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Episode # Air Date Title
2315 14x01 14/Sep/2015 A Baby Ripped from the Womb: One Mother's Nightmare
2316 14x02 15/Sep/2015 Athlete to Escort: A Champion Runner's Fall from Grace
2317 14x03 16/Sep/2015 TV Star's Alcoholism & Depression Spiral Out of Control: Can His Career Be Saved?
2318 14x04 17/Sep/2015 A Military Cop's Confession to His Family: "I Want to Be a Woman"
2319 14x05 18/Sep/2015 MMA Fighter Sick of Battling Outside the Ring with Ex-Wife over Their Son
2320 14x06 21/Sep/2015 "My Daughter is a Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Egomaniacal, Drug-Addicted Liar and Thief"
2321 14x07 22/Sep/2015 "Accused of Kidnapping Our Own Child"
2322 14x08 23/Sep/2015 A Mother Missing: A Stepfather Accused
2323 14x09 24/Sep/2015 Missing Mom: What Happened to Carie?
2324 14x10 25/Sep/2015 Kicked Out At 15? Is This an Ungrateful Daughter or Is Mom Delusional?
2325 14x11 28/Sep/2015 "My Mom is Worth Millions: Is Her Husband a Catch or a 'Catfish'?"
2326 14x12 29/Sep/2015 Creepy Dad or Midlife Crisis: "My Husband's Inappropriate Sexting, Social Media Posts and Messages to Our Daughter's Friends"
2327 14x13 30/Sep/2015 A Mother of Four Who Says: "I Don't Want to Be a Mom Anymore"
2328 14x14 01/Oct/2015 "I Believe My Daughter's Fiancé is Abusing Her, and I Desperately Need Help"
2329 14x15 02/Oct/2015 "I Fear My Terminally Ill Son's Wife is Abusive, Cheating and Money Hungry"
2330 14x16 05/Oct/2015 "Our Son Claims He is a Famous Songwriter: Could He Be Delusional or a Master Manipulator?"
2331 14x17 06/Oct/2015 Exclusive: Eight Siblings Tortured and Held Hostage By Their Own Father
2332 14x18 07/Oct/2015 Dr. Phil covers human issue topics ranging from weight loss to errant children to support for good causes.Season 14, Episode 18
2333 14x19 08/Oct/2015 "Acquitted of Kidnapping But My Husband Still Thinks I'm Guilty"
2334 14x20 09/Oct/2015 Social Media Obsessed Teens: "I Can't Breathe Without Wi-Fi"
2335 14x21 12/Oct/2015 "I Reunited with My Birth Mother and Now She Says She Wishes She Never Had Me"
2336 14x22 13/Oct/2015 "How Did Our Son Go from College-Bound Star Athlete to a Homeless 'Moocher' Sleeping in a Tool Shed?"
2337 14x23 14/Oct/2015 Exclusive: High School Hero Defends Blind Teen in Alleged Bully Attack Caught on Video
2338 14x24 15/Oct/2015 Oprah's Big Project and Guilt, Grief, Forgiveness: Best Friends Connecting after Tragedy
2339 14x25 16/Oct/2015 "I Became a Trending Topic." Peeple App Creator Sets the Record Straight
2340 14x26 19/Oct/2015 "My Gambling, Addicted Mom is $400,000 in the Hole, about to Lose Her Home and Possibly Her 14-Year-Old Son!"
2341 14x27 20/Oct/2015 She Was a Model, a Marine, but Now She's a Mess
2342 14x28 21/Oct/2015 Hollywood Facialist Accused of Hiring a Hit Man Speaks Out for the First Time
2343 14x29 22/Oct/2015 "I'm Fighting for Custody of My Child with My Ex-Husband Who I Believe is Stalking Me"
2344 14x30 23/Oct/2015 "Dr. Phil, I Need Your Help Again: My Daughter is Hitchhiking and Train Hopping as a Portland Street Kid"
2345 14x31 26/Oct/2015 A Baby on the Way: "I Think My Daughter & Her Fiancé Are Unfit Parents & I Am Fighting for Custody of My Unborn Grandchild!"
2346 14x32 27/Oct/2015 "Our Father Has a Secret Life South of the Border and Has Given $1.5 Million to His Former Mistress"
2347 14x33 28/Oct/2015 Love Triangle Troubles: "Torn between My 'City Boy' Husband & My 'Country Boy' Boyfriend"
2348 14x34 29/Oct/2015 Subway Sandwich King to Child Sex Scandal: The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes
2349 14x35 30/Oct/2015 The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes: His Plans to Target Children
2350 14x36 02/Nov/2015 "I'm Worried My Brother-in-Law is Having an Affair with My 16-Year-Old Daughter"
2351 14x37 03/Nov/2015 Uncle Kevin Answers the Accusations
2352 14x38 04/Nov/2015 "My Son-in-Law is Selfish, Angry, Disrespectful and Entitled"
2353 14x39 05/Nov/2015 A Dr. Phil Daytime Exclusive: The Woman Who Put Drain Cleaner in Her Eyes to Fulfill Her Dream of Being Blind
2354 14x40 06/Nov/2015 "My Husband Convinced Me to Sign a Postnup, but I Want It Thrown Out!"
2355 14x41 09/Nov/2015 Badmouthing, Bruises and a Bitter Custody Battle: What Does the Neighbor Say?
2356 14x42 10/Nov/2015 A Bitter Custody Battle: Claims of Poison in Ice Cream, a Child Wrapped in a Garbage Bag and Inappropriate Touching: What Will the Polygraph Reveal?
2357 14x43 11/Nov/2015 Surrogate Mother Convicted for Scamming Couple out of Thousands with Fake Pregnancy
2358 14x44 12/Nov/2015 Exclusive: The First Victim of the Fogle Sex Scandal Comes Forward. Hidden Cameras, Secret Recordings, One Girl's Cautionary Tale
2359 14x45 13/Nov/2015 "My Wife is Divorcing Me Because She is Obsessed with a Country Music Star"
2360 14x46 16/Nov/2015 "I'm Afraid My Daughter Was Kidnapped by Her Survivalist Boyfriend"
2361 14x47 17/Nov/2015 My Ex-Wife Claims I Molested Our Daughter Who Ran Off With Her Boyfriend
2362 14x48 18/Nov/2015 Adopted Twin, Beaten, Strangled, Starved and Locked in a Room: The Exclusive Interview
2363 14x49 19/Nov/2015 Our Wanna-Be Male Model Son Is Telling the World We Abused Him: It's All a Lie!
2364 14x50 20/Nov/2015 Exclusive: Estranged Couple Michael and Kate Lohan Lose Custody of Their Children: What Really Happened?
2365 14x51 23/Nov/2015 Was This Teacher Drunk in Her Elementary School Classroom?
2366 14x52 24/Nov/2015 "My Crazy Childhood: My Dad Was The Breast Pump Bandit and His Mistress Lived in Our House"
2367 14x53 25/Nov/2015 The Unbelievable Story of the Breast Pump Bandit: His Affairs, His Addictions, His Excuses
2368 14x54 27/Nov/2015 Out of Control, Out of Patience and Out of Time
2369 14x55 30/Nov/2015 Mama's Little Boy or Daddy's Little Girl: Identity Confusion or Brainwashing?
2370 14x56 01/Dec/2015 TV Star Nicholas Brendon Update: The Real Man Behind the News Scandals and Arrests
2371 14x57 02/Dec/2015 Three Sisters Divided: "Our Sister's Self-Destructive Behavior Is Killing Our Mother and Could Land Her Behind Bars"
2372 14x58 03/Dec/2015 "My Husband vs. My Lying Ex: Time is Running Out for This Wife Caught in the Middle"
2373 14x59 04/Dec/2015 "I Can't Say ‘No' to Anything and it Could Literally Kill Me"
2374 14x60 07/Dec/2015 "Should I Give Up on Getting Hot?"
2375 14x61 08/Dec/2015 Animal Activist Under Attack
2376 14x62 09/Dec/2015 "I'm Terrified My Son Could Become A Mass Murderer"
2377 14x63 10/Dec/2015 The Pain of Marriage Remorse: "I'm Ready to Leave My Husband Who is 26 Years Older"
2378 14x64 11/Dec/2015 "My Daughter is Obsessed with Being the Black Sheep: Is She Mentally Ill or a Drama Queen?"
2379 14x65 14/Dec/2015 We Think Our Mom Is Cheating, Lying and Choosing Men Over Us! Should We Cut Her Off or Cut Her Some Slack?
2380 14x66 15/Dec/2015 An In-Law Ultimatum: My Beauty Queen Daughter's Ex-Cop Husband Needs to Get a Job or Get Out of My House!
2381 14x67 16/Dec/2015 22 Days in a Coma, 5 Stints in Rehab, 2 DUIs, 1 Wedding, and a Fed-Up Wife!
2382 14x68 17/Dec/2015 Death, Drugs and Lies
2383 14x69 18/Dec/2015 61-Year-Old Polygamous Pastor Marries 19-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend With His Wife's Blessing
2384 14x70 04/Jan/2016 I Want a Divorce but My Obsessive and Controlling Husband Won't Let Me Go
2385 14x71 05/Jan/2016 We Believe Our Mother Blames Us for Our Sister's Death!
2386 14x72 06/Jan/2016 Exclusive: Missing 15-Year-Old Girl Found Alive After Allegedly Being Held Hostage! Is There More to the Story?
2387 14x73 07/Jan/2016 The Parents of Missing 15-Year-Old Found Alive React to Her Claims
2388 14x74 08/Jan/2016 Facing Jail Time Because Step-Daughter Is a Liar
2389 14x75 11/Jan/2016 Protective Mom or Jilted Lover?
2390 14x76 12/Jan/2016 I Believe My Mooching Nephew and His Alleged Six Alter Egos Are Duping My Sister
2391 14x77 13/Jan/2016 My Kids Were Starved, Slapped and Locked In a Room: A One-Year Sentence Isn't Enough!
2392 14x78 14/Jan/2016 A Mysterious Stabbing, Calls to Cops, a Beautiful Daughter's Cry for Attention or a Mom Out of Control?
2393 14x79 15/Jan/2016 Making a Murderer: Why Is Everyone Talking About Steven Avery?
2394 14x80 18/Jan/2016 Making a Murderer: New Details Revealed as the Sheriff's Department Speaks Out
2395 14x81 19/Jan/2016 I'm Raising My Granddaughter Because I Think My Daughter Is Violent, Abusive and Neglectful!
2396 14x82 20/Jan/2016 I Am God's Prophet and My Family Is Trying to Destroy Me
2397 14x83 21/Jan/2016 My Future Mother-in-Law Is a Violent, Overbearing Bully!
2398 14x84 22/Jan/2016 My Daughter Bullies Me With Beatings and Threats to My Life!
2399 14x85 25/Jan/2016 “My Drug Addicted, Mooching, Ex-Marine Brother Needs to Get His Life Together and Our Parents Need to Stop Enabling Him!”
2400 14x86 26/Jan/2016 A Blended Family on the Brink
2401 14x87 27/Jan/2016 Sisters At War Over A Will: “I Want Her Out Of Our Deceased Mom’s House!”
2402 14x88 28/Jan/2016 Wife of Top Restaurant Executive Claims She Was Scammed Out of $3 Million By Famous Football Star: Victim or Co-Conspirator?
2403 14x89 29/Jan/2016 “I Believe My Mother Turned A Blind Eye To My Grandfather Molesting Me”
2404 14x90 01/Feb/2016 Behind the Scenes of the O.J. Simpson Trial: What Really Happened?
2405 14x91 02/Feb/2016 Death by Salt: A Mom Accused
2406 14x92 03/Feb/2016 Wife Gets 25 Years for Pushing Husband Out of High Rise Window
2407 14x93 04/Feb/2016 Newlywed Murder: The Bride Speaks Out Exclusively From Behind Bars
2408 14x94 05/Feb/2016 Addicted to Rock but Now at Rock Bottom
2409 14x95 08/Feb/2016 Fat Guy Bikes Cross Country: To Save His Life or to Scam America?
2410 14x96 09/Feb/2016 Neighbor Feud Erupts With Constant Calls to the Police, False Allegations, Trumped Up Charges and Threats of Violence
2411 14x97 10/Feb/2016 Virginia Tech Students Accused of Murdering 13-Year-Old Girl: The Victim's Father Speaks Out
2412 14x98 11/Feb/2016 I Believe My Granddaughter Was Illegally Adopted. We Want Her Back!
2413 14x99 12/Feb/2016 I Want to Confront the Woman Whom I Believe Illegally Adopted My Granddaughter!
2414 14x100 15/Feb/2016 Jodi Arias and the Murder of Travis Alexander: New Details From the Trial Revealed
2415 14x101 16/Feb/2016 Amanda's Secret: Forbidden Love
2416 14x102 17/Feb/2016 Amanda's Secret: Lie Detector Results Revealed
2417 14x103 18/Feb/2016 Young, Beautiful, Identical and Addicted
2418 14x104 19/Feb/2016 Help Me, Dr. Phil: I Believe My Husband Is Poisoning My Food and Injecting Me With Needles!
2419 14x105 22/Feb/2016 Deadly Accident or Push? A Grieving Mom vs. the Girlfriend Accused
2420 14x106 23/Feb/2016 The Pastor, His Wife, the "Call Girl" and the Bounty Hunter
2421 14x107 24/Feb/2016 Teacher Guilty of Sleeping With Student Is Now Suing Him!
2422 14x108 25/Feb/2016 My Brother Thinks I'm Crazy but I Swear He's the One Having Me Followed
2423 14x109 26/Feb/2016 My Newlywed Husband Lost Our Business, Gambled Away $300K, and Is About to Lose His Family
2424 14x110 29/Feb/2016 Accusations of Compulsive Lies, False Charges and Coaching; A Dad's Fears About His Daughter's Safety at Mom's House
2425 14x111 01/Mar/2016 Mom vs. Dad: Why Lynsey Storms Off
2426 14x112 02/Mar/2016 First the "Mistress" in a Murder Case, Now Accused of Larceny. Help Me Clear My Name
2427 14x113 03/Mar/2016 A Bite Mark and Broken Ribs: A Mother Accused of Abusing Her 16-Week-Old Baby
2428 14x114 04/Mar/2016 Torn Ligaments, Bruised Arms and a Busted Lip: A Mother Abused by Her Sons or Angry Antagonizer?
2429 14x115 07/Mar/2016 I'm Living in a Mancession! My Lazy, Underachieving Husband Refuses to Get a Job!
2430 14x116 08/Mar/2016 Our Handsome, Charismatic Son Is a Devil-Problem Child
2431 14x117 09/Mar/2016 'Dr. Phil, You Saved Me Once, Can You Save Me Again? Now I'm Addicted to a Raging Husband and My Kids Are Paying the Price!'

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