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 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1778 11x01 04/Sep/2012 Worst Husbands in America?
1779 11x02 05/Sep/2012 Teen Sex Obsession
1780 11x03 06/Sep/2012 A Mother’s Betrayal: My Mother Adopted My Ex-Boyfriend
1781 11x04 07/Sep/2012 She Lost Weight, He Lost His Temper
1782 11x05 10/Sep/2012 Out of Control and Out of Options
1783 11x06 11/Sep/2012 Friends of George Zimmerman Speak Out
1784 11x07 12/Sep/2012 NY Soccer Mom Madam?
1785 11x08 13/Sep/2012 Top Model Intervention
1786 11x09 14/Sep/2012 Trayvon Martin’s Parents
1787 11x10 17/Sep/2012 The Lohans
1788 11x11 18/Sep/2012 Psychic Dilemmas with Medium John Edward
1789 11x12 19/Sep/2012 Dad Accused of Faking His Own Death
1790 11x13 20/Sep/2012 Robert Blake: The Man behind the Murder Headlines
1791 11x14 21/Sep/2012 Deadly New Accusations: A Murder Mystery?
1792 11x15 24/Sep/2012 Moms in the News: What Were You Thinking?
1793 11x16 25/Sep/2012 Edge of Insanity: My Schizophrenic Child
1794 11x17 26/Sep/2012 Brutal Beauties
1795 11x18 27/Sep/2012 Brutal Beauties: The Trouble with Tiffani
1796 11x19 28/Sep/2012 Child Prostitute Links Sandusky to Pedophile Ring
1797 11x20 01/Oct/2012 Dirty Divorce? Why Are They Still Living under One Roof?
1798 11x21 02/Oct/2012 Missing: The Mystery of Baby Kate
1799 11x22 03/Oct/2012 Heroin, Bath Salts and Meth: The New Face of Addiction
1800 11x23 04/Oct/2012 A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Missing Mom
1801 11x24 05/Oct/2012 Children of Affairs
1802 11x25 08/Oct/2012 A Husband Accused: Holding His Wife Hostage?
1803 11x26 09/Oct/2012 Twisted Grief
1804 11x27 10/Oct/2012 Anorexic and Drug Addicted: Saving Morgan
1805 11x28 11/Oct/2012 Scared of My Son
1806 11x29 12/Oct/2012 Fat Attack
1807 11x30 15/Oct/2012 A Twisted Family Tragedy
1808 11x31 16/Oct/2012 When Love Hurts
1809 11x32 17/Oct/2012 Tense Reunions
1810 11x33 18/Oct/2012 Adoption Controvery: Battle over Baby Veronica
1811 11x34 19/Oct/2012 Inside the World of OCD
1812 11x35 22/Oct/2012 Two Amandas
1813 11x36 23/Oct/2012 Little Miss Attitude!
1814 11x37 24/Oct/2012 Never-Ending Abuse?
1815 11x38 25/Oct/2012 New Year's Mystery: How Did Sheena Die?
1816 11x39 26/Oct/2012 New Year's Mystery: The Polygraph Test Results
1817 11x40 29/Oct/2012 My Fiancée vs. My Mom
1818 11x41 30/Oct/2012 Bully Backlash
1819 11x42 31/Oct/2012 Confronting Narcissistic Personalities
1820 11x43 01/Nov/2012 House on Fire: A Family Divided
1821 11x44 02/Nov/2012 Daughter Accused of Faking Pregnancy
1822 11x45 05/Nov/2012 Dr. Phil Visits Monster In-Law Khalood
1823 11x46 06/Nov/2012 Teen Mama Drama: Did She Get Pregnant to Get on TV?
1824 11x47 07/Nov/2012 Love: The Good, The Bad and The Painful
1825 11x48 08/Nov/2012 Moms Who Hate Their Own Children
1826 11x49 09/Nov/2012 Million-Dollar Custody Battle
1827 11x50 12/Nov/2012 Dr. Phil Mystery: Was Morgan Murdered by Stalkers?
1828 11x51 13/Nov/2012 Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
1829 11x52 14/Nov/2012 Broken Bones, Broken Hearts and Broken Engagements?
1830 11x53 15/Nov/2012 Dr. Phil Interrogates: Is He a Con Man?
1831 11x54 16/Nov/2012 Little Liars?
1832 11x55 19/Nov/2012 World's Biggest Bride Update
1833 11x56 20/Nov/2012 In Love and Illegal?
1834 11x57 21/Nov/2012 Unbearable In-Laws
1835 11x58 23/Nov/2012 The Ultimate Freeloaders
1836 11x59 26/Nov/2012 Overwhelmed and Frazzled
1837 11x60 27/Nov/2012 Daughter Drama
1838 11x61 28/Nov/2012 Who Is the Best Celebrity Babysitter?
1839 11x62 29/Nov/2012 Beaten, Starved and Locked in a Room?
1840 11x63 30/Nov/2012 To Catch a Catfish: An Online Dating Predator Exposed
1841 11x64 03/Dec/2012 Skeptics Beware: The Psychic Intuitives Are Here
1842 11x65 04/Dec/2012 Move On or Move Out
1843 11x66 05/Dec/2012 How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex
1844 11x67 06/Dec/2012 Young, Reckless and Enabled
1845 11x68 07/Dec/2012 Home Invasions
1846 11x69 10/Dec/2012 Mama's Boys
1847 11x70 11/Dec/2012 Killer Mom: The Sole Survivor and Remarry or Run?
1848 11x71 12/Dec/2012 Weatherman's Real Life Hangover
1849 11x72 13/Dec/2012 Controversial Parenting
1850 11x73 14/Dec/2012 Time Does Not Heal All Wounds
1851 11x74 17/Dec/2012 Profile of a School Shooter
1852 11x75 18/Dec/2012 The Littlest Witnesses: How Children Grieve
1853 11x76 19/Dec/2012 Sudden Tragedy, Lasting Grief
1854 11x77 02/Jan/2013 New Year Mama Drama
1855 11x78 03/Jan/2013 A Mother's Shameful Past
1856 11x79 04/Jan/2013 The Truth about Liars
1857 11x80 07/Jan/2013 Crazy, Stupid Love
1858 11x81 08/Jan/2013 Elder Abuse
1859 11x82 09/Jan/2013 Teenage Rage
1860 11x83 10/Jan/2013 Ashley Toye: Monster or Mistake?
1861 11x84 11/Jan/2013 Bipolar and Mentally Ill Moms
1862 11x85 14/Jan/2013 Young, Innocent and Held Captive
1863 11x86 15/Jan/2013 Is Mom Playing Favorites?
1864 11x87 16/Jan/2013 Adult Temper Tantrums
1865 11x88 17/Jan/2013 Football, Booze and Bad Behavior
1866 11x89 18/Jan/2013 Girls Who Bash Girls Who Dress Sexy
1867 11x90 21/Jan/2013 Good Luck Fixing Me, Dr. Phil!
1868 11x91 22/Jan/2013 Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured?
1869 11x92 23/Jan/2013 Distorted Beauty
1870 11x93 24/Jan/2013 Shocking Mom Revelations
1871 11x94 25/Jan/2013 My In-Laws Tried to Kill Me
1883 11x106 14/Feb/2013 My Son Picked the Wrong Fiancée
1886 11x109 20/Feb/2013 Scammed and Duped ?
1887 11x110 21/Feb/2013 Outrageous Parenting Styles
1887 11x110 25/Feb/2013 Young, Online and out of Control
1888 11x111 26/Feb/2013 The Disappearance of Dylan:Who's to Blame?
1889 11x112 27/Feb/2013 The Search for Dylan: The Polygraph Drama
1890 11x113 28/Feb/2013 NBA Player's Battle with Anxiety Lands Him on the Bench
1891 11x114 01/Mar/2013 My Daughter Is Lazy and Entitled
1892 11x115 04/Mar/2013 Mama's Boys
1893 11x116 05/Mar/2013 Lying, Spending Spouses
1894 11x117 06/Mar/2013 Ferocious Teens
1895 11x118 07/Mar/2013 Falsely Accused of Being a Deadbeat Mom?
1896 11x119 08/Mar/2013 Season 11, Episode 119
1897 11x120 12/Mar/2013 Obsessed with Love
1898 11x121 13/Mar/2013 Ex-Wives Seeking Justice
1899 11x122 19/Mar/2013 His Girlfriend Robbed Him Blind
1900 11x123 25/Mar/2013 "My Husband is A Fugitive, but I love him"
1901 11x124 26/Mar/2013 Dangerous Revenge
1902 11x125 27/Mar/2013 Dangerous Minds: Women Who Snap
1903 11x126 02/Apr/2013 Misbehaving Moms?
1904 11x127 03/Apr/2013 "Crazy or just Complex: What Is Wrong with my Loved one?"
1905 11x128 04/Apr/2013 J.R. Martinez Opens up to Dr. Phil
1906 11x129 05/Apr/2013 Affair Aftermath
1907 11x130 08/Apr/2013 "My Controlling Mother Wants My Fiancé Gone"
1908 11x131 09/Apr/2013 "Scared of My Spouse"
1909 11x132 10/Apr/2013 Disruptive Daughters
1910 11x133 11/Apr/2013 "Dr. Phil, Save My Marriage, Save My Life"
1911 11x134 12/Apr/2013 "Abandoned by Our Mom"
1912 11x135 15/Apr/2013 Kids Pick a Side: Mom or Dad
1913 11x136 16/Apr/2013 Child Star Scams?
1914 11x137 17/Apr/2013 In The News: Stabbed, Shot with a Stun Gun and Attacked
1915 11x138 18/Apr/2013 Explosive Relationships
1916 11x139 19/Apr/2013 Teen Mom Farrah Exposed
1917 11x140 22/Apr/2013 10 Kids, 1 Affair: The Ultimate Divide?
1918 11x141 23/Apr/2013 "My Best Friend is Trying to Steal my Child"
1919 11x142 24/Apr/2013 Teen Pregnancy Trap?
1920 11x143 25/Apr/2013 Catfish with a Twist
1921 11x144 26/Apr/2013 Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal
1922 11x145 29/Apr/2013 "Confronting the Girl Who Shot Me In the Face"
1923 11x146 30/Apr/2013 A Violent Love Intervention
1924 11x147 01/May/2013 Saving Julie: The Final Decision
1925 11x148 02/May/2013 Reality Teen Princess Arrested
1926 11x149 03/May/2013 "Trapped by My Cop Abuser: Why Won't Anyone Believe Me?"
1927 11x150 06/May/2013 The Ultimate Home Invasion
1928 11x151 07/May/2013 Peeping Tom Husband: Hidden Webcam and Secret Video
1929 11x152 08/May/2013 "Give Me Back My Son"
1930 11x153 09/May/2013 The Wife, Her Ex-Cop Lover and the Husband She Tried to Kill
1931 11x154 10/May/2013 "My Wife Shot Me In The Head"
1932 11x155 13/May/2013 The Rescue of Jessie Buchanan
1933 11x156 14/May/2013 Turning A Blind Eye?
1934 11x157 15/May/2013 I Abducted a Baby/Confessions of a Sociopath
1935 11x158 16/May/2013 From Star Athlete to Call Girl
1936 11x159 17/May/2013 Marry My Ex and You'll Be Sorry
1937 11x160 20/May/2013 Mom Missing for 11 Years Finally Speaks Out
1938 11x161 21/May/2013 Are My Children in a Cult?
1939 11x162 22/May/2013 t's Either Me or Your Deadbeat Son
1940 11x163 23/May/2013 Deadbeat Son Part 2: Meet Grandma
1941 11x164 24/May/2013 Parenting Disaster: Extreme Excuses
1942 11x165 27/May/2013 Intense Family Drama
1943 11x166 15/Jul/2013 My Ex Is Accused of Murder
1944 11x167 16/Jul/2013 Young & Reckless; Ask Dr. Phil
1945 11x168 17/Jul/2013 Secrets, Betrayals and Shocking Revelations
1946 11x169 18/Jul/2013 Affairs, Obsessions and Extreme Parenting
1947 11x170 19/Jul/2013 Violent Twins Return
1948 11x171 22/Jul/2013 Trayvon's Parents/Zimmerman's Best Friend: The Verdict Reaction
1949 11x172 20/Aug/2013 Missing or Murdered: Where Is 15-Year-Old Erica?
1950 11x173 21/Aug/2013 Missing or Murdered: Where Is 15-Year-Old Erica?: The Polygraph

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Premiere: September 16, 2002
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