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Dr. Phil

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 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1606 10x01 12/Sep/2011 Brat Ban N/A
1607 10x02 13/Sep/2011 Cindy and George Anthony: The Interview N/A
1608 10x03 14/Sep/2011 The Anthonys: The Revelations N/A
1609 10x04 15/Sep/2011 Ted Williams: The Apology N/A
1610 10x05 16/Sep/2011 Sugar Baby Students N/A
1611 10x06 19/Sep/2011 The Trial: The Truth N/A
1612 10x07 20/Sep/2011 Levi Johnston: Thrust Into the Spotlight N/A
1613 10x08 21/Sep/2011 The Cost of Beauty N/A
1614 10x09 22/Sep/2011 Taylor Armstrong One on One N/A
1615 10x10 23/Sep/2011 Overweight or Underfed? N/A
1616 10x11 26/Sep/2011 Love Times Three N/A
1617 10x12 27/Sep/2011 Prophet or Pedophile? N/A
1618 10x13 28/Sep/2011 Inside the FLDS N/A
1619 10x14 29/Sep/2011 Baby after Breakup N/A
1620 10x15 30/Sep/2011 Who's to Blame? N/A
1621 10x16 03/Oct/2011 Radical Parenting N/A
1622 10x17 04/Oct/2011 "Is My Teen Blinded by Love?" N/A
1623 10x18 05/Oct/2011 Life in the Fast Lane N/A
1624 10x19 06/Oct/2011 "My Life, Deleted" N/A
1625 10x20 07/Oct/2011 Going to Extremes N/A
1626 10x21 10/Oct/2011 What Really Happened? N/A
1627 10x22 11/Oct/2011 Missing for a Decade: A Girl Held Captive N/A
1628 10x23 12/Oct/2011 Missing for a Decade: The Girl Escapes N/A
1629 10x24 13/Oct/2011 Guns N' Roses & Second Chances N/A
1630 10x25 14/Oct/2011 The Secret World of Amateur Adult Video N/A
1631 10x26 17/Oct/2011 Dr. Phil and Robin: Dancing with the Stars N/A
1632 10x27 18/Oct/2011 Bullying: The Power to Protect Your Child N/A
1633 10x28 19/Oct/2011 "Our Teen is Tearing the Family Apart" N/A
1634 10x29 20/Oct/2011 Grandmas Feud over Becca's Baby N/A
1635 10x30 21/Oct/2011 Twins Search for Twins N/A
1636 10x31 24/Oct/2011 Majoring in Failure? N/A
1637 10x32 25/Oct/2011 Won't Do "I Do" Until ... N/A
1638 10x33 26/Oct/2011 Shaming the Family Name N/A
1639 10x34 27/Oct/2011 Exes Behaving Badly N/A
1640 10x35 28/Oct/2011 Pageant Mom and Daughter Compete N/A
1641 10x36 31/Oct/2011 House of Horrors and Other Shocking Headlines N/A
1642 10x37 01/Nov/2011 Monster In-Laws N/A
1643 10x38 02/Nov/2011 A Family Secret: A Brother's Apology 10
1644 10x39 03/Nov/2011 Affairs, Lies and Audiotape N/A
1645 10x40 04/Nov/2011 Parents Caught Crossing the Line? N/A
1646 10x41 07/Nov/2011 Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Admissions N/A
1647 10x42 08/Nov/2011 Love Triangle N/A
1648 10x43 09/Nov/2011 A Daughter's New Accusations against the Judge N/A
1649 10x44 10/Nov/2011 A Father Accused: Who's Telling the Truth? N/A
1650 10x45 11/Nov/2011 Dr. Phil's Twin-Tacular with Adam Sandler N/A
1651 10x46 14/Nov/2011 The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau N/A
1652 10x47 15/Nov/2011 Rebecca Zahau: The New Autopsy Results Revealed N/A
1653 10x48 16/Nov/2011 Imperfect Justice? N/A
1654 10x49 17/Nov/2011 Marriage Meltdown (1) N/A
1655 10x50 18/Nov/2011 Penn State Scandal: Parents Beware N/A
1656 10x51 21/Nov/2011 Marriage Meltdown (2) N/A
1657 10x52 22/Nov/2011 Most Outrageous Monster In-Law Returns N/A
1658 10x53 23/Nov/2011 Heaviest Woman on Record N/A
1659 10x54 25/Nov/2011 "Have a Little Faith" N/A
1660 10x55 28/Nov/2011 P.I.N.K. Method N/A
1661 10x56 29/Nov/2011 Marriage Meltdown (3) N/A
1662 10x57 30/Nov/2011 Desperately Seeking Attention N/A
1663 10x58 01/Dec/2011 Anger Intervention N/A
1664 10x59 02/Dec/2011 Chore Wars N/A
1665 10x60 05/Dec/2011 Sibling Rivalry and Abuse N/A
1666 10x61 06/Dec/2011 Get Divorced or Get Even N/A
1667 10x62 07/Dec/2011 Generation Lazy? N/A
1668 10x63 08/Dec/2011 Plastic Disaster N/A
1669 10x64 09/Dec/2011 Murder of a Preacher's Wife N/A
1670 10x65 12/Dec/2011 Innocence Robbed: A Horrific Story of Abuse N/A
1671 10x66 13/Dec/2011 Cost of Living N/A
1672 10x67 14/Dec/2011 Saving Daniella N/A
1673 10x68 15/Dec/2011 Comics Tell All N/A
1674 10x69 16/Dec/2011 Grudges, Gripes and Grievances N/A
1675 10x70 19/Dec/2011 Second Chances N/A
1676 10x71 20/Dec/2011 Happy, Healthy and Hot for the Holidays N/A
1677 10x72 03/Jan/2012 Smart People, Bad Choices N/A
1678 10x73 04/Jan/2012 CBS This Morning N/A
1679 10x74 05/Jan/2012 B-Wars N/A
1680 10x75 06/Jan/2012 Weight Wars N/A
1681 10x76 09/Jan/2012 Partying to Death N/A
1682 10x77 10/Jan/2012 Psychic Investigations N/A
1683 10x78 11/Jan/2012 "Why Am I Still Single?" N/A
1684 10x79 12/Jan/2012 Held Captive? N/A
1685 10x80 13/Jan/2012 Tarnished Tiaras: Beauty Queens Gone Bad N/A
1686 10x81 16/Jan/2012 Shot, Tortured and Left to Die N/A
1687 10x82 17/Jan/2012 Teen Trends: Killer Numbers N/A
1688 10x83 18/Jan/2012 Unusual Syndromes and Fears N/A
1689 10x84 19/Jan/2012 Teen Girls in the News N/A
1690 10x85 20/Jan/2012 Cruise Ship Disaster N/A
1691 10x86 23/Jan/2012 Under the Influence N/A
1692 10x87 24/Jan/2012 Fix It or End It Today N/A
1693 10x88 25/Jan/2012 17 and Out of Control N/A
1694 10x89 26/Jan/2012 Starving to Death N/A
1695 10x90 27/Jan/2012 Coming Clean N/A
1696 10x91 30/Jan/2012 Unforgivable Acts? N/A
1697 10x92 31/Jan/2012 What Were You Thinking? N/A
1698 10x93 01/Feb/2012 Double Trouble: Violent Twins N/A
1699 10x94 02/Feb/2012 The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Goes to Rehab N/A
1700 10x95 03/Feb/2012 Missing in a Moment: Baby Lisa N/A
1701 10x96 06/Feb/2012 The Girl in the Closet N/A
1702 10x97 07/Feb/2012 Teen Mama Drama N/A
1703 10x98 08/Feb/2012 Donny Osmond N/A
1704 10x99 09/Feb/2012 Beauty Queen Hits Rock Bottom N/A
1705 10x100 10/Feb/2012 Inside the Powell Family Tragedy N/A
1706 10x101 13/Feb/2012 Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra Inside Rehab N/A
1707 10x102 14/Feb/2012 Cut the Cord N/A
1708 10x103 15/Feb/2012 "Will My Mother-in-Law Destroy My Marriage?" N/A
1709 10x104 16/Feb/2012 Shocking School Sex Abuse Accusations N/A
1710 10x105 17/Feb/2012 P.I. Moms: The Truth Behind the Scandal N/A
1711 10x106 20/Feb/2012 Deadbeat Dad? N/A
1712 10x107 21/Feb/2012 "My Lover, My Abuser" N/A
1713 10x108 22/Feb/2012 A Most Unusual Love Triangle N/A
1714 10x109 23/Feb/2012 Open Marriage N/A
1715 10x110 24/Feb/2012 Out-of-Control Jealousy N/A
1716 10x111 27/Feb/2012 Mother-in-Law Mayhem N/A
1717 10x112 28/Feb/2012 "Held Hostage by My Father" N/A
1718 10x113 29/Feb/2012 Parental Abuse? N/A
1719 10x114 01/Mar/2012 "Braxton Family Values" N/A
1720 10x115 02/Mar/2012 Model Mom Calls Her Religion a Cult N/A
1721 10x116 05/Mar/2012 Overly-Competitve Parents N/A
1722 10x117 06/Mar/2012 Complicated Love N/A
1723 10x118 07/Mar/2012 "Stabbed in the Heart by My Teen" N/A
1724 10x119 08/Mar/2012 "Jeff Who Lives at Home" N/A
1725 10x120 12/Mar/2012 Questionable Cigarette Burns and Calls to CPS! N/A
1726 10x121 13/Mar/2012 Teacher Leaves Family for Student N/A
1727 10x122 14/Mar/2012 Beyond Control and Chaos N/A
1728 10x123 26/Mar/2012 The Surprising Reason He Hates Paying Child Support N/A
1729 10x124 27/Mar/2012 From Wall Street Trader to Bank Robber N/A
1730 10x125 28/Mar/2012 Young Girls: Extreme Sexual Exploitation N/A
1731 10x126 29/Mar/2012 A Star Comes Clean: Can He Make a Comeback? N/A
1732 10x127 30/Mar/2012 Extreme Etiquette N/A
1733 10x128 02/Apr/2012 Shocking Love Stories N/A
1734 10x129 03/Apr/2012 The Six Quickest Ways to Ruin a Marriage N/A
1735 10x130 04/Apr/2012 On Top of the World and Self-Destructive N/A
1736 10x131 05/Apr/2012 Caught in a Web of Lies N/A
1737 10x132 06/Apr/2012 Meet Baby London and Dr. Phil’s Most-Talented Kids N/A
1738 10x133 09/Apr/2012 Over-the-Top Moms? N/A
1739 10x134 10/Apr/2012 Female Teacher's Affair with Student: The Aftermath N/A
1740 10x135 11/Apr/2012 Mad Men N/A
1741 10x136 12/Apr/2012 Outrageous Parenting Dilemmas N/A
1742 10x137 13/Apr/2012 Deadly Consequences N/A
1743 10x138 16/Apr/2012 "Police Say I Married a Rapist" N/A
1744 10x139 17/Apr/2012 17 and Out of Control Follow-Up N/A
1745 10x140 18/Apr/2012 Dates for Sale: Life of an Escort N/A
1746 10x141 19/Apr/2012 Heroes in Pain N/A
1747 10x142 20/Apr/2012 Cuba Gooding Jr. N/A
1748 10x143 23/Apr/2012 Intense Family Drama: Mom Likes Brother Best? N/A
1749 10x144 24/Apr/2012 Daddy's Little Girl N/A
1750 10x145 25/Apr/2012 Missing in a Moment N/A
1751 10x146 26/Apr/2012 The Dr. Phil Family: Alexandra's Progress ... and Setbacks N/A
1752 10x147 27/Apr/2012 The Dr. Phil Family: The Ultimate Conclusion N/A
1753 10x148 30/Apr/2012 Grand Canyon Child Abuse N/A
1754 10x149 01/May/2012 Khalood is Back, and You Won't Believe It! N/A
1755 10x150 02/May/2012 "Spoiled Rotten: My Son Needs a Reality Check" N/A
1756 10x151 03/May/2012 Murder of a Las Vegas Showgirl N/A
1757 10x152 04/May/2012 Mom under Suspicion N/A
1758 10x153 07/May/2012 Rhode Island Girl Fight N/A
1759 10x154 08/May/2012 A Football Star's Daddy Drama N/A
1760 10x155 09/May/2012 Did He or Didn't He? Inside a Murder Confession N/A
1761 10x156 10/May/2012 My Husband, My Kids and My Multiple Personalities N/A
1762 10x157 11/May/2012 Last Chance for Amanda N/A
1763 10x158 14/May/2012 A Mom's Out-of-Control Rage N/A
1764 10x159 15/May/2012 A Sister's Accusation: An Onstage Confrontation N/A
1765 10x160 16/May/2012 From Teenage Star to Addicted and Homeless N/A
1766 10x161 17/May/2012 Too Much of a Good Thing? N/A
1767 10x162 18/May/2012 Robert: The Nearly 800-Pound Man N/A
1768 10x163 21/May/2012 High Society Whodunit: Murder in the Hamptons N/A
1769 10x164 22/May/2012 Confessions of a Morbidly Obese Woman N/A
1770 10x165 23/May/2012 Behind the Lens: Child Pornography N/A
1771 10x166 24/May/2012 Demise of Guys N/A
1772 10x167 25/May/2012 Inside the Other Side N/A
1773 10x168 28/May/2012 Behind the Headlines N/A
1774 10x169 29/May/2012 "Bring Me Back My Hot, Sexy Spouse" N/A
1775 10x170 09/Jul/2012 Torn Between Two Bridesmaids N/A
1776 10x171 10/Jul/2012 Is My Child a Star? (1) N/A
1777 10x172 11/Jul/2012 Is My Child a Star? (2) N/A

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Premiere: September 16, 2002
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