom: Did She Put Her Children In Danger? N/A
2072 12x122 06/Mar/2014 Ultimate Betrayal: Forced To Kill His Father N/A
2073 12x123 10/Mar/2014 Best Friend Killers: What Happened to Skylar Neese? N/A
2074 12x124 11/Mar/2014 My Husband Wants Me To Look Like Beyonce N/A
2075 12x125 12/Mar/2014 I Think My Daughter In Law Poisoned My Son To Death N/A
2076 12x126 13/Mar/2014 My Head Butting, Punching, Kicking, Bruising, Biting, Knife Wielding Eight Year Old N/A
2077 12x127 17/Mar/2014 The Fight Over Justina: Medical Child Abuse by Parents, or Abuse of Power by a Hospital? N/A
2078 12x128 24/Mar/2014 An Accused Man Dead: Murder or Suicide? N/A
2079 12x129 25/Mar/2014 Animal Obsessed N/A
2080 12x130 26/Mar/2014 Sexual Standoffs N/A
2081 12x131 31/Mar/2014 I Fear My Daughter Will Be Kidnapped & Forced Into Sex Trafficking N/A
2082 12x132 01/Apr/2014 Wedding Day Disaster: A Family Torn Apart N/A
2083 12x133 02/Apr/2014 Fighting Fiances: Ready for the Altar or Running for the Hills? N/A
2084 12x134 03/Apr/2014 From Child Killer to Serial Killer; Plus: The Murder of Baby Elaina N/A
2090 12x140 14/Apr/2014 I'm Afraid My Husband Is Going to Kill Me N/A
2091 12x141 15/Apr/2014 I'm Over It! N/A
2092 12x142 16/Apr/2014 Should I Marry My Controlling, Alienating, Jealous Fiance? N/A
2093 12x143 17/Apr/2014 My Sloppy, Lazy, Mooching Daughter Needs to Move Out! N/A
2094 12x144 18/Apr/2014 Bait-and-Switch Bride? N/A
2095 12x145 21/Apr/2014 A Lying, Stealing, Cheating Girlfriend or a Paranoid, Obsessed Boyfriend? N/A
2096 12x146 22/Apr/2014 A Mother's Dangerous Decision: A Daughter Damaged Forever N/A
2097 12x147 23/Apr/2014 Beauty and the OCD Beast N/A
2098 12x148 24/Apr/2014 A Dr. Phil Exclusive: The Boy Under the Stairs? N/A
2099 12x149 25/Apr/2014 Where Are My Newborn Twins? Is This an Adoption Scam? N/A
2100 12x150 28/Apr/2014 Is Alleged Craigslist Killer Miranda Barbour a Serial Killer? N/A
2101 12x151 29/Apr/2014 My Husband, Pablo, and His Other Women N/A
2102 12x152 30/Apr/2014 My Daughter's Lies Are Tearing My Family Apart N/A
2103 12x153 01/May/2014 Daughter vs. Dad: The Truth Revealed N/A
2104 12x154 02/May/2014 Hands Off My Man! N/A
2105 12x155 05/May/2014 I Believe My Ex Murdered Our Children N/A
2106 12x156 06/May/2014 Parents Accused of Murder: Will Julia and Codey Agree to Take the Polygraph Test? N/A
2107 12x157 07/May/2014 Michelle Knight One Year Later: Secrets of Cleveland's House of Horrors Revealed N/A
2108 12x158 08/May/2014 My Beauty Queen Baby Girl Has Gone Ballistic N/A
2109 12x159 09/May/2014 An Affair With a Friend Ended in a Bitter Custody Battle N/A
2110 12x160 12/May/2014 Acquitted by a Jury, but My Ex-Husband Still Thinks I'm Guilty N/A
2111 12x161 13/May/2014 Dr. Phil's Big Ultimatum: Will Accused Mother Heather Go to Rehab? N/A
2112 12x162 14/May/2014 Not-So-Sweet 16: My Daughter's Dangerous Sex Life N/A
2113 12x163 15/May/2014 An Ultimatum for a Hoarding Mother: Her Kids or Her Clutter N/A
2114 12x164 16/May/2014 Love Scams: I Married a Catfish Over the Phone N/A
2115 12x165 19/May/2014 Trapped by My Controlling Husband: I Feel Like I Can't Leave the House, Get a Job or Have a Phone! N/A
2116 12x166 20/May/2014 Young, Gorgeous, Privileged and Destroying Her Family N/A
2117 12x167 21/May/2014 I Didn't Set the House on Fire to Kill My Kids N/A
2118 12x168 22/May/2014 She Lost Custody: Can They Forgive Her? N/A
2119 12x169 23/May/2014 Headbutted and Choked Unconscious: A Wife and Children Left in Fear N/A
2120 12x170 26/May/2014 Troubled Teen: Who Will Take Danielle? N/A
2121 12x171 27/May/2014 Family Dramas, Mysteries and Facing the Unknown N/A
2122 12x172 02/Jun/2014 Tyrannical Teens N/A
2123 12x173 14/Jul/2014 Love, Lies, Scams, Murder N/A
2124 12x174 15/Jul/2014 A Mother Consumed with Rage: Is Her Anger Destroying Her Family? N/A
2125 12x175 16/Jul/2014 Bully Teacher?; DNA Dilemma N/A
2126 12x176 17/Jul/2014 Deadly Relations N/A

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